all ears // march + the aether cone

It’s no secret that I just moved, so now is the perfect time to throw a housewarming party to celebrate my new space. I’m thinking dinner party for just a few close friends in my new loft. I want it to feel really cozy and intimate, with lots of great food and wine. Recently, Aether sent over… More →

all ears // february

I want to do something different this time around. I don’t want this month’s All Ears playlist to be love songs, ballads, and the like. That just feels… played out (pun intended?). Instead, I want this month’s playlist to take you, my readers, through a bit of the journey that I’m facing this month. This… More →

all ears // january

This week has been pure insanity. Between meetings, getting quotes for my upcoming move, and starting the packing, I’ve been way too absent from my desk all week. Isn’t it funny how you long to be away from the desk, but sometimes putting your head down and and cranking through some stuff is all you… More →

all ears // december

If you’re anything like me, any day now you’re about to hop on some planes, trains, and automobiles to go home for the holidays. To get you through the traffic and queues, I decided to craft the ultimate travel playlist this month. It’s a bit mellow, kind of energetic, and has a feeling of optimism. Oh, and not a… More →

all ears // october

This month’s playlist is dedicated to my beacon in the night, the moon. Whenever I feel the pull of the ocean or unsettling thanks to Mercury, it’s hard for me deny the impact the moon has on my being. On nights when I find myself riddled with insomnia (often), I lay flat and glimpse the moon through the window above… More →

all ears // september

Always on the lookout for more ways to make this blog more meaningful and personal, I decided to start a new series entitled All Ears. Basically, I want to share a playlist every month with you that sort of… encompasses what I’m feeling, what the season calls to mind, even the songs that get me… More →

Artisanal, Handmade, & One-of-a-Kind Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

2020 gift guide; Support Small Businesses with These One-of-a-Kind Gift Ideas! Artisanal gift ideas, handmade gifts and unexpected gifts for everyone on your list

Happy Shop Small Saturday! Admittedly, it looks and feels different this year, but to me that just means supporting artists and makers by shopping on their website. So many are offering shipping now. This gift guide barely scratches the surface of all the amazing small businesses out there offering one-of-a-kind items, but I hope it… More →