shoulda been a florist // mini bouquets from trader joe’s

I’m a sucker for all things tiny, especially mini bouquets, so I decided that this month’s florist column would be all about sweet, tiny bunches of flowers. I also prefer to think of Valentine’s day more in terms of Gal-entine’s day. That makes it feel way more fun and gives the day a lot less… More →

shoulda been a florist // elegant Thanksgiving centerpiece

If you’re anything like me… Thanksgiving has kind of snuck up on you. Like, it’s tomorrow. Oops. Cue the need for last-minute decor that still feels thoughtful and elegant. Flowers are a clear way to do this, and not just because they are my obvious favorite. For this Thanksgiving centerpiece, I decided to ‘upcycle’ my… More →

shoulda been a florist // moody blues

Welp… The grey has set in here in Seattle. You’d think that has me craving brighter colors, but instead I find myself loving richer, moody hues. Even the look of my instagrams feels dulled and dimmer. I strongly suspect the faded light quality here is inspiring this shift!

shoulda been a florist // mid-century simplicity

For this month’s florist series, I wanted to keep things simple — often, I personally feel like flower arrangements can get so fussy. Sometimes all you want is a select set of statement blooms and branches to make your look. I decided to pull inspiration from one of my favorite design eras, the mid-century modern… More →

shoulda been a florist // sunset hued dahlias

More and more, I’ve got sunsets on my mind. It’s already the month of August and I can feel the days incrementally getting shorter. It feels like the pressure is on to eke out the last enjoyable bits of summer before the warm days disappear. And with that feeling comes this desire to bask in… More →

shoulda been a florist // wild and wonderful

There’s something about wildflowers, daises especially, that make me think of summer. When I went to the flower market (this is my favorite one here in Seattle) this month, I didn’t really know what I wanted… it was more about whatever felt right and of the season. I immediately saw the daisies and got inspired. These… More →

shoulda been a florist // artichoke flower arrangement

If I could go back in time, there’s one thing I’d do WAY more of: flower arranging. I have these constant daydreams about being a florist, opening my own shop or even one of those super cute flower trucks to drive around Seattle with carefully curated blooms and bouquets for sale. Flowers are something so… More →