portrait of a cocktail // apple + grilled thyme smash cocktail

After all of the syrupy cocktails, eggnog, and champagne I consumed in the last month (there was a lot!), I am ready for something more refreshing and slightly healthier. I like to whip up fresh juice cocktails this time of year and leave the heavy drinks for the holidays, or at least until next month. A… More →

portrait of a cocktail // the alpine buck

Christmas is this week — holy moly you guys! It seems like just yesterday I was planning my menu for Thanksgiving and now I am tying bows on presents, stringing lights, and hearing Christmas music everywhere I go! Perhaps it’s because I just got back from my honeymoon in a tropical local where my mind was… More →

portrait of a cocktail // smoked rosemary oil dirty martini

When it comes to Martinis, you either love ‘em or you don’t. I have never come across someone who says, “Eh, I sort of like martinis.” Although they may not be for everyone, Martinis have a special place in my heart. Once I learned that those cloying drinks called “martinis” (looking at you Apple-tini &… More →

portrait of a cocktail // quince hot toddy

Is there anything more perfect than a Hot Toddy to sip on a chilly night? I certainly can’t think of anything! Boozy, warm, sweet, and did I mention boozy? Hot Toddy’s have been enjoyed for years and years- I remember my grandmother making these when I was younger. They are like a big, warm hug you… More →

portrait of a cocktail // fig manhattan

It’s the time of year when brown spirits come out to play and really make autumnal cocktails shine! Can you imagine getting through fall & winter entertaining without a bottle of whiskey on hand? The layered spices, rich vanilla, and toasted grains from bourbons, ryes and scotches add a nice depth to whatever concoction you want… More →

portrait of a cocktail // Fall French 75

Aaaaand just like that, we must say “au revoir” to summer. Although there’s still a couple weeks left of summer, everyone’s mind has switched to fall mode (guaranteed there will be PSLs spotted left & right starting today, ugh). Days spent lounging at the pool in our bathing suits must now be traded in for cozy… More →

portrait of a cocktail // the aviation

It’s only Wednesday, but I’m here to give you a hand… in the form of a cocktail! Booze was basically made for days like Wednesday (and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!) Meet The Aviation, a classic that has flown under the radar for years, but seems to be emerging from obscurity with the comeback of traditional cocktails (like… More →