3 Grilled Cheese Recipes You *Have* to Try

3 Grown Up Grilled Cheese Combinations You Need To Try: Thyme & Brie with Fig Jam Grilled Cheese recipe, Roasted Tomato Grilled cheese, Mushroom Rosemary and Swiss Grilled Cheese sandwich. Plus tips for making the best grilled cheese sandwich ever!

There will always be a special place in my heart for the quintessential grilled cheese made with Kraft singles on white bread. To me, this classic is the late-night snack eaten casually over the sink after a night out with friends (sigh, remember those?). There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but what if we… More →

Comfort Food Recipes I Highly Recommend

18+ comfort food recipes to cook at home during uncertain times. Savory recipes, side dishes, sweet baked goods, easy cocktails to make at home. #cocktailrecipes #savoryrecipe #sweets

I am definitely what you’d call an ’emotional eater,’ especially when it comes to comfort food recipes during stressful times. In the past few days of social distancing, I’ve made SO MUCH FOOD. Bread, cookies, braised chicken… and tomorrow, my birthday cake. I’ve shared a lot of comfort food recipes here on the blog, so… More →

12 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes We Swear By

12 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes We Swear By! Recipes including cheese board, potato gratin, winter kale salad, an apple galette, and more! #recipes #holidayrecipes #thanksgiving #holiday #holidayrecipes #christmas #thanksgiving #thanksgivingdinner #hanksgivingdinnerideas #turkeyrecipe #turkeydinner #sidedish #holidaydessert

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! If you’re like me, you’re still planning your dinner menu and looking for a few new recipes to wow your friends and family. To make your planning easier, I rounded up some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes from the blog archives. There are SO many delicious… More →

My Big List of Natural Cleaning Recipes

Clean Up Your Home with These Easy Natural Cleaning Recipes! #naturalcleaner #zerowaste #ecoliving #sustainableliving #eco #sustainability #cleaningtools #cleaningsupplies

As I continue to explore sustainability and a zero waste lifestyle, I’ve come to a lot of realizations. A big one is that I usually already have what I need in my pantry, especially when it comes to cleaning supplies. So many of the cleaners I’ve used in the past are harmful to the environment,… More →

our 8 favorite healthy recipes

8 delicious and healthy recipes to help you maintain your new years resolutions and fitness goals! these easy recipes include kale salad, sprouted rice pilaf with cilantro pesto, sweet potato quinoa burgers, apple "cookies," yogurt and granola power bowl and more! Get all of the recipes on Jojotastic.com

I don’t know about you guys, but the holidays did a number on my healthy eating routine! I’ve found myself digging back through the blog archives to pull up past recipes with lots of yummy and (most importantly) healthy ingredients. These salads, infused waters, and even a burger will help you stay on track with… More →

my favorite bourbon-based cocktail recipes for fall

photography by Ashley Batz. Fall is definitely my favorite time to sip cocktails; there’s something so lovely about notes of spice, the vanilla of bourbon, and the tartness of apple. Because I’m not quite ready to pack up my outdoor pillows and furniture to head inside, I’ve been brainstorming ways to stay warm outdoors just a littttle bit… More →

3 easy recipes to fancy up your cocoa

I love making hot cocoa during the holidays. Both traditional and yummy, homemade hot chocolate makes me nostalgic for childhood memories of sledding with my dad. After exhausting ourselves on the hills, we’d traipse back to the house and warm up with mugs of cocoa next to the fireplace. These are some of my fondest… More →