Q&A: All About Our New Cabin + Video Tour

Q&A: Answering Your Questions About Our New Cabin! how we picked it, our renovation plans, how we're keeping the animals safe from predators, and more!

I cannot get over all the support, love, and curiosity that you’ve all sent our way after our move! Our new cabin has meant so many dreams are coming to fruition for us and I cannot wait to share every step of the journey with you. Trust me, I am already working on plotting our renovation projects and makeovers. I recently posted to Instagram in preparation for today’s Q&A and sooo many questions were submitted! We’ve officially been here for a month, so it’s time to get those questions answered and share more details of new our cabin.

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25 Of My Favorite New Designs from High Point Market

25 New Designs Seen and Loved at High Point Market — home decor and furniture inspiration and trends from Style Spotter Joanna Hawley-McBride #HPMKT #hpmktSS #highpointmarket #furnituretrends #designtrends

High Point Market is truly one of my favorite events each spring and fall. I was beyond excited to attend both this year as a Style Spotter (basically someone who picks 25 pieces that stand out from the crowd of new arrivals!) and then COVID hit… such a bummer! My doctor didn’t think it was safe for me to travel yet because of my lungs, so I attended Market virtually this fall. While the experience was different than being there in person, I still loved so many of the new pieces that were unveiled! It’s gotten me excited to attend in the future. So today, I wanted to share 25 of my favorite new designs as seen at High Point Market. If you’re an interior designer, I especially hope you love this post and feel inspired by it!

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Underwear Thesis: ARQ Review

My unbiased and unfiltered review of ARQ underwear including the high-rise undies and wide-strap bralette! tips and tricks from a textile designer and fabric expert to help you be a more informed consumer and better shopper. Full review including washability, inclusivity, fit, sustainability and ethical practices.

When I first started this project, I posted to Instagram asking for recommendations of underwear you love… and if there was one overwhelming response, it was ARQ! So many people said that ARQ is their holy grail, most favorite underwear of all time… and WELL worth the higher price tag. So, naturally I needed to order a few pairs and work on an ARQ review! After a few months of washing, wearing, and generally being the picky nerd that I am, I’m finally ready to share my review. Let’s dig in!

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A Fall Centerpiece DIY Using Kale, Pumpkins & Gourds

Learn how to make this easy and affordable fall centerpiece DIY with potted kale plants, mini pumpkins, and colorful mini gourds + get tips on setting a perfectly autumnal table to match — with gorgeous decor from @bhglivebetter exclusively @walmart ! #BHGlivebetter #walmart #betterhomesandgardens #AD #falldecor #fallcenterpiece #fallDIY
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting the content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Does anyone else feel behind when it comes to fall decor this year?? Cuz I definitely do! I blame the move to a new house. But here’s the thing: fall decor is my absolute favorite thing to style. So, even though the house is still mostly unpacked and chaotic, I decided it was time to do something about it! I perused the Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart fall decor options and knew exactly what I wanted to create: a simple autumnal tablescape with an easy fall centerpiece DIY centerpiece using potted plants, pumpkins, and gourds. My goal was to create something that would last for a while and require minimal upkeep — basically so I can keep focusing on unpacking, but also enjoy some pretty fall decor!

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How I Practiced Self-Care While Moving House

If you're moving house and totally stressed out, here are 6 easy things I did to practice self-care while moving! Wellness tips, how to practice self-care #selfcare #wellness #moving #movingtips

Now that I’ve shared the story of our move (and how horrible it was), I wanted to turn things to a more positive, helpful route and share a bit of how I practiced self-care while moving. Being totally transparent, it was incredibly hard on my body and mind for many reasons… I don’t want to get into them all over again, but trust me. It was rough. And I’m not always the best at practicing self-care when it really matters. But for this move, I knew I had to. My health has been stable recently and my body has been feeling good. So I knew that maintaining some semblance of routine and rhythm would really help. Here’s how I did it:

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Underwear Thesis: ThirdLove Review

My unbiased and unfiltered review of ThirdLove underwear including bikini and hipster cut! tips and tricks from a textile designer and fabric expert to help you be a more informed consumer and better shopper. Full review including washability, inclusivity, fit, sustainability and ethical practices.

Wow, it’s been a bit since we chatted underwear… I’m sorry! Our move really took over my life and I could barely keep up. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about my Underwear Thesis! Nope, I was cycling through different styles and brands, taking notes. I have tons of reviews coming your way, but for today let’s focus on ThirdLove! This underwear brand was the first package in my shopping spree to arrive and I actually really liked them right off the bat. I laid out the judging criteria in this post, so let’s dig in. If you’re new to the blog, definitely check out that one, as well as my post about what to look for when shopping for underwear. They’re both great for getting you started!

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How to Paint a House + Our Bungalow Exterior Reveal

Tips and tricks for painting a house + the reveal of our newly painted bungalow! Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black and Pure White exterior paint review and how to paint a house
Disclosure: For this post I received gifted product from Sherwin-Williams. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

You guys, I lived in the tiny bungalow for 4.5 years… and it’s had peeling paint on the exterior the entire time. The siding is vinyl (not my fave, but it will do), so that’s in good shape. But the wood trim needed attention for way too long. A big part of preparing it to sell last month was to improve the curb appeal… and finalllllly deal with the exterior paint! I reached out to my friends at Sherwin-Williams to help us finally get this project off the list! After sharing some peeks on Instagram, I figured I should dedicate an entire blog post to how to paint a house in addition to revealing how ours turned out. If you’re in a similar situation with a 100+ year old house and no idea where to start, but a desire to DIY, this is the post for you!

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