DIY // boho curtain tie backs with tassels

Add a bohemian finishing touch to your dining room interior design with these DIY boho curtain tie backs with wooden beads and handmade tassels! Get the full craft tutorial on

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been avidly  following along with Joanna’s bedroom makeover in #mytinybungalow. Last summer she finished the dining room, complete with gauzy white curtains. But the projects are never done! To help give the dining room ooone more finishing touch, we wanted to update the simple window treatments with a boho-chic vibe. So with a few skeins of embroidery floss from the craft store and some cotton clothesline rope, we created a simple curtain tie back with a satin tassel.

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DIY // boho ice dyed draft stopper

Is your house drafty? Learn how to make our boho ice dyed draft stopper! Click through for the full tutorial on how to sew this fabric craft and how to ice dye.

The last few weeks of winter are the worst! It’s when you really start to notice all the tiny things in your home that make it so cold. Small details, like an old window or drafty door begin to take their toll. So when Joanna mentioned that her tiny bungalow had a drafty door, I knew just what project share next: a draft stopper! We used a fabric dying method from our most popular post, how to ice dye, for a boho-chic look that matches Joanna’s living room.

Keep reading to learn how to make your own!

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DIY // floral bath salts in a dip dyed pouch (a pretty Valentine’s Day gift for your BFF)

Learn how to make your own floral bath salts with Himalayan pink salt, epsom salts, and dried flowers like rose, hibiscus, and calendula for the ultimate in self-care. Package them in a DIY dip dye canvas pouch and they are a great gift for Valentine's Day! Learn how on

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this year, instead of obsessing over cupid’s arrow, I’m making a special treat for my girlfriends to enjoy. Both Joanna and I have been focusing on taking better care of ourselves, essentially taking time to indulge in all-important self-care. So why not treat your best friend to the gift of self-care for Valentine’s Day? We whipped up a batch of bath salts filled with dried flowers and packaged them in easy dip dyed canvas bags for the perfect heart-felt gift.

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DIY // leather desk organizer and catchall

Tidy up your desk with a super easy DIY Leather Desk Organizer and Catchall! Learn how to make one from a single piece of leather at

Confession: my desk is almost always in a state of complete chaos. From brightly colored washi tape rolling around and little every-day items like earphones and face mist (a true desk essential), I really needed something to corral my odds and ends. When I saw this dark green leather, I knew just what to do! A leather catchall is timeless and this version is super easy. All you need is one piece of leather and a few things from the toolbox.

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DIY // chain stitched cocktail napkins (for New Year’s Eve!)

For a quick and easy DIY to ring in the year in festive style, try chain stitching your napkins! for the full step-by-step tutorial, head to

For this post, I received glassware from RiedelAll opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Dear 2016, we’ve had enough of your nonsense. Around the studio, we are majorly looking forward to a new year, for lots of reasons. To me, New Year’s Eve is all about looking forward and planning for new things to come… not to mention dressing up in sparkly outfits and toasting champagne! This year I plan to welcome 2017 with a little soiree, surrounded by a few close friends. So to decorate, I chain stitched ‘cheers’ in four different languages onto a set of cloth cocktail napkins for a sophisticated DIY.

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DIY // cinnamon himmeli & dried orange garland

Add a festive garland to your space with a few materials that might already be hiding in your pantry! Head to for the full cinnamon stick himmeli + dried orange slice garland tutorial.

Last year around this time we did DIY-ed cinnamon stick himmeli to make natural decorations inspired by traditional Finnish ornaments. This year we’re taking things up a notch and making a full garland of them! Perfect for hanging above the mantel or on your front door, this cinnamon himmeli & dried orange garland project uses a few things that might already be hiding in your pantry to invite festivities and natural elements into your space.

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recipe // chocolate and lavender stir spoons for cocoa

Warm things up this season with a delicious cup of chocolate and lavender cocoa. Turn into thoughtful, last-minute gift with dipped stir spoons - for the full tutorial head to

Now that daylight savings time ended, we have quite a few dark and rainy nights ahead (oh, Seattle…). But there’s a silver-lining within those rain clouds… a steaming cup of hot cocoa! We bumped it up a notch and created a lavender-infused version for an extra special treat to look forward to on chilly nights. You can also give these stir spoons as thoughtful, handmade gift during the holiday season. Spread the cocoa cheer with a batch of chocolate and lavender stir spoons — keep reading to learn how to make your own!

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