DIY embellished shoes with embroidered patches

One of my favorite things about winter coming to a close — apart from the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer — is looking forward to breaking out my spring clothes. I get to put the wool socks back in the drawer and hang up my down coat in favor of bare feet and a lightweight trench. Such a good feeling.

This spring, Joanna and I are both obsessed with the patch-embellished trend we’ve been seeing, so we decided to DIY some embellished shoes with embroidered patches to match our personal styles. Joanna chose classic rose patches for a Gucci-inspired effect (like this awesome denim jacket) while I opted for some wing-like embellishments that reminded me of a favorite Dries Van Noten collection — but the possibilities are endless.

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DIY essential oil + soy wax sachets for your valentine

Celebrate #ValentinesDay by treating yourself or the person you love to a beautiful, flower-filled wax sachet scented with #lavender. Get the full #DIY at

The day of love is almost upon us and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. I know many people cringe at the idea of Valentine’s Day and all the commercial red-and-pink ephemera associated with it, but I’ve always felt that the atmosphere of the holiday, sans trite Hallmark card messages, is truly heartwarming. And I’ve set out on a quest to bring non-believers into the V-Day fold by finding chic, non-cheesy ways to celebrate.

These pretty little wax sachets are the perfect example. Sure, they’re shaped like hearts and they have pretty little dried flowers pressed into them, but they’re understated enough to display in any well-appointed home all year round. We added a healthy dose of lavender essential oil to our batch so they release a bit of delicious scent in your car, on your bookshelf or in your lingerie drawer throughout the day. They’re wonderfully simple to make, and they make the perfect gift for your friends, family and (most importantly!) yourself.

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DIY mask & body scrub duo, a last-minute handmade gift idea!

Don't worry if you waited until the last minute to do your #Christmas shopping—just whip up this quick and pretty #DIY face mask and scrub set. Get the full tutorial at

Is it just me, or has the holiday season really snuck up on us this year? Virtually every person I know has been amazed (and a little dismayed) at the fact that it’s already less than two weeks until Christmas — I mean, isn’t that crazy?! If you’re like me, you’ve waited until the very last minute to book your flights and you haven’t quite checked everyone’s name off your gift list yet.

And that’s where this DIY comes in. We wanted to whip together something that looks beautiful, feels luxurious and can easily be assembled in no time, which makes it perfect for bringing along as a last-minute hostess gift or wrapping up in a hurry when your significant other tells you that his or her mother is coming to town for a surprise holiday visit. Thankfully, our lovely friend Rebecca over at Hillockburn Farm sent us over these skin-saving recipes.

What? What’s that you say? Oh, you’re way ahead of schedule and you had your shopping done months ago? Well, good for you. Why don’t you treat yourself to a coffee sugar scrub or a matcha and charcoal mask for being so darn ahead of the game (and then maybe you could come over and help me wrap? I’ll make cocktails!).

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wrapped crystal ornament DIY for some natural sparkle

Wrap colorful crystals with wire and finish them with a dusting of gold leaf for a boho-luxe #DIY Christmas tree ornament. Get the full #holiday tutorial on

Crystals are having a moment — and why shouldn’t they? Whether or not you believe in their healing and restorative properties, we can all agree that they sure are pretty to look at. Joanna keeps a lovely collection of crystals scattered around her tiny bungalow (and she just wrote this gift guide for the self-care lovers among us), so it seemed perfectly natural to dust her Christmas tree with some crystals as well.

But I had to dress them up a bit first. I wanted to add some luxe details while maintaining the bohemian charm of the crystals, so I wrapped some rose-gold wire around them and finished them off with a dusting of gold leaf — because if you can’t be a little extra during the holidays, when can you?

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festive pom pom garland DIY

Add an extra-festive touch to your holiday decor this season with a colorful, charming and easy to make garland. Get the full tutorial on #christmas #holiday #christmasdecorations #christmasDIY

If there’s one thing I know about Joanna, it’s that the woman likes her some pom poms (editor’s note: guilty). And who can blame her? They’re festive, easy to make, completely customizable and just downright pretty.

That’s why I wasn’t a bit surprised when she asked me to help incorporate these puffy little balls of yarn into her holiday decor this season. I took my inspiration from some beautiful fiber art I saw on my trip to Sayulita this summer (and Joanna is actually there now, so we can all be super jealous), and got to work making a modern rainbow’s worth of festive poms. Keep reading to learn how to make this festive pom pom garland DIY!

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gold leaf calf hair tree topper DIY

Learn how to make this #DIY #treetopper with beautiful calf hair and luxe gold foil. It's perfect for upping your #Christmas decor game this #holiday season. Get the full #ChristmasDIY tutorial on

I’m practically beside myself with yuletide joy because it’s time to deck all of the halls. And in my book, that festivity starts with the tree. Once the lights are on and the ornaments are hung, the tree topper takes its place on the very highest branch like a cherry on this delicious Christmas sundae.

Growing up in my house, getting to place the star on top of the tree was (and remains) a highly coveted task that rotates between siblings from year to year — so needless to say, I take tree toppers very, very seriously. So when Joanna first mentioned wanting to share a tree topper DIY this year, I was thrilled. We wanted to mix luxe details with rich texture, so we looked to some beautiful pieces of calf hair and finished it off with gold leaf and some easy-to-execute blanket stitching.

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