My 2nd Annual Rummage Sale

Seattle rummage sale! Come scoop up amazing deals from a photographer and prop stylist in Ballard. Home decor, clothing (some designer), photoshoot props, photography equipment, vintage, and more.

In lieu of a Weekend Wellness post, I wanted to share something else a bit more exciting… I’m hosting my second annual Rummage Sale in Seattle tomorrow! I did the first one last year and it was a huge success. It’s my favorite opportunity to connect with local readers and followers, plus to clear out my studio shelves of props I no longer use.

The Details

When: Saturday August 10 from 8 am – 2 pm.

What: heaps of home decor, clothing (some designer!), photoshoot props such as glassware, dinnerware, etc., photography equipment, vintage pieces, and more!

Where: I don’t want to publish my address on the internet, so shoot me an email and I’ll let you know! hello [at]

A few rules:

  • Please no early birds.
  • Cash only.
  • Bring a friend!

See you tomorrow.

6 Documentaries About Sustainability to Inspire Your Zero Waste Journey

Wondering What to Watch this Weekend? Try One of These Documentaries about Sustainability! #wellness #zerowaste #ecoliving #greenliving #plasticfree #nomorestraws #reducewaste #zerowastetips

Are you into documentaries? I totally am. Any time Netflix, HBO, or Hulu release a new one, I watch it pretty much immediately. Usually the subject matter doesn’t really matter — I love them all. But lately, I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries that have inspired my zero waste journey. In anticipation of the weekend, here are a few of my favorite documentaries about sustainability to inspire you, too!

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Neutral Patterned Rugs for Anywhere in Your Home

Looking for a neutral patterned rug? Check Out These Sources for the best vintage rugs and new vintage-inspired rugs in ivory, white, grey, and neutral color palette! #coral #turkishrug #vintagerug #vintageinspiredrug #bedroomrug #anatolian #oushak #oneofakindrug #neutralrug

After sharing last week’s rug round up with options similar to our bedroom rug, several of you asked for another post… all about neutral patterned rugs! Naturally, I am more than happy to oblige because rugs are totally my jam. Turkish, Persian, Oushak, shag, flat weaves… I love them all. The good thing about selecting a rug in a neutral color palette is that it can literally go anywhere. I envision most of these being perfect for any space, tbh. Let’s dig in!

Source: Johanna Rug from Lulu and Georgia
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6 Colorful House Plants I Love

The Best Colorful House Plants to Add Style to Your Home! #plants #houseplants #lowlightplants #indoorgardening #tipsandtricks #decoratingwithplants #nerveplant #wanderingjew #elephantear #croton #calathea #Peperomia

Any time I style a home, house plants are an absolute essential. Not only do they purify the air, but they also add beautiful texture and a bit of life to any space — even a low light room. I also love to mix in a few colorful house plants to break up the sea of green. I’ve got loads of personal favorites, but I managed to narrow the list down to these 6 must-have colorful house plants!

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3 Easy Steps to Update Your Studio Office

3 Easy Steps to Update Your Studio Office with CORT Furniture Outlet! Learn more about why I love shopping @CORTOutlet for new and previously leased furniture + tips for creating an inspiring workspace. #myCORTStyle #CORToutlet #ad #homeoffice #studio #workfromhome #officespace #workspace #bluesofa #arclamp #interiordecor
This post is sponsored by CORT Furniture Outlet. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

As I hinted at last week on Instagram, I’ve made a few changes to my studio space. Specifically, I added a lounge area so that I could sit, daydream, get inspired, have meetings, and (most importantly) nap. With all of the kerfuffle of life that’s been happening for us (kitchen, wedding, etc), the studio was sort of a mess. With the help of CORT Furniture Outlet, I recently gave it a quick refresh, so I wanted to share 3 easy ways to update your studio office!

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The Friday Edit


Happy Friday! This week has been long and weird (that’s what she said?). I started off the week chipping one of my small, lower front teeth. I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary — just eating an egg! So I’m waiting for my dentist appointment to fix that. Thankfully, it isn’t painful. Just more of an annoyance and one more thing I need to deal with before the wedding. Then, in case you missed my Instagram post, my favorite chicken unexpectedly died. That was really, really sad for me. It’s the first time one of our girls passed and it was really a shock. Aside from those 2 big things, I’ve just been totally overwhelmed by getting everything ready for the wedding, running my business, and trying to sleep. Do I sound like I’m over it? I kind of am…

Enough of my venting. Let’s get into our favorite reads of the week.

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What Our Kitchen Renovation Really Cost — The FULL Renovation Estimate

Our Renovation Estimate, aka What Our Kitchen Renovation Cost. Small kitchen remodel including Shaker cabinets and marble countertops. Designed by interior designer @roomfortuesday w/ @fireclaytile @rejuvenationinc @kitchenaidusa @masterbrandcabinetsinc @deltafaucet @polycordesign @sinkology #ad #oldhouse #kitchen #kitchenrenovation #demoday #renovation #oldhome #oldhomerenovation #smallspaces #smallkitchen #kitchenrenovation #beforeafter #kitchenmakeover #kitchen #makeover #fixerupper

Wow, I am still sifting through all of the amazing responses and questions we’ve received about our newly renovation kitchen! I am so honored by your encouragement along the way and all of the inquiries we received about the ins and outs of this project. One of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received has been how much the total renovation actually cost. So today, I’m holding nothing back. Here is the FULL kitchen renovation cost estimate!

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