Small Space Squad Home Tour: Tanika Rottura

Small Space Squad Home Tour: Inside the colorful, eclectic, and curated NYC home of Tanika Rottura, small house with big style #smallspaces #tinyhouse #livesmall #smallspacesquad #hometour #housetour #minimalist #minimalism #maximalist #colorfulhome

I’m really having a LOT of wistful feelings about phasing out of the Small Space Squad… especially because, through it, I’ve discovered some truly amazing and talented people. It’s really allowed me to open my eyes (and this blog) to different aesthetics, personal goals, and lifestyles. I hope you’ve had that WOW moment, too, during the evolution of this blog series. And I hope you’ll join me in one more WOW experience because the home of Tanika Rottura definitely deserves it. Let’s take a peek into her eclectic, brightly hued world!

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9 Things of Note | August 2020

Joanna’s Things of Note from August 2020 (including the Untamed by Glennon Doyle, H&M dresses, AGOLDE jean shorts & more) #thingsofnote #shopping #shoppingguide #musthaves #favoriteproducts

August is truly one of the weirdest months I’ve lived through. Between deciding to move on a whim, selling our house, and buying a new one… woof. I haven’t done much shopping, except for a few summer essentials. I realized at one point that it’s been a long time since I really bought any clothing (especially underwear), so I picked up a few inexpensive, easy dresses from H&M. Also, I read Untamed, which was SO good. So let’s dig into my 9 things of note from the past month!

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How to Take Care of a Senior Cat (Plus, a Sweepstakes!)

AD: Celebrate National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day with Royal Canin and enter the #Cat2Vet sweepstakes @royalcanin Half of all cats go to the vet on a regular basis, but it's the key to a happy and healthy cat. Check out these 4 tips & learn more about the importance of vet check ups on
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Royal Canin. All opinions are 100% mine.

This past Saturday was basically a national holiday in our house: it was National Take Your Cat to the Vet Month! I’m joking about it being a holiday for us, but given how attentive we are to Georgette’s needs, it might as well be. What can I say — Georgette is my first pet that I adopted as an adult. She has a very special place in my heart. This year, she turned 12, which means she’s officially a senior meow! I teamed up with her favorite food maker, Royal Canin, to share the importance of taking your cat to the vet regularly, a few tips to help you take care of a senior cat, the food she eats now, and the details of a sweepstakes!

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My Go-To Sources for Home Decor

Looking for an expert's go-to recommendations and sources for home decor? This list includes the best places to get lighting, furniture, bedding, hardware, rugs, pillows, bedding, decorative objects & MORE! #homedecor #decorating #interiordesign

While I get asked a lot for the source of things in our home, I also get asked for sources for decor. Basically, just a list of places to consider for different decorating needs, like wallpaper companies I like, paint brands, lighting, etc. So I figured it was high time for me to round up my go-to sources for home decor. These are the brands, companies, and websites that I always start with when taking on a new decorating project or renovation (especially our new house!). If you’re in the midst of planning your next interior design project, I hope this resource is a great starting point for you!

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Small Space Squad Home Tour: Bri Moysa

Small Space Squad Home Tour: Inside the California casual neutral home of Bri Moysa, small house with big style @brimoysa #smallspaces #tinyhouse #livesmall #smallspacesquad #hometour #housetour #minimalist #minimalism #neutralhome #californiacasual

In just a few short weeks, I will no longer be part of the Small Space Squad, but I still have so many amazing homes to share. Today’s is no exception. I am thrilled to feature the beautifully decorated and styled home of Bri Moysa, the founder of Emerson Grey Designs. Literally, I would move into her home tomorrow if I could — it’s that gorgeous! Let’s take a tour (just waaaait til you see the stock tank pool).

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4 (Easy!) Lawn Care Tips

4 Easy Lawn Care Tips including my favorite gardening tools from @AmazonHome #AD Check out my favorite cordless battery powered lawn mower, organic all-purpose plant food, and dry bug repellant spray #getmorewithprime #founditonamazon
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Amazon Home. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting the content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Today’s blog post topic is definitely un-sexy, but a must for any homeowner: lawn care! To be totally honest, I have always loved yard work. Gardening, removing tree stumps, pulling weeds… I love it. I’m weird, what can I say? But when it comes to actually growing grass, I always left that up to Sean. But now that our bungalow is on the market, we had to really focus on making the yard look as amazing as possible! We did a ton of research about sod, then installed it. So today I’ve teamed up with Amazon Home to share a few lawn care tips we have learned! They make it so easy to get everything you need in one place.

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24 Sources for Black Outdoor Sconces

Illuminate Your Patio With These Chic Black Outdoor Sconces! 24 sources for outdoor lighting for the deck, patio, front porch, or back door!

When I received our new outdoor dining area on the deck, I got loadsss of questions about our lighting! Most of the illumination at night comes from the string lights, but we also have a wall sconce that helps. It’s great when we’re running out the door to take out the trash or feed the chickens. And of course, I chose a black outdoor sconce… I am so predictable! Our light fixture was gifted by Lamps Plus, but in case it’s not your style, here are a few more chic black outdoor sconces that you might love for your own home!

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