Smoke and Bramble Cocktail Recipe for Halloween

Smoke and Bramble cocktail recipe for Halloween. Dark, black cocktail with smoke. #halloween #cocktail #cocktailrecipe #halloweencocktail

Hi. I’m Kate, and my particular little brand of happy hour includes fresh, garden-grown cocktails enjoyed in the company of my ridiculous chickens. Why, you ask? And also…WHUT? I know. It’s a lot to process. You can find more over at Drinking with Chickens, but in the meantime, here’s a little something that I whipped up and tucked into Jojotastic’s cocktail portfolio while she wasn’t looking:

It’s definitely about time for some moody cocktails, wouldn’t you agree? But nothing over the top; let’s do subtle spooky. No activated charcoal making drinks that are dark enough to suck all the light and joy from the room (we’re not doing that anymore, guys, cuz activated charcoal is legit dangerous), no candy eyeball garnish, no monster slime shooters…but maybe just a tiny, tiny pea-sized little nugget of dry ice that we’ll watch boil and bubble fully until it disappears and THEN drink our moody AF drink. GOTTA LET ME HAVE A LITTLE HALLOWEEN, MMMKAY? So, let’s talk about this smoke and bramble cocktail recipe.

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