12 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes We Swear By

12 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes We Swear By! Recipes including cheese board, potato gratin, winter kale salad, an apple galette, and more! #recipes #holidayrecipes #thanksgiving #holiday #holidayrecipes #christmas #thanksgiving #thanksgivingdinner #hanksgivingdinnerideas #turkeyrecipe #turkeydinner #sidedish #holidaydessert

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! If you’re like me, you’re still planning your dinner menu and looking for a few new recipes to wow your friends and family. To make your planning easier, I rounded up some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes from the blog archives. There are SO many delicious appetizers, side dishes, and desserts. Truth be told, it was quite difficult to choose only 12 recipes — so if you’re looking for more, there are plenty of other Thanksgiving recipe ideas to choose from here!

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Peace Sign Wreath with Faux Foliage DIY

Peace Sign Wreath with Faux Foliage DIY. Put a modern twist on a classic grapevine wreath with faux flowers. It's the perfect large wreath to hang outdoors all winter long. #peacesign #wreath #diywreath #christmas #diy #holidays #christmasDIY #holidayDIY #grapevinewreath #fakeflowers #fauxflowers

Tell me: do you decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving or after? It’s a question Joanna posed on her Instagram and I’m dying to know what you think here on the blog. This year, we’re sharing holiday posts early to help inspire you, no matter when you decorate. Like this oversized peace sign wreath! On it’s own, it’s a very cool way to decorate. But, with the help of some carefully chosen faux flowers, we made this store-brought wreath feel special and modern. Keep reading to learn how to upgrade this oversized peace sign wreath (it can work for any wreath, too!) — it’s perfect to hang outside your home now through the New Year!

p.s. Notice a new name?? Hello, my name is Melissa and I’m the new team member at Jojotastic. We’re still figuring out my official title, but for now, I’m working on a few different things behind-the-scenes. Stay tuned for more!

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