The Benefits of Essential Oils in Bath Bombs

essential oils in bath bombs

Non-toxic skincare and clean methods of self-care are all the rage right now. More than ever people are interested in finding “cleaner” products (think essential oils and plant-based everything) to introduce into their daily and/or weekly beauty and self-care routines. Now, I don’t know about you, but have you ever looked at the ingredients list for some beauty products? There are so many long, unpronounceable words it seriously makes my head spin. One product in particular that I started making on my own a while ago because of questionable ingredients is bath bombs.

I love a good bath bomb as much as the nest person. So when I started making them myself, I wanted to incorporate as many good-for-me benefits as possible. One must-have item that fell into that category was essential oils. There are so many positive benefits associated with essential oils that it really was a no-brainer. Plus it makes the bombs smell ahhmazing.

So, what are these benefits (other than the great smell) of using essential oils in bath bombs? I’ve got all the answers below.

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Summer Inspired DIY Bath Bomb

Channel the spirit and smell of summer with these mint lemonade diy bath bombs. #essentialoils #diy #summer #selfcare #homemade #bathbomb #coconutoil

Is there anything more relaxing than a bath? Maybe just a warm bath infused with a homemade bath bomb (especially with a glass of rosé in hand). In the past, I’ve mostly associated bathing with the winter — when it’s cold and grey out, lazing around in hot water sounds downright heavenly. But after a particularly hectic (in a good way!) summer, I’ve come to realize how wonderful a summer evening bath can be. Instead of focusing on making it a warm and cozy experience, I like to think of it as being refreshing and invigorating. That’s why I decided to flavor my summer-inspired bath bomb with the most refreshing drink that exists: mint lemonade.

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hand-picked clean beauty at Follain

hand-picked clean beauty at Follain. natural skincare, makeup, haircare products. a new store in Seattle. #naturalskincare #naturalbeauty #cleanbeauty #nontoxic @shopfollain

You guys… I am so excited about Seattle’s newest store, Follain. It opened last Friday in U Village and I got a somewhat private tour thanks to my poor calendar management skills (apparently the press preview was Thursday and I showed up on Friday… OOPS.). Thankfully, the founder, Tara Foley, was there and walked me through how she started the brand, the mission of Follain, and all of her favorite products. Oh, and she’s just plain lovely! Not only is the store gorgeous, but it also features a thoughtful curation of clean beauty, skincare, and haircare products unlike any store already here. As I replace more and more of my products with natural, clean alternatives, I am sure that Follain will be an incredible resource going forward.

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must-have summer skincare products

must-have summer skincare products to keep you cool and chic, like anti chafe balm, gradual self tanner, refreshing rose water, and a natural deodorant that actually works! #naturalskincare #naturalbeauty #selftanner #summer #skincase #naturaldeodorant #settingspray

My beauty and skincare routines are decidedly low maintenance (more about that here and here), but in the summer I’ve found that certain products are… necessary. I’m not what you’d call ‘heat tolerant.’ Never have been and never will be. I’m a sweat-er and not ashamed of it! Over the course of the past few years, I’ve discovered a few skincare products that are absolutely essential to me surviving summer’s heat. Later this week I’m headed back to the east coast for my bff’s baby shower and for Sean to meet my entire family — and it’s going to be a balmy 95+ degrees. You better believe I’m packing these essentials. And I know I’m not alone in my intolerance of hot hot heat (not the band, just the temp), so I wanted to share what’s been tested, tried, and true:

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my night time skincare routine

my night time skincare routine including Elemis facial cleaner, Herbivore Botanicals jasmine green tea toner, Shiseido eye cream, Drunk Elephant virgin Marula luxury face oil, Sunday Riley luna sleep oil, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 & more. #skincare #skincareroutine #beauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #naturalskincare

After sharing my morning skincare routine yesterday, it’s time to share my (slightly more involved) night time skincare routine! Last year when I was laid up on the couch with my broken leg, I watched hours upon hours of YouTube video about beauty and skincare… and I’ve kind of gone a bit overboard.  My new rule is that I’m not allowed to bring anything new into the medicine cabinet until I’ve emptied a bottle. It’s hard though! There are so many great products out there… and so many I want to try.

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my (super low maintenance) morning skincare routine

morning skincare routine

So many of my post ideas lately have come from Instagram, like today’s for example! You guys always inspire me so much. I tend to share my current skincare and makeup products there more, so a lot of people have inquired about my morning skincare routine. I tend not to wear makeup on a daily basis, instead saving it for photoshoots and special occasions. It took me a while to feel confident enough to walk around bare-skinned, but now I actually feel weird if I have makeup on during the day!

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how I maintain clear skin during a renovation

how I maintain clear skin during a renovation. #skincare #fixerupper #renovation #clearskin #beauty #beautyroutine #skincareroutine #beautyblogger

Fixer upper life, oof. Not only can a renovation project take over your life, but it can take over your face and cause some majorrr breakouts. I know I can’t be the only one that happens to, right? With our most recent makeover, I kept my skincare routine on track and I noticed a major difference, so I figured I would share it with you! Here’s my quick and (fairly) easy routine to maintain clear skin during a renovation.

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