Cookbooks I’ve Been Loving Lately

Get Out of Your Cooking Rut With These Cookbook Recommendations including vegetarian recipes, Italian food, Asian dishes to try and more

Woof, the cooking fatigue is REAL. Especially now that we live in the mountains. I literally cook every single meal every single day. It’s a LOT. It got to the point where I felt like I was making the same thing day in and day out… so I went in a mini cookbook buying spree recently. In case you’re also in a cooking rut, I wanted to share a few cookbook recommendations I’ve loving these days! I hope they help to inspire you to try something different. Here are my current favorite cookbooks + the recipes I’ve been making the most from them.

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Everything I’ve Read So Far in 2020 (Part 2)

Everything I Read in 2020 Part 2 + My Book Recommendations for What You Should Read Next while sheltering in place #reading #bookreport #mustread #books #bookrecommendations #whattoread #booksuggestions

Am I the only one who’s been finding major comfort in the world of books this year?? I definitely read a lot, but I’ve found that I’m escaping more and more into reading lately. With so much going on, it’s really nice to step inside the world of someone else and tune out for a bit. Also, just like everyone else and their mom, I read a ton more books about racial and social justice recently. I’ve been trying to alternative between one serious book and one escapism book, but honestly… it all depends on what I am able to get from the library. So today, I wanted to share part 2 of everything I’ve read so far this year (here’s part 1, btw). My goal is to read 40 books and I’m already up to 35!

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8 Cookbooks I’m Loving Lately

8 Cookbook Recommendations to Inspire You To Try Something New in the kitchen! Easy dinner ideas, weeknight meal recipes, my favorite must-have cookbooks #cooking #cookbooks #bookrecommendations

As tired as I am of cooking every meal for the past 4 months, it’s also been incredibly gratifying to try new things, explore new ingredients and discover cookbooks to add to my library. The last time I shared cookbooks I love, the list was relatively short. To diversify my collection, I made an appointment at my favorite local shop called The Book Larder. I’m obsessed with it because now you can make an appointment to shop safely — and also it’s totally dedicated to cookbooks! Not all of the ones I’m mentioning in this post are from this source, but if you’re local I definitely recommend checking it out. Anyways, let’s dig into the cookbooks I’m loving lately and why!

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5 Things of Note | May 2020

Joanna’s Things of Note from May 2020 (including True&Co. bralette, Gaby Dalkin's new cookbook Eat What You Want, Tiny House book, a must-read novel & more) #thingsofnote #shopping #shoppingguide #musthaves #favoriteproducts

This post was originally slated to publish last week, but it didn’t feel right to talk about shopping. Don’t get me wrong: there is still a lot of work to be done to support equality. What I am saying is that you can support a movement, continue educating yourself, and speak your mind while also indulging in superfluous ‘fluff,’ like this post about 5 products I enjoyed last month. So let’s dig into May’s 5 things of note, including the True&Co. bralette that I am obsessed with.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Check Out E-Books From the Library

This easy step-by-step guide will show you how to check out e-books from the library. Reading as much as you want for free is a total gamechanger! Learn how to use Overdrive and Libby and get free e-books on your Kindle. #reading #booksuggestions #library

If you’re new to the blog, you might not know this… I am an avid reader. I absolutely LOVE the mental escape of a really good piece of fiction. A few years ago, I switch to reading primarily on my Kindle Paperwhite and I love it. I made this change for a few reasons, but mostly because of ease of use, not having to store books, and because I can get FREE e-books from the library! After sharing what I’ve read so far this year, I got a lot of direct messages about how to check out e-books from the library. It’s really easy to set up and a total game changer! I swear, I read so much more now than I ever did before.

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Everything I’ve Read So Far in 2020 (Part 1)

Everything I Read in 2020 Part 1 + My Book Recommendations for What You Should Read Next while sheltering in place #reading #bookreport #mustread #books #bookrecommendations #whattoread #booksuggestions

I’ve always been someone that finds comfort in reading, especially a good escapist novel. I’ve been wrestling with feelings of needing to be productive with all this time at home… but zero energy to actually execute all the projects I have in mind. If anything, all I want to do is read and mentally escape, even just for a little bit. In case you’re the same way and need some new book recommendations, here’s a list of everything I’ve read so far in 2020! And if you want to skip ahead to shopping for books, I set up an Amazon storefront for my 2020 reading list.

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5 Cookbooks Everyone Should Own

The Best Cookbooks in My Collection That Everyone Should Own! Cookbook reviews of The Minimalist Kitchen, Small Victories, Simply Nigella, Nothing Fancy, and The Art of Simple Food! #cookbooks #recipes #books #readinglist #bestcookbooks

With the kitchen renovation and Whole30 behind us, I am SO excited to get back into cooking exciting, elaborate meals. Sometime last summer, I really started getting into cookbooks. They feel like an art form, to be honest. The photos are always stunning and I love pouring over them, expanding my cooking repertoire. A few cookbooks have really risen to the top for me though. So today I wanted to share 5 of the best cookbooks that I truly think everyone should own!

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