DIY embellished shoes with embroidered patches

One of my favorite things about winter coming to a close — apart from the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer — is looking forward to breaking out my spring clothes. I get to put the wool socks back in the drawer and hang up my down coat in favor of bare feet and a lightweight trench. Such a good feeling.

This spring, Joanna and I are both obsessed with the patch-embellished trend we’ve been seeing, so we decided to DIY some embellished shoes with embroidered patches to match our personal styles. Joanna chose classic rose patches for a Gucci-inspired effect (like this awesome denim jacket) while I opted for some wing-like embellishments that reminded me of a favorite Dries Van Noten collection — but the possibilities are endless.

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DIY essential oil + soy wax sachets for your valentine

Celebrate #ValentinesDay by treating yourself or the person you love to a beautiful, flower-filled wax sachet scented with #lavender. Get the full #DIY at

The day of love is almost upon us and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. I know many people cringe at the idea of Valentine’s Day and all the commercial red-and-pink ephemera associated with it, but I’ve always felt that the atmosphere of the holiday, sans trite Hallmark card messages, is truly heartwarming. And I’ve set out on a quest to bring non-believers into the V-Day fold by finding chic, non-cheesy ways to celebrate.

These pretty little wax sachets are the perfect example. Sure, they’re shaped like hearts and they have pretty little dried flowers pressed into them, but they’re understated enough to display in any well-appointed home all year round. We added a healthy dose of lavender essential oil to our batch so they release a bit of delicious scent in your car, on your bookshelf or in your lingerie drawer throughout the day. They’re wonderfully simple to make, and they make the perfect gift for your friends, family and (most importantly!) yourself.

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an unexpected Valentine’s Day cloche centerpiece | DIY

A lot of planning goes into creating these centerpieces and, often, it’s a conversation that starts with a wishlist of pieces Joanna wants to incorporate. For example, for this Valentine’s Day, she’s planned an unexpected tablescape that feels rich, elegant, and moody — almost like a baroque still life oil painting (editor’s note: specifically Jan Davidsz de Heem!). Not gonna lie… when she sent me her color palette ideas, I was interested, but definitely skeptical of the yellow she wanted to add in… but I trusted her always on-point vision and went for it. I found these Dark Landini lilies and immediately knew we had to use them (and they were ready for harvest just in time for us to use). The rich burgundy hue provide the perfect balance for the pop of yellow, especially when enclosed a classic glass cloche. I assembled two of them to serve as the backdrop for the dinner for two and they ended up being so stunning and rich.

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a blush & cream Galentine’s Day bouquet for your bestie | DIY

After a year full of women dealing with a TON of bullshit and also uniting to stand up against it , this is definitely the year to really embrace Galentine’s Day (which, ICYMI, is the other half of Valentine’s Day, when you celebrate your love for your lady friends!) and we’re here to help. Joanna had the vision for a Galentine’s Day bouquet of sorts and together we dreamed up this whimsical, classic-with-a-modern-twist bouquet that we hope you can be inspired by and recreate for your lady loves this February.

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DIY dog treat & leash station

Keep your pup’s delicious @miloskitchen treats and cute leash organized and ready to go with this chic #DIY treat station. Get the full tutorial at #MilosKitchen #TreatingTuesday #ad

This post is #sponsored by Milo’s Kitchen®. I received product and compensation, but all opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

When people find out that I have two wiener dogs, they automatically assume that I adopted them both in an effort to assemble a whole pack of dachshunds. But the real story goes something like this: girl with wiener dog meets boy with wiener dog. They fall in love and blend their dog family into a sort of Brady Bunch situation — but with more barking and tail wagging. All joking aside, when I met Lucy, we connected immediately, thanks in part to my habit of bonding with her by offeringtreats whenever she came over with Sean. Now that we all live together in one beautiful swirl of small space living and dog hair, I love to spoil both of my pups with delicious, premium dog treats. My favorites? Treats that are kitchen-inspired!

Last week I shared this super-cute DIY terrazzo treat jar filled with Milo’s Kitchen® chicken jerky — Noodle and Lucy love them because they’re made with real chicken as the number one ingredient so they’re rich in protein — and this week I set myself the task of finding the perfect way to keep the treats at hand while incorporating the jar into my existing decor. After putting our heads together, the wiener dogs and I came up with this cool little dog treat station complete with a marble finish and a hook to keep their leashes nicely organized and ready for their daily walks. It’s the perfect thing to keep right outside your kitchen so you can treat your dogs while you’re whipping up a delicious snack to create a shared love of the kitchen with your furry four legged friends.

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DIY terrazzo dog treat jar

Treat your pup to delicious, home-style @miloskitchen dog treats stored in this pretty #DIY terrazzo jar. Get the full tutorial at #MilosKitchen #TreatingTuesday #ad

This post is #sponsored by Milo’s Kitchen®I received product and compensation, but all opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

We have a name for my house around these parts, and it’s The McBrawley Home for Wayward Wiener Dogs. Along with our two chickens and one majestic cat, Sean and I are constantly wrangling our two dachshunds: Noodle and Lucy. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes they bark at the UPS man or chase the chickens around the yard and whatnot, but other times I’ll catch them curled up together on the couch or posing for pictures perfectly (ahem, I’m looking at you Lucy) and my heart just melts. Those are the moments that I love to treat them to something delicious.

Just like my yia yia still to this day makes me her signature Greek soup recipe when I’m home and in need of something extra special and crave worthy, I like to treat my two pups to something that’s premium, hearty and made with love. Kitchen-inspired Milo’s Kitchen® dog treats are made with real chicken as the number one ingredient, they’re high in protein and free of artificial flavors —you better believe these wiener dogs went crazy for them! But I wanted to help share our love of the kitchen and take the #TreatingTuesday experience to the next level, so I decided to dress up a simple mason jar in which to store some delicious chicken meatball treats in a way that blends perfectly with my kitchen decor and is pretty enough to keep on the counter. It’s a great way to take treating and bonding in the kitchen to a new, DIY level. Giving Noodle and Lucy treats is one of my favorite things to do – it makes all of us happy. I especially love to treat them in the kitchen, which is the heart of our home and where memories are made.

Now I just have to explain to Lucy that she can’t actually eat at the table with us every day…

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