DIY extra-large crystal planter

Use household cleaning supplies to cook up these giant, homemade crystal planters with an inexpensive price tag and a luxurious look. Get the full #DIY tutorial at

Here’s the thing: I love decorating with crystals and plants, but that chic combination can start to get very expensive very quickly. But I couldn’t shake the idea of a huge, statement-making crystal planter that wouldn’t break my vacation-savings budget, so I set about figuring out a way to grow my very own crystal rather than buying one.

And that’s when I learned about the magical properties of Borax. That’s right—the powdered laundry detergent booster that can be purchased plentifully and cheaply from Amazon grows into stunning crystal formations with just a little bit of know-how and some science fair-style gumption. After doing a few experiments of my own (and possibly tricking my roommate into thinking I was turning our kitchen into a Breaking Bad tribute set), I’m here to share the full tutorial for how to make absolutely stunning crystal planters for the price of a single Postmates order.

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DIY ribbon-wrapped straw basket bag

This post is sponsored by Brother. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

For the past year, straw basket bags have been found hanging casually from the arms of well-heeled women and street-style stars alike. And after scrolling past post after post featuring the summery accessory, I know I had to have one — but I wanted mine to be special. Enter: the Brother P-touch Embellish. This nifty little machine makes printing on the prettiest satin ribbon super easy, so I could add a charming, personalized message to my very own It Bag. In keeping with the pink hue of the ribbon and the overall romance of the style, I opted to print, “La Vie en Rose” on the ribbon that I wrapped around the handle of my straw basket bag, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. And the best part? The whole project only took about 15 minutes.

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DIY bow-tied linen bedding

Learn how to make this beautiful, bow-tied linen duvet set with @BrotherPtouchEmbellish by printing your own customized messages on satin ribbon! on #PtouchEmbellish #sponsored #diy #bedtime #springcleaning

This post is sponsored by Brother. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Is there anything more lovely than a freshly made bed? I don’t think so. Now that spring is almost here, Joanna and I have both been on major cleaning kicks — which includes refreshing things around the house. It’s time to dust those hard-to-reach corners, replace those threadbare towels and, most importantly, make sure your bed is extra chic and cozy.

For me, that means swapping out my everyday bedding with the most perfectly rumpled linen bedding. Seriously, the texture is so lightweight and dreamy. But Joanna and I are always looking to add a bit of special detail to the things we fill our homes with, so when Brother sent over one of their super-handy P-touch Embellish machines and spools of satin ribbon, we decided to add some ties to the bedding. Not only is the result super pretty, it’s also practical since we printed it with instructions for restless sleepers: your side, my side and the dogs’ side (because we can’t forget about Noodle and Lucy).

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a modern springtime centerpiece with kumquats & quince | DIY

Spring is somewhat of an elusive season here in Seattle. I remember my first March in this city, after moving from North Carolina, and wondering if it would ever warm up. We get days here and there that make you believe it might be happening, where the sun shines bright and the temps rise near 60 degrees for part of the day. And the flowers — the crocuses start pushing their cheery heads out of the ground in late February and trees start budding. My favorite part of PNW spring is that it’s also kumquat season. When I see these little citrus beauties pop up at the flower market, it really feels like spring just might be here. This month, Joanna and I decided that kumquats would be the perfect starting point for our springtime centerpiece. When mixed with flowering quince and three gorgeous pincushion protea, the resulting arrangement feels like a promise that winter is about to end.

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DIY embellished shoes with embroidered patches

One of my favorite things about winter coming to a close — apart from the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer — is looking forward to breaking out my spring clothes. I get to put the wool socks back in the drawer and hang up my down coat in favor of bare feet and a lightweight trench. Such a good feeling.

This spring, Joanna and I are both obsessed with the patch-embellished trend we’ve been seeing, so we decided to DIY some embellished shoes with embroidered patches to match our personal styles. Joanna chose classic rose patches for a Gucci-inspired effect (like this awesome denim jacket) while I opted for some wing-like embellishments that reminded me of a favorite Dries Van Noten collection — but the possibilities are endless.

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DIY essential oil + soy wax sachets for your valentine

Celebrate #ValentinesDay by treating yourself or the person you love to a beautiful, flower-filled wax sachet scented with #lavender. Get the full #DIY at

The day of love is almost upon us and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. I know many people cringe at the idea of Valentine’s Day and all the commercial red-and-pink ephemera associated with it, but I’ve always felt that the atmosphere of the holiday, sans trite Hallmark card messages, is truly heartwarming. And I’ve set out on a quest to bring non-believers into the V-Day fold by finding chic, non-cheesy ways to celebrate.

These pretty little wax sachets are the perfect example. Sure, they’re shaped like hearts and they have pretty little dried flowers pressed into them, but they’re understated enough to display in any well-appointed home all year round. We added a healthy dose of lavender essential oil to our batch so they release a bit of delicious scent in your car, on your bookshelf or in your lingerie drawer throughout the day. They’re wonderfully simple to make, and they make the perfect gift for your friends, family and (most importantly!) yourself.

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