recent styling work: Silver + Salt

My recent prop styling work for Silver + Salt, minimalist handmade jewelry from Seattle. #styling #propstyling #jewelry #flatlay

This year is already off to such an amazing start for me, with two BIG styling projects under my belt in just two months. I love it! Today I wanted to share my most recent styling work for Silver + Salt, a local jewelry maker (and good friend!). Her pieces are absolutely stunning, so when she asked me to help style a few flat lays for her new lookbook, I was totally in. It was also an opportunity for me to work with photographer Michelle Moore for the first time and I’ve been dying to get that opportunity!

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DIY embellished shoes with embroidered patches

One of my favorite things about winter coming to a close — apart from the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer — is looking forward to breaking out my spring clothes. I get to put the wool socks back in the drawer and hang up my down coat in favor of bare feet and a lightweight trench. Such a good feeling.

This spring, Joanna and I are both obsessed with the patch-embellished trend we’ve been seeing, so we decided to DIY some embellished shoes with embroidered patches to match our personal styles. Joanna chose classic rose patches for a Gucci-inspired effect (like this awesome denim jacket) while I opted for some wing-like embellishments that reminded me of a favorite Dries Van Noten collection — but the possibilities are endless.

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my ‘no shopping’ challenge for 2018

personal essay about my year of no shopping. intention, goal and resolution to not buy clothing, accessories, or jewelry for all of 2018. read more on #noshopping #lessismore #fewerbutbetter

When I recording my 2018 goals video, I totally forgot to mention a personal one that I’m working on: I’m not buying clothing for the entirety of 2018! Our DIY contributor, Hannah, did it in 2017 and, after witnessing her succeed, I decided to do it on my own. The final push was this NY Times article entitled My Year of No Shopping — after this came it, it solidified my decision. So now that I’m a month and a half in, I wanted to share it with you guys + set the rules for this grand experiment of mine.

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my go-to resources for the cutest lace bralettes

my go-to resources for the cutest lace bralettes (pink, red, and black) just in time for Valentine's Day. #valentinesday #lingerie #bralette

Fun fact about me: I absolutely loathe wearing a bra. Underwires? No, thanks. And it’s not like my boobs are small either… I just really can’t stand the feeling of such a structured bra on my body. Most of the time, I either go bra-less or I wear a super-cute, lacy bralette. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to share my favorite resources for the cutest, lace bralettes — especially if you’re a bra-hater like me!

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window shopping // wearable art (for under $100!)

update your wardrobe this spring with wearable art! modern, art inspired fashion and accessories, all for under $100! #under100 #affordable #style #fashion #whattowear

source: undone embroidered sweater from Topshop 

Recently while I was poking around online, I discovered a whole trend of pieces that feel a bit ’80s inspired, but also extremely high fashion and modern. Color blocking, abstract weaving, and avante-garde silhouettes… today’s window shopping round up is all about wearable art that won’t throw your budget out of whack. These pieces are adventurous and colorful, a bit zany, and so much fun… and all under $100!

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window shopping // cozy, chunky knits (for under $100!)

Cozy, chunky knits round up. Cold weather and winter trend shopping for oversized knit clothing and accessories (for under $100!) on

source: whipstitched ‘love’ sweater from Topshop

I always find shopping to be weird this time of year. The stores are all touting fresh, new springtime fashion, but it’s still so cold! If you’re in Seattle, like me, chances are you can’t wear those cute dresses and sandals for at least another few months. So what is there to wear? I’ve been living in cozy, chunky knits lately and wanted to share some amazing finds with you guys that are budget-friendly.

Here are some of my favorite chunky knits for your wardrobe this January — all under $100!

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