the easiest way to decorate around a big tv: a gallery wall!

The easiest way to decorate around a big tv: a gallery wall! Learn how to curate a beautiful gallery wall to balance a large television using the Gallery Wall Designer and ArtView™ feature of the @artdotcom app + enter the giveaway! #ad #LoveYourWall Learn more on #gallerywall

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It all started in November: Sean and I were chatting about the living room and one of us mentioned that we need a new TV. The existing one had been with me since I graduated college and was a bit dated, to say the least (the speakers would buzz and rattle with any hint of bass). Flash forward to Black Friday and suddenly we had bought a 55″ television. While this was a definite upgrade from our 37″ dinosaur TV, it was also quiiite an addition to our tiny living room. If you saw my Instagram Stories, you know how overwhelmed I was when the giant TV came into our home. Truth be told, I thought about returning it, but then I fell for it… hard. High definition is sort of amazing, as is not having to search for my glasses to watch The Bachelor. Anyways, after we wall-mounted it, I realized that I’d have to get creative in a big way to make it blend a bit more into our tiny home. And that’s when enters the picture (pun very much intended) — their vast selection and The Gallery Wall Designer and ArtView™ in their easy-to-use app made it a breeze for me to select a pre-curated gallery wall and order.

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a moody & dramatic Valentine’s Day tablescape for two | small space entertaining

a moody & dramatic Valentine's Day tablescape for two. small space entertaining. #smallspaces #valentinesday #tablescape

To be honest, this Valentine’s Day tablescape is all about yesterday’s cloche centerpiece. It’s literally my favorite one that Sarah has ever done and really captures everything that I want our Valentine’s Day tablescape for two to reflect. While traveling through Amsterdam a few years ago, I became obsessed with this painting and have always wanted to translate it somehow into a blog post. Sarah indulged me in my unexpected color palette, so I pulled dinnerware and glassware to complement it, rather than detract. This simple tablescape is really all about the centerpiece.

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my search for a stylish coffee table with storage

image source: sherman coffee table from Urban Outfitters.

For the past few years, we’ve used a vintage army trunk for a coffee table. It holds climbing gear, while also providing a great surface for us to prop up our feet for movie nights. Lately though, it’s been feeling a bit too heavy and bulky for the space. I’m in the mood to simplify and lighten up our space, which has me shopping for a coffee table with storage. I absolutely love our trunk and will probably find a new spot for it in the bungalow, but I just need it to feel a bit… different in here! I’ve looked at soooo many coffee tables that I knew I had to share with you guys. Whether you also live in a small space or your home is normal-sized, hopefully this round up of coffee tables with storage will help!

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my easy guide to making your home smell amazing

my easy guide to making your home smell amazing + how to burn palo santo! #homefragrance #candles #palosanto #incense

Not many of you know this, but my very first job out of college was with a candle company. I designed packaging for things like candles, reed diffusers, and even a scented ceramic globe. My favorite part of the job was brainstorming how to visually represent how the product smelled. We even had meetings where we’d pass around pots of fragrance and talk about the notes and fragrance trends! I think this is why, to this day, I love home fragrance so much. I always have candles, incense, or palo santo burning — or even a mix of those all at once. I wanted to share with you some of my favorites today so help make your home smell amazing, too!

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my sneak peek of the HGTV dream home 2018

my sneak peek of the HGTV dream home 2018 + enter to WIN the house! #beforeafter #hgtv #giveaway @hgtv #HGTVdreamhome

2018 is off to a crazy-awesome start for me you guys. Here’s some proof: yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to tour the 2018 HGTV Dream Home and, lemme tell ya, it’s daaamn good. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn has really outdone himself! While nothing can really replace the magic of seeing it in person (sorryyyy), I hope these photos help you get a sense of the space and encourage you to enter to win the ENTIRE house!

For even more of a peek, head over to my Instagram to watch my highlighted stories about the space, too!

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tips to refresh your home on New Day Northwest

home decor styling tips to refresh your home on New Day Northwest by @jojotastic.

Yesterday I had an opportunity that was one of the coolest things I’ve done to date: I was on live tv! King 5 New Day Northwest reached out to me to share tips for refreshing your home for the new year, so I loaded up my trusty cart and brought them a few of my favorite home decor pieces. Not gonna lie, I was really nervous going into it. But the host, Margaret Larson, was so kind and helped me feel at ease. It went by so quickly! I watched it back and felt like I went into a fugue state — did I really say these these things? I did! I hope you guys enjoy the video!

Be sure to check out the video and let me know what you think! And of course, many many thanks to New Day Northwest for having me.