white negroni recipe for valentine’s day (or date night!)

Happy February, you guys! I can’t believe how quickly January flew by… woof. It’s already time to think of Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day in case you missed yesterday’s post), so I wanted to kick things off with a recipe for this luscious and sort of sexy white negroni. This cocktail is pretty damn easy to make, but also makes it feel like you’re at a really fancy bar.

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sparkling kombucha cubana cocktail recipe

After last year’s kombucha cocktail, I couldn’t help myself… I had to share another one with you guys! Humm Kombucha sent me a case of their passionfruit mango flavor and I knew it would be perfect for a refreshing and light cocktail. Don’t get me wrong, though… this is by no means a low ABV drink! But it is quiiiite delicious and unique. If you’ve ever had a cubana cocktail, you know just how good they are. With the addition of kombucha to that classic mix, this cocktail recipe is the perfect sip for your next brunch.

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the only champagne cocktail recipe you need for NYE

Recently, Hannah and I were celebrating a bit of the ole happy hour and came across this champagne cocktail on the menu of Mr. West… and we fell in love. Not only is it so incredibly easy to make, but it’s refreshing, delicious, and so perfect for New Year’s Eve. Trust us, this is what you’ll want to be sipping when the clock strikes midnight!

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spiced pear ricotta muffin recipe

These muffins, you guys… omg. The texture light and airy thanks to a hearty serving of ricotta cheese. Am I wrong when I posit that ricotta automatically makes everything airier and even more delicious? Ever since discovering just how often Nigella uses it in her recipes, I can’t help but use it more frequently these days.  Probably not great for my waistline, but we can address that in the new year. Anyways, back to the most delicious muffin recipe of all time. I suggest whipping up a batch of these cake-like muffins on Christmas day because they are easy to throw together and will be a perfect nibble while you open gifts!

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the easiest champagne punch recipe (maybe ever?)

just in time for holiday entertaining and new year's eve! the easiest champagne punch recipe (maybe ever?). made with champagne, sauterne, and frozen pomegranate seeds. #holidaydrinks #newyearseve #NYE

Ever since buying the bungalow, entertaining has always been my favorite thing to do. There’s something so special and near to my heart about welcoming people into my home and offering them food and drink. It really cuts deep to the core of who I am and what matters most to me. When I first started hosting gatherings in my home, I would go all out and mix up individual cocktails for everyone. Then I realized it was more important to me to mix and mingle, really getting to spend time with people instead of in the kitchen. Recently, I turned to one of my favorite vintage scores, this booklet about mixing drinks from 1969. At the very back is a section dedicated to punch bowls — and I knew I’d immediately hit on something good. After tweaking my recipe over the past few weeks, I’m so excited to share the easiest champagne punch recipe (maybe ever) with you guys…

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a festive amaro manhattan cocktail recipe

Not gonna lie, you guys, this is a weird post to write! I just spent 5 days on a beach in Mexico sipping margaritas… and now I’m sharing a recipe for a very festive cocktail. December is such an odd month for me. I usually like to vacation during this month because it’s cold, grey, and rainy here in Seattle, but then it also means I come back to full-force holiday mode. But this Festive Amaro Manhattan cocktail recipe is just too good not to share! It’s really easy to make and will impress any of your holiday guests this season.

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