van life: our weekend away at La Push + video

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I can’t even express to you how excited I am to bring more video content to you here on the blog. As I was editing this video of our recent New Years weekend trip to La Push, I realized that this is the perfect way for you to get a sneak peek of all the adventures that Sean and I get up to… and to really get to know us! Both of us have been itching to leave the city and take it on an excursion, basically a mini trip.

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our full 5 day Sayulita travel guide + video

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I had sooo many travel goals for 2017,  but because of my leg I barely got to leave Seattle for about 7 months. As soon as I felt confident in my ability to walk and stand for long periods of time, it was officially time to book a trip! So last month Sean and I booked a last-minute, 5 day long trip to Sayulita, Mexico and it was precisely what we needed. Sun, swimming, margaritas… I don’t really have the words to describe just how much this trip meant to me and how badly it was needed. Tons of you have reached out to me on Instagram asking for a Sayulita travel guide, so here we go!

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Annette Joseph styling & photography workshops 2018

want to improve your photography and styling in 2018 for your small business? learn more about Annette Joseph styling & photography workshops in the Tuscan countryside of Italy! #styling #creative #smallbusiness #workshop

Remember last year when I was all hot to trot about going to Italy and learning styling tips from the incredible Annette Joseph? Welp, things don’t always go according to plan, but 2018 is THE YEAR! I’m officially going to Italy for these fab workshops and would loooove to invite you guys along, too!

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travel diary // palm springs

jojotastic travel guide and visual diary for palm springs. the ace hotel + block shop textiles wall mural

It’s been 4 weeks since our trip to Palm Springs for a friend’s wedding and I’m finally able to share my visual diary of that trip! Things didn’t go exactly as planned (more on that here) and, to be honest, this trip felt like it was world’s away from where I am now. I finally feel ready to look back on the photos and how much fun we had, ready to share some of my favorite parts of the trip and all the places you should go if you’re also planning a trip to Palm Springs!

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when things don’t go according to plan (aka our recent trip to Joshua Tree)

Now that I’m 2 weeks out from my accident, I feel like I’m finally about to talk to you guys about it. If you followed on Instagram, we went to Palm Springs for a wedding and then drove the short distance to Joshua Tree for our first outdoor climbing trip of the season. I was so excited… I had trained all winter and the past 2 summers were a wash for me in terms of climbing because of injuries (2 years ago I suffered a bad sprain and only climbed half the summer. Last year I had a dumb finger injury that kept me from climbing for about 8 weeks). Really, I was ready for this trip and to climb. So ready, so eager. And feeling so good! It felt like this would be my summer to reclaim the joy I have for climbing. That Monday morning, I approached the rock with an open heart, ready to climb hard and kick off a great summer.

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Travel Guide: London in 72 hours with Virgin Atlantic

Travel Guide: London in 72 hours with Virgin Atlantic. Get the full trip recap on #letitfly #ad @virginatlantic #londonseattle

This post is sponsored by Virgin Atlantic. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

What a whirlwind my recent trip to London was! I’m definitely one of those travelers who does a lot of research before I arrive, but I also make sure to leave room for those happy discoveries that travel (especially international travel) always brings. Virgin Atlantic sent me and 5 other Seattle-based bloggers to London to celebrate the launch of their new direct flights between Seattle and London, so of course I was totally in for a trip to explore this gorgeous, historical city. Without further ado, here’s my travel guide for London!

Brace yourself, this is a looooong post! 

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