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How on earth is it already the first full week of March? Woof. I feel like I’m a bit behind! Between styling loooots of photoshoots, attending and teaching at my first Alt Summit, and living life, it was awesome to look back on the month of February through video. For such a short month, I really did a lot — and even had some ridiculous adventures thrown in (just wait til you see Nancy Kerrigan The Chicken’s cameo). I love giving you a glimpse into my life and wanted this video to feel like an even closer look than you may find on Instagram Stories. Welcome to a new monthly series called Monthly Moments!

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my must-have face masks + video tour

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If you’ve been a longtime reader, you know I have one must-have skincare item: a good face mask. Or actually… like 30 masks. I am quite addicted, to the point where I have any entire drawer dedicated to masks in our tiny bathroom! My list of must-have face masks is really quite extensive, so in the effort to avoid a War and Peace-length blog post, I shot a quick video for you guys to introduce you to my faves + here’s a quick list of my top 5.

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the friday edit + my first Q&A video (including my biggest social media regret!)

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Happy Friday, you guys! With the 5 Questions challenge floating around on Instagram, I got a new idea: what if I shared a Q&A-style video with questions submitted by you?? This is my first time asking you guys if you wanted me to answer anything and I was blown away by how many questions were sent over… so I will definitely be doing another Q&A video soon. Most of you submitted questions about blogging and social media, so this video is definitely geared toward that. Going forward, I plan to change it up with the topics and answer all types of questions, so if you’ve got ’em, send them in!

Some of the questions I answered this week include…

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my 2018 goals (better late than never!)

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So um… Happy February! Where the hell did January go?? I’m just a little late in sharing my 2018 goals with you guys, but hey, better late than never. This year, I decided to record a video to share a more personal peek into what I’ve got in mind for 2018 both here on the blog and personally. If you’re new to the blog, I’ve shared my goals for the past few years and really find it helpful to look back. I love seeing how I’ve achieved something that I set out to do… or that I have a bit more work to do to achieve something. To be honest, both of those scenarios feel positive to me because they each indicate some sort of personal growth. And, although last year’s goals really got off track when I broke my leg, I am hopeful for a happier and much healthier year!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my list + what are your resolutions and goals??

xo, Joanna

van life: our weekend away at La Push + video

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I can’t even express to you how excited I am to bring more video content to you here on the blog. As I was editing this video of our recent New Years weekend trip to La Push, I realized that this is the perfect way for you to get a sneak peek of all the adventures that Sean and I get up to… and to really get to know us! Both of us have been itching to leave the city and take it on an excursion, basically a mini trip.

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our full 5 day Sayulita travel guide + video

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I had sooo many travel goals for 2017,  but because of my leg I barely got to leave Seattle for about 7 months. As soon as I felt confident in my ability to walk and stand for long periods of time, it was officially time to book a trip! So last month Sean and I booked a last-minute, 5 day long trip to Sayulita, Mexico and it was precisely what we needed. Sun, swimming, margaritas… I don’t really have the words to describe just how much this trip meant to me and how badly it was needed. Tons of you have reached out to me on Instagram asking for a Sayulita travel guide, so here we go!

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