Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Let’s Work Together

From teaching classes to consulting on Pinterest and Instagram profiles, I’m available to work with your organization to help improve the way your brand reaches its audience through social channels. Pricing varies and is tailored to your organization’s needs.

Developing your Brand’s Aesthetic - $95

This deep-dive course covers essential tools to help you create stunning photos for your small business’s social media presence.

A Small Business Guide to Pinterest and Instagram - $ 175

From optimizing profiles to scheduling content, this course teaches small business owners how to use Pinterest and Instagram in ways that will help grow their brand and business.


Industry-Specific Checklists to Grow Your Small Business using Pinterest and Instagram

For Wedding Photographers - $25

Learn how to attract digital and printed publications, along with over 30 other valuable tips and tricks to grow your brand and business with the help of online platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

For Florists - $25

Owning your own floral business opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to creating content. This checklist helps you think through the types of content you can create and post to help grow your floral business.

For Makers - $25

When most of your day is spent making a product, it’s hard to find time and energy to create content! We compiled over 30 helpful tips and tricks so you can share both product and content with confidence.

For Interior Designers - $25

This list is specifically tailored to the needs of interior designers and includes 30+ tips to guide you through ways to establish a consistent aesthetic, connect with your audience, and get noticed by brands.