Photo Journal: Wandering a Misty Riverbed

Photo Journal: Bacon Creek in the North Cascades, nature photography of foggy river beds, snowy mountains and winter scenes

There’s something about the quality of light here in the North Cascades that has really intrigued me. Ever since we moved here, I’ve found myself paying closer attention to it, almost like a third roommate. It’s just so… different from city life. I mean, pretty much everything is. From our crappy wifi to our collection of generators, we are definitely living a different life now. But when it comes to the changing light out here, each moment feels unique and special. Here are some photos from a recent creek adventure with the dogs and the fog.

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Photo Journal: The Beginning of My New Creative Journey

Photo Journal: Happy Creek in the North Cascades, nature photography of snowy mountains and winter scenes

I don’t know if this is totally apparent here on the blog and my social channels, but lately I have felt like I’m on the cusp of expanding my creative potential. Maybe it’s because I now live in a place with fewer distractions. Or perhaps having more space means that I finally have room to create. Or maybe my creative potential feels different now that I am surrounded by so much of nature’s splendor. Whatever the reason, I have been doing a lot of mental work to dig deeper, creatively speaking.

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recent styling & photography work: StCao Ceramics

One of my goals for this year was to take on more styling work. Recently I was lucky enough to partner with one of the artists in my new studio building and help her shoot photos for her freshly opened online shop, StCao Ceramics! Steph needed help not only with styling her gorgeous mugs, bowls, colanders, and plates, but also shooting the photos themselves. I often shoot the blog photos here, so I welcomed the challenge and had a blast working on this project. Here are a few of the photos:

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link love + Wild Turkey American Honey

I’m not sure I’ve ever said this with as much emphasis as I do today: happy Friday. We made it!

This week… oof. But in the interest of staying positive, I want to share a really fun styling project I worked on recently with Wild Turkey American Honey. They asked me to style and shoot some favorite summertime recipes, like the American Honey Mule and the American Honey Libertea. I’ve really been enjoying these projects, mostly because they provide the perfect opportunity to flex my styling muscles and challenge my creativity more and more. Plus, we’re having a pinning party to celebrate summer and all the amazing cocktails that accompany this great season — be sure to head over to the Summertime Sips pin board!

In case you missed it, here’s what happened on the blog this week:

Plus, a few other new & noteworthy things:

  • I’m definitely in a desperate love affair with this dress from Reformation. Need.
  • My girl Cass from Coco + Kelley is having another supper club! Get all the deets here.
  • Obsessed with this Vans x Eley Kishimoto collab… so tough to pick a favorite pattern!
  • These colors. I can’t even.
  • Because I can’t seem to get enough peaches right now… peach pie via A Couple Cooks.

photography & styling by Jojotastic for Wild Turkey American Honey.

photo journal // LA

Recently, I popped down to LA for a quick little shoot with Ford (more to come — sneak peek here!). While there, I had the opportunity to stay in oh-so-hip The Line Hotel. Honestly speaking, I’ve never been quite so comfortable in a hotel as I was there. I had a day off between shoot days and it was g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s. The creative juices were flowing and I just felt awesome. Here are some snaps from that day.

photo journal // LA photo journal // LA photo journal // LA photo journal // LA photo journal // LA

Having a space totally to myself with no requirements… I can’t remember the last time I’ve had that.

photo journal // LA www.jojotastic.comphoto journal // LA

Speaking of thankful…

photo journal // LA www.jojotastic.comphoto journal // LA www.jojotastic.comphoto journal // LA

photography by Jojotastic, a mix of DSLR & instagram