I Had a Spontaneous Pneumothorax

So What Actually Happened Last Week With My Spontaneous Pneumothorax...? Personal essay about when I was unexpectedly hospitalized with a collapsed lung + the wake up call that is inspiring me to make some changes in my life going forward. #selfcare #realtalk #personalessay #pneumothorax

Oh hey, remember me? It’s been a while since I posted… maybe the longest amount of time I’ve ever not been active here on the blog. Even when I broke my leg, I had posts scheduled out for a week or two. It feels weird coming back to ‘work’ and trying to write a blog post after so long away, to be honest. I’m still very, very tired from my super-cool spontaneous pneumothorax (aka randomly occurring collapsed lung), but I actually miss being in this space and connecting with my readers. I’ve gotten lots of questions about what happened, so I figured now is the time to share.

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My Journey through PTSD and Learning to Hate my Body Less

My Journey through PTSD and Learning to Hate my Body Less #talkingaboutit #mentalhealth #PTSD #personalessay #scarstories

It has been 2 years since my accident that resulted in a broken leg and two surgeries. If you’re new to the blog, you can catch up on what happened. It’s been 2 years of healing, self-doubt, crippling fear and anxiety, and so much personal growth. Even though it’s been a couple of years, I still feel like I’m going through a journey with PTSD. If you’re experiencing anything remotely similar, I want to start by saying that you’re not alone in it.

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My 2019 Goals and Intentions

My List of Actually Attainable, Authentic Goals and Intentions for 2019. Read more on jojotastic.com #lessismore #fewerbutbetter #minimalism #smallspaces #newyearsresolutions #resolutions #goals #authenticity

I’ve shared this a bit before, but I’m not usually one to make new years resolutions. I must prefer to think of them as 2019 goals or intentions. For some reason or another, none of the resolutions I’ve made have ever really stuck. It also just feels so… overwhelming. Last week, I was scrolling through Instagram and seeing everyone’s goals and intentions… and I just felt so exhausted by it all. It felt like I wasn’t doing enough, that I could never do enough. The comparison game was killing me and I felt powerless to fight it.

That’s when I realized that all I really wanted to focus on this year is survival. I want to finish 2019 with my cup full (or somewhere near it) instead of utterly depleted like it is now. And that can mean anything, but at my core, it feels like I am on the cusp of either really big things or the whole house of cards crashing down. Truth be told, I am flat out exhausted and things just need to change.

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Update #4 About My No Shopping Challenge

Final update about my ‘no shopping’ challenge for 2018! A personal essay about my year of no shopping. intention, goal and resolution to not buy clothing, accessories, or jewelry for all of 2018. Read more on jojotastic.com #noshopping #lessismore #fewerbutbetter #minimalism #smallspaces #newyearsresolutions #resolutions #minimalist #minimalistcloset #minimalistwardrobe #capsule

I hope you all had a truly magical, wonderful holiday season! I ended up taking the rest of last week off because I just plain needed a little bit more time to myself. But now I’m ready to jump back into the blog and share what we’ve all been waiting for… my final update about my No Shopping Challenge of 2018! I shared a bit about it on Instagram, but it’s time for a full recap.

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My Thankful List 2018

My Thankful List for Thanksgiving 2018. #gratitude #thankful #thanksgiving #personalessay

Happy (early) Thanksgiving, you guys! I won’t be posting tomorrow, so I wanted to pop in today and share a bit of what I am thankful for this year…. and what a year it’s been! From getting engaged to making over the backyard to now renovating the kitchen… I have so much to be grateful for this year. I wanted to share a quick thankful list with you and would love to know what has sparked your gratitude, as well. Let me know in the comments!

This year, I am thankful for:

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update #3 about my no shopping challenge

The third update about my ‘no shopping’ challenge! A personal essay about my year of no shopping. intention, goal and resolution to not buy clothing, accessories, or jewelry for all of 2018. read more on jojotastic.com #noshopping #lessismore #fewerbutbetter #minimalism #smallspaces

It’s been a hot minute since I shared an update with you about my No Shopping Challenge! Between the kitchen renovation and planning the wedding, I haven’t really had the time, energy, or resources to do much shopping… which is sort of awesome because it’s really helped me to get back into the groove of this challenge. The last time I checked in, I had slipped up a little over the summer with my shopping and was hoping to get back on track. Let me just say… having all your money wrapped up in a renovation is a great way to avoid buying new clothes!

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update #2 about my no shopping challenge

no shopping challenge - jojotastic.com #noshopping #lessismore #fewerbutbetter #minimalism #smallspaces

Full disclosure: I am a bit nervous about writing this post and have actually been putting it off! My goal with my no shopping challenge for 2018 was to share quarterly check ins with you guys. But, as you can probably guess from my silence about it, I’ve gotten off track. And when I say ‘off track,’ I mean really, really off track… The last time I shared an update, I was doing so well, but I think between travel and a few really tempting sales, I have lost sight of my goals. So it’s time to come clean with you guys, confess what I bought, and set some intentions for moving forward!

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