My Week of Doing Puzzles

Personal Essay about taking a week of from work for self-care during quarantine and coronavirus. Finding peace and meditation in doing jigsaw puzzles. #quarantine #personalessay #stayhome #selfcare #wellness

I have probably rewritten the first sentence of this post and stared at the cursor for at least 30 minutes, not really knowing how to start off. You might have noticed that I didn’t share any blog posts last week and barely posted to social media… the truth is that I just needed a break. I had hit 2020 running with so many goals of launching my classes, exploring opening an online shop, writing some really in depth blog posts, and so much more. Especially because I took off time during the holidays to regroup, rest, and relax! I was so ready for 2020, optimistic even. But with the arrival of COVID-19, it feels so much like my motivation and drive have taken a hit. In just a week, I feel like my entire life got flipped upside down and everything shifted… and along with it, went my focus.

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My 4 2020 Goals + My Focus Word

The 4 Goals I'm Committing to in 2020 + My Focus Word! My List of Actually Attainable, Authentic Goals and Intentions for the new year. Read more on #lessismore #fewerbutbetter #minimalism #smallspaces #newyearsresolutions #resolutions #goals #authenticity #wellness #visionboard #goals #2020 #newyearsresolution #newyearsintentions #NYE

Happy 2020! I hope you had a great holiday break… I definitely did. The time off was much needed. In case you’re new here, I make an annual practice of sharing my yearly goals here on the blog as a way of staying accountable (here’s my 2019 list). I’m not really one to make resolutions, but instead prefer goals. That just works better for me. I also love to share with you guys because you’re always so wonderful about encouraging me, offering advice, etc. I LOVE it. So it makes total sense that my first post of the year is all about my 2020 goals. I’m also doing something different this year and adding a focus word, basically a concise idea of one concept on which I especially want to focus this year.

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5 Alternative Ways to Give Thanks

Alternative Ways to Give Thanks & Bring More Meaning to Your Thanksgiving. Personal essay about finding more meaning and being more intentional during the holidays. #thanksgiving #turkeyday #holidays #personalessay #givethanks #gratitude

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means the holidays are pretty much here. Where did 2019 even go?! This question pops up in my mind every time I publish a gift guide or share anything else holiday-related on the blog. It causes me stress with how quickly time passes, anyone else? Lately, I’ve been very aware of how it can be hard to take time to slow down and and give thanks. And although this is typically a time of joy and celebration, sometimes the holidays are a little more complicated than just pretty tablescapes and delicious food. With allll of that in mind, I have been thinking of alternative ways to give thanks this year. If you’re feeling anything remotely similar, I hope this post helps you… and at the very least, I hope it inspires you to view Thanksgiving in a new light.

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I Had a Spontaneous Pneumothorax

So What Actually Happened Last Week With My Spontaneous Pneumothorax...? Personal essay about when I was unexpectedly hospitalized with a collapsed lung + the wake up call that is inspiring me to make some changes in my life going forward. #selfcare #realtalk #personalessay #pneumothorax

Oh hey, remember me? It’s been a while since I posted… maybe the longest amount of time I’ve ever not been active here on the blog. Even when I broke my leg, I had posts scheduled out for a week or two. It feels weird coming back to ‘work’ and trying to write a blog post after so long away, to be honest. I’m still very, very tired from my super-cool spontaneous pneumothorax (aka randomly occurring collapsed lung), but I actually miss being in this space and connecting with my readers. I’ve gotten lots of questions about what happened, so I figured now is the time to share.

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My Journey through PTSD and Learning to Hate my Body Less

My Journey through PTSD and Learning to Hate my Body Less #talkingaboutit #mentalhealth #PTSD #personalessay #scarstories

It has been 2 years since my accident that resulted in a broken leg and two surgeries. If you’re new to the blog, you can catch up on what happened. It’s been 2 years of healing, self-doubt, crippling fear and anxiety, and so much personal growth. Even though it’s been a couple of years, I still feel like I’m going through a journey with PTSD. If you’re experiencing anything remotely similar, I want to start by saying that you’re not alone in it.

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My 2019 Goals and Intentions

My List of Actually Attainable, Authentic Goals and Intentions for 2019. Read more on #lessismore #fewerbutbetter #minimalism #smallspaces #newyearsresolutions #resolutions #goals #authenticity

I’ve shared this a bit before, but I’m not usually one to make new years resolutions. I must prefer to think of them as 2019 goals or intentions. For some reason or another, none of the resolutions I’ve made have ever really stuck. It also just feels so… overwhelming. Last week, I was scrolling through Instagram and seeing everyone’s goals and intentions… and I just felt so exhausted by it all. It felt like I wasn’t doing enough, that I could never do enough. The comparison game was killing me and I felt powerless to fight it.

That’s when I realized that all I really wanted to focus on this year is survival. I want to finish 2019 with my cup full (or somewhere near it) instead of utterly depleted like it is now. And that can mean anything, but at my core, it feels like I am on the cusp of either really big things or the whole house of cards crashing down. Truth be told, I am flat out exhausted and things just need to change.

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Update #4 About My No Shopping Challenge

Final update about my ‘no shopping’ challenge for 2018! A personal essay about my year of no shopping. intention, goal and resolution to not buy clothing, accessories, or jewelry for all of 2018. Read more on #noshopping #lessismore #fewerbutbetter #minimalism #smallspaces #newyearsresolutions #resolutions #minimalist #minimalistcloset #minimalistwardrobe #capsule

I hope you all had a truly magical, wonderful holiday season! I ended up taking the rest of last week off because I just plain needed a little bit more time to myself. But now I’m ready to jump back into the blog and share what we’ve all been waiting for… my final update about my No Shopping Challenge of 2018! I shared a bit about it on Instagram, but it’s time for a full recap.

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