4 Easy DIY Fabric Dye Projects to Try This Weekend

Try These Fabric Dye Projects For a Twist on Tie Dye including how to ice dye, shibori dye, dip dye, and overdye. Ideas to dye fabric. Dye projects that are not tie dye #icedye #DIY #shibori #overdye #tiedye #dipdye

It seems like tie dye is the official look of quarantine, am I right?? Everywhere you look, people are dyeing their white clothes – and I love it! In case you want to jump on this bandwagon but don’t want to do traditional tie dye, I rounded up some of our best DIY fabric dye projects to get you started. We’ve shared quite a few over the years, probably because of my background as a textile designer! They are all so good and shockingly easy to do. Let me know if you try any of them this weekend!

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Dip-Dyed Corn Husk Wreath DIY

How to Make a Dip Dyed Corn Husk Wreath, DIY Tutorial. Use a classic dyeing technique to dress up this fall-inspired corn husk wreath. Learn how to dip dye and make a wreath with corn husks for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving! Get the full tutorial at Jojotastic.com #fall #wreath #diy #halloween #thanksgiving #cornhuskwreath #wreathDIY #dipdye #riydye #blackdye #halloweenwreath #fallwreath

Are you ready for Halloween this week?? We’re still very much getting ready for it… better late than never. Which leads us to today’s DIY, this modern take on a traditional cork husk wreath! Sometimes you just need to revisit classic, easy techniques, but in a new way. We all know Joanna loves a dip dye moment (remember these dip-dyed pouches and this really cool take on stationery?). This fall, as we were brainstorming ideas for DIY projects for the holiday season, she suggested a new take on a classic fall wreath — this time with dip-dyed corn husks. Even if you haven’t started decorating yet, this corn husk wreath DIY is super-easy and fast — and can work for Thanksgiving, too!

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How to Distress a Shirt | DIY

Tap into the distressed t-shirt trend on a budget by DIYing your own version. Get the full tutorial at Jojotastic.com #diy #distressed #tshirt

Finding the perfect vintage tee is like finding a needle in a haystack: it requires months of painstakingly pouring through rack after rack of not-so-cool tops and online vintage shops. Alternatively, you can get the perfectly lived-in look by splurging on a designer tee like this or this, but I just can’t bring myself to spend a few hundred dollars on a ripped shirt. I mean… seriously?? After I started seeing cool, distressed tops on some of my favorite bloggers and style icons, I started thinking about how I could create a DIY distressed t-shirt myself and get the exact look on a budget.

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DIY block print + abstract tie-dye table runner

dress up your summer patio tablescape with a linen table runner decorated with block printing and tie dye. Get the full tutorial at Jojotastic.com #DIY #summer #outdoordining #BBQ #blockprint #tiedye

Until about a year ago, tie dye conjured images in my head of groovy Deadheads and fourth-grade birthday parties (read: it lived firmly in the realm of hippies and children and wasn’t exactly what I would call… chic). But I’ve recently had a change of heart. Maybe it was this Gucci t-shirt that pushed me over the edge, or maybe it was the shibori textiles from Rebecca Atwood that moved tie dye firmly from the tacky to the cool category in my head.

Whatever the reason, I’m now fully sold and looking to tie dye pretty much anything I can get my hands on. Since Joanna recently redid her backyard as part of the One Room Challenge (and it looks so, SO good), we thought it would be nice to DIY a pretty linen table runner for her outdoor dining space. I finished the tie dye look with some metallic block-printed patterns to add another level of visual texture to the look, and I love how it turned out. Keep on scrolling to get the full tutorial!

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DIY // boho ice dyed draft stopper

Is your house drafty? Learn how to make our boho ice dyed draft stopper! Click through for the full tutorial on how to sew this fabric craft and how to ice dye.

The last few weeks of winter are the worst! It’s when you really start to notice all the tiny things in your home that make it so cold. Small details, like an old window or drafty door begin to take their toll. So when Joanna mentioned that her tiny bungalow had a drafty door, I knew just what project share next: a draft stopper! We used a fabric dying method from our most popular post, how to ice dye, for a boho-chic look that matches Joanna’s living room.

Keep reading to learn how to make your own!

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DIY // floral bath salts in a dip dyed pouch (a pretty Valentine’s Day gift for your BFF)

Learn how to make your own floral bath salts with Himalayan pink salt, epsom salts, and dried flowers like rose, hibiscus, and calendula for the ultimate in self-care. Package them in a DIY dip dye canvas pouch and they are a great gift for Valentine's Day! Learn how on Jojotastic.com

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this year, instead of obsessing over cupid’s arrow, I’m making a special treat for my girlfriends to enjoy. Both Joanna and I have been focusing on taking better care of ourselves, essentially taking time to indulge in all-important self-care. So why not treat your best friend to the gift of self-care for Valentine’s Day? We whipped up a batch of bath salts filled with dried flowers and packaged them in easy dip dyed canvas bags for the perfect heart-felt gift.

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DIY // boho tassel picnic blanket

One of my very favorite summer activities has got to be picnicking. They’re free, involve being outside, eating yummy food, and spending time with friends. Seriously, how can you top that? This summer, I took my picnic style up a notch with this super cute boho picnic blanket DIY with dip-dyed tassels. The best part is that it’s made out of a few things you could find at any hardware or craft store!

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