DIY // Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

One of my favorite parts about being a ‘grown up’ the ability to celebrate holidays anyway I’d like. As a kid, there was nothing I loved more than dying eggs bright neon colors. These days I’m more excited about decorating my hard boiled beauties with natural colors ‘upcycled’ from around the house. So today I am sharing how to make these easy natural dyed Easter eggs!

With this DIY, there’s no need to go buy expensive ingredients or cardboard easter egg kits — instead, just poke through your cupboards for some fun colored foods and spices you already have! The dying method method and ratio can be used for almost any ingredient and is a great way to clear out anything hiding in the back of the fridge.

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DIY // shibori dye bath mat

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Japanese indigo dye process called Shibori, and might have even seen some of the beautiful blue and white patterns it can create. But did you know that it’s super easy to achieve at home? I was totally blown away by how simple this project was, and I’m in love with my new shibori-style bath mat.

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DIY // overdyed napkins

Guys, do you realize Thanksgiving is just one week away!? It seems likes the holidays are just coming around every year faster and faster. I love to decorate, so there’s always a lot of pressure to put a new spin on things. That’s why I’m so excited about this DIY.

I’ve been dying to do a project using overyding (I crack myself up), it’s such a great way to mix pattern and color. So for an easy way to give your holiday table-scape a quick refresh, try overdying an old set of napkins for a whole new look in half an hour.

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DIY | How to Ice Dye + Step-by-Step Instructions

DIY // how to ice dye

There’s just something so wonderful about making a hand dyed textile for your home. It adds instant personality and interest to any space, and it’s lots of fun! So when Joanna bought a new cream colored sofa for the loft she shares with not one, but two (wonderful and messy) animals, I knew an extra throw might come in handy for some added couch cushion protection.

I went with the ice dying technique to create a fluid, organic pattern on a big piece of natural linen. You could use multiple dyes for a tie dye style look or go with one color like I did, for more of an accent piece. If you’ve never dyed fabric before, don’t worry, this is super simple.

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dip dye stationery DIY

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There’s nothing that shows you really care like a homemade card. However, making stationery from scratch can take forever. There’s good news though: with this trendy and easy dip dye technique, you can craft a stationery set with a handmade touch in minutes!

dip dye stationery DIY / craftYou can also use the stationery for your personal holiday cards, as well. While I’m not always able to mail cards to everyone on my list, I try to pen a special note to my closest family members and friends every year.

Head over to Ziploc to see more!

dip dye stationery DIY / craft dip dye stationery DIY / craftphotography by Nathan Michael

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