Workshop In Italy | Styling Your Life: floral, food, and interior styling

Workshop In Italy | Styling Your Life: floral, food, and interior styling

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Learn how to make your life more beautiful with the help of florist Sarah Abare, successful photographer and lifestyle blogger Joanna Hawley, and former Food & Wine editor-turned-food stylist Maren Ellingboe. We invite you to us on a very special workshop to learn the basics of floral, interior, tabletop and food styling, as well as photography, social media and blogging tips, in the beautiful Lunigiana region of Tuscany.

Setting a beautiful table, creating a floral arrangement or making a pretty dish doesn’t have to be about increasing your online presence, but in today’s social media-crazy world, it doesn’t hurt either. Learn from Joanna’s experience of creating a successful lifestyle blog with more than 4 million Pinterest followers. You’ll learn what separates a good photograph from a mediocre one, how to hone your personal brand, and how to make your social media accounts reflect your personal aesthetic. You’ll also learn what it takes to become a florist, interior stylist or food stylist, and the tools you need for each vocation. We’ll show you how to shop for props, forage for blooms and how to show off your culinary creations to their best advantage.

Whether you are working to enhance your career, boost your existing business or social media presence, or just want to have fun styling, cooking, eating, exploring and taking pictures with other creative people, Sarah, Joanna, and Maren will engage with you to make sure you enjoy yourself and learn as much as you can about the kinds of work they do in their daily lives. During that time we will basque in each others’ company and the Tuscan paradise that Annette Joseph has created at La Fortezza and the surrounding area.

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Meet Your Workshop Instructors:

Floral Styling

Sarah Abare is a floral designer in Seattle, Washington and the founder/owner of The Stemmery, a flower subscription company.  Her work has been featured in The Seattle Times, Seattle Met and several local news and TV programs.

She loves working with flowers as it combines her love for creative expression and love for nature, and she places an emphasis on sharing that passion with others through seasonal floral design workshops and other creative collaborations.

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Food Styling & Recipe Development:

Maren Ellingboe worked in editorial at Food & Wine in New York City for five years before moving to Oakland, California. She has worked as a food stylist and recipe developer for clients like Sunset, Imperfect Produce and Equinox, and she’s currently the editor and social media manager for the culinary start-up Just Add Salt. Her approach to food and styling is simple: it doesn’t need to be complicated, but it should always be delicious.

Click to see more of Maren’s portfolio:

Social Media & Lifestyle Styling

Joanna Hawley, aka Jojotastic, has always had an eye for beautiful things with experience as a product designer and trend scout for companies like Nordstrom and Anthropologie. Along with regular styling gigs, Joanna runs to show off her appreciation for all things DIY, entertaining, interior design, style, and food — in a modern yet casual type of way.

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Workshop Schedule:

June 5:  Arrival and dinner.

June 6:  Food, floral and prop styling basics presentation in morning, followed by a practical in afternoon. Photo/camera basics overview as well. Floral interlude: floral centerpieces big and small (ie. the nuts and bolts of hand tied bouquets)

Style dinner table all together and dinner as a group.  

June 7:  Shopping day for props at stores and/or flea markets. Afternoon styling using purchased props. Optional: prepared food styling with Maren and/or foraging with Sarah.

Floral interlude: low table arrangements vs. mantle arrangements using foraged materials.

Style dinner table all together and dinner as a group.

June 8:  Morning outing to local markets. Practicals + individual sessions in afternoon, including social media and branding tutorials. Floral interlude: Headdresses and special requests.

Style dinner table all together and dinner as a group.  

June 9: Free day. Optional outings detailed here

June 10:  Breakfast and departure.

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Additional Details:

$3,900.00 (nonrefundable initial deposit: $1,800 + remaining balance due one month prior)

  • 7 attendees total
  • Fee includes accommodations (3 private and 2 shared rooms), all breakfasts, personalized instruction, and class-related excursions. Most lunch and dinners are also included. Private rooms are on a first come, first serve basis.
  • By purchasing this workshop, you agree to pay the remaining balance when prompted to do so. No refunds are available after booking.
  • Airfare is not included. Students fly into nearest airport which is Pisa, Italy. There are no airport pick-ups. You are responsible for transportation to and from the workshop to La Fortezza. More information about taking the short train ride will be sent prior to your arrival.
  • All attendees traveling from the United States are required to purchase short term international travel health insurance. Proof of travel insurance will be required to attend any workshop. This site will help you to compare pricing and benefits.
  • Please be aware: Due to the nature of our property, we are not ADA compliant, and we cannot accept guests requiring accessibility.