must-have shoes for a minimalist wardrobe

In the spirit of owning less and loving what I have a little more, I want to keep sharing some of the tips and tricks I’m learning from my no shopping challenge. I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy, but it’s also made me think much more intentionally and consciously and that’s pretty cool, no? Now that it’s halfway through the year, I almost feel like I was in zombie mode before I started all of this. I was also just supremely fed up, but I digress.

Anyway, let’s talk shoes! I wouldn’t say I’m a shoe gal, so not buying them hasn’t been the worst. Full disclosure, though, in my no shopping challenge update you’ll see that at that point, two of the four things I’d bought (I’m allowing for one item per month) were shoes. I mean, what is it about shoes that makes us think we need a million pairs?! This is why in today’s post I’m taking charge and really, and I mean REALLY, narrowing it down and sharing the core pairs you should have in your closet to live that minimal life.

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how to incorporate new trends when you’re on a shopping freeze

How to incorporate new trends when you're on a shopping freeze | Jojotastic

At the beginning of 2018, I introduced my intention to quit shopping for the entire year. After a few months, I shared an update, including the items I had purchased (one item a month is allowed—for the full set of “rules” see the original post). I’ve heard from so many of you that you’re tackling similar shopping freeze challenges, so I want to really dig in and share how I’m making my current wardrobe work a little harder. Luckily, I haven’t really felt the need to go on a binge and buy everything in sight, which is great. I have, however, had to spend time really thinking about how to make my existing closet work. I have a gazillion weddings (read: five) and personal events coming up, so getting creative is a must. So far, this what I’ve come up with:

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window shopping // floral dresses (for under $100!)

source: Anna Glove x H&M floral dress.

Fun fact: one of my first jobs was designing floral prints for women’s underwear. Sometimes it feels I’d be a millionaire if I got $1 for every floral print I have drawn… so it’s especially funny to me when I see floral prints making a resurgence! But what could be more perfect for spring and summer dresses??  Today I’ve rounded up my favorite picks for this season’s cutest floral dresses — and they all ring in under $100!

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update #1 about my ‘no shopping’ challenge

Quarterly update about my ‘no shopping’ challenge! A personal essay about my year of no shopping. intention, goal and resolution to not buy clothing, accessories, or jewelry for all of 2018. read more on #noshopping #lessismore #fewerbutbetter #minimalism #smallspaces

When I decided on my no shopping challenge back in January, I had no idea what to expect. Would I feel a crazy impulse to buy buy buy? Would I unlock some magical, zen approach to getting dressed? Would I get so tired of the same pair of jeans that I’d go nuts and buy 15 new ones? When I initially wrote the post, it seemed like a lot of you felt the same way I did about shopping, that you were totally spent and needed a shift in attitude toward the entire idea of buying. I wanted to check in with you guys to not only update you, but also to share some anecdotes about these past 4 months of going without buying clothing, accessories, or jewelry.

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window shopping // straw accessories (for under $100!)

update your wardrobe for spring with the season's must-have accessory: all things straw! the perfect warm-weather bags, shoes and more, all for under $100! #under100 #affordable #style #fashion #whattowear #straw

source: straw tote from Mango.

One of my favorite New Yorker cartoons features a caption that reads, “I dress for the weather I want, not the weather I have.” And that’s the attitude I’ve taken as we deal with plenty of April showers here in Seattle. The weather may not yet be warm, but I’m choosing to channel those balmy temperatures by adding to my wardrobe dashes of the summeriest pieces I know: straw accessories. Today I’ve rounded up my favorite picks for this textural summer-friendly trend — and they all ring in under $100!

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window shopping // modern stripes (for under $100!)

update your wardrobe for spring with a new twist on a classic pattern: modern stripes! colorful, geometric-print fashion and accessories, all for under $100! #under100 #affordable #style #fashion #whattowear #stripes

source: chenille sweater from Anthropologie.

Traditionally, when I think of summertime stripes, my mind goes straight to seersucker. And there’s nothing wrong with that textured, classically Southern stripe, but what I’ve been in the mood for lately is something a bit more…modern. After seeing bold, unexpected stripes walk the runways of designers like Self-Portrait and 3.1 Phillip Lim, I started searching out fresh iterations of the classic pattern to collect. I rounded up my favorite modern stripes finds to share with you below — and the best part is they’re all under $100!  Continue reading “window shopping // modern stripes (for under $100!)”

DIY ribbon-wrapped straw basket bag

This post is sponsored by Brother. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

For the past year, straw basket bags have been found hanging casually from the arms of well-heeled women and street-style stars alike. And after scrolling past post after post featuring the summery accessory, I know I had to have one — but I wanted mine to be special. Enter: the Brother P-touch Embellish. This nifty little machine makes printing on the prettiest satin ribbon super easy, so I could add a charming, personalized message to my very own It Bag. In keeping with the pink hue of the ribbon and the overall romance of the style, I opted to print, “La Vie en Rose” on the ribbon that I wrapped around the handle of my straw basket bag, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. And the best part? The whole project only took about 15 minutes.

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