painted hanging planter DIY

spruce up your home for spring with a pair of #smallspace friendly #diy hanging planters painted with a cool #geometric design. Get the full tutorial at

Thanks in part to Joanna, I am slowly but surely becoming what can only be described as a crazy plant lady. What started with an impulse purchase of a braided money tree in the plant section of IKEA lead to a trip to my favorite local nursery where I procured a maidenhair fern and some ivy that I promptly killed (what can I say — I’m still learning). And then, a few weeks ago, Joanna bequeathed me a beautiful monstera plant and we got to talking about our shared obsession with bringing the outside in, especially in our small city living spaces.

After that chat, I starting thinking about a chic, yet inexpensive, way to make some beautiful hanging planters, therefore fueling my newfound plant-hoarding tendencies. I settled upon a pair of terra cotta pots painted with a cool (and easy to execute) geometric pattern, strung up with rope and finished with some really cool, chunky wooden beads. Scroll on down to get the full tutorial for our paintng hanging planter DIY!

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the best houseplants for a small space

This definitely won’t be news to long-time readers: plants are one of my favorite ways to decorate a space — indoors and out! There’s just something about them that make an empty house or apartment feel like a home. For example, when I moved into #mytinybungalow the first thing I brought over was my giant tree! And because I majorly have plants on the brain right now thanks to our complete backyard overhaul, I thought, why not put together some of my best recommendations for styling a variety of plants in a small space? Of course you can use these tips for any size space, but I did put some thought into all the awkward nooks and limited window space of tiny homes.

Check out the list:

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DIY extra-large crystal planter

Use household cleaning supplies to cook up these giant, homemade crystal planters with an inexpensive price tag and a luxurious look. Get the full #DIY tutorial at

Here’s the thing: I love decorating with crystals and plants, but that chic combination can start to get very expensive very quickly. But I couldn’t shake the idea of a huge, statement-making crystal planter that wouldn’t break my vacation-savings budget, so I set about figuring out a way to grow my very own crystal rather than buying one.

And that’s when I learned about the magical properties of Borax. That’s right—the powdered laundry detergent booster that can be purchased plentifully and cheaply from Amazon grows into stunning crystal formations with just a little bit of know-how and some science fair-style gumption. After doing a few experiments of my own (and possibly tricking my roommate into thinking I was turning our kitchen into a Breaking Bad tribute set), I’m here to share the full tutorial for how to make this absolutely stunning crystal planter for the price of a single Postmates order.

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perfect presents for the plant lady

image source: terrarium from Terrain

Every year this is always my favorite gift guide to write… probably because I am the plant lady! I’m sure you’ve got lots of friends with plant babies. You know, the friend who is always offering starts and propagated cuttings for you to start your own indoor garden. Or maybe the friend who spent all summer harvesting her own veggies from her yard. Either way, these are the perfect presents for the plant lady in your life this holiday season!

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DIY // galvanized planter with copper design

I love growing herbs in the garden. Being able to pick some basil and whip up a batch of pesto when the mood strikes is seriously one of my favorite things ever. So I was pretty upset with my garden snails when they chewed through those bright and tasty leaves first! I’ve since learned that slugs and snails like eating basil almost as much as I do, but that there’s an easy way to stop them: copper tape. Don’t worry, the copper isn’t toxic to your garden. It repels slugs by giving them a small shock whenever they come in contact with it. So grab your favorite outdoor planter and you can have a slug-proof oasis for your herbs in no time.

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pet-friendly houseplants + a DIY

Houseplants are one of those essentials that can turn an apartment into a home in a snap. Here’s the thing though… if you have a tiny zoo like me, you need to be sure you’re selecting plants that are pet-friendly. Georgette has a tendency to chew on plant leaves, while Noodle seems to enjoy licking branches (they are so weird sometimes). There are so many reasons to bring plants into your home along with your furry friends, so there’s no need to eschew them all together — it’s just a matter of picking the right ones. Recently, I teamed up with Beyond Natural Pet Food from Purina to share how I shop for my pet-friendly plants, as well as a fun DIY to keep your new plants’ soil safe from cats.

how to shop for pet-friendly houseplants + a DIY to keep your plants safe from cats #beyondpartnershow to shop for pet-friendly houseplants + a DIY to keep your plants safe from cats #beyondpartners To pick out some new leafy additions for my home, I started with a bit of research. The ASPCA has an incredible and exhaustive list of toxic and non-toxic plants, so I used this as my guide. Noodle and I went on a mini adventure to my favorite local gardening shop, Flora Grubb Gardens, to shop for the perfect pet-friendly plants to add to my home. Not only is this shop absolutely gorgeous, but they have everything you could possibly want to grow a jungle in your apartment.

how to shop for pet-friendly houseplants + a DIY to keep your plants safe from cats #beyondpartners how to shop for pet-friendly houseplants + a DIY to keep your plants safe from cats #beyondpartnersI like to add succulents to my indoor jungle because they are easily grouped in low, wide planters. Echeveria is a great option when it comes to succulents. Another awesome succulent to look for is called a String of Pearls plant. If you’re looking for a funny plant to hang in your window, this is the perfect choice. Continue reading “pet-friendly houseplants + a DIY”