how we decorated for Christmas in the tiny bungalow

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Not gonna lie, this year I definitely phoned it in with the holiday decorations in my home. Between not being able to walk for half the year and then having the busiest Q3 and Q4 ever for this blog, I just didn’t really have the time, energy, or gumption. Last weekend I finally got my act together enough to put our ornaments on the tree and sprinkle some tiny lights around the house. I thought it would be fun to share a quick little video with you guys to show how we decorated the bungalow + a few photos, too!

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the only champagne cocktail recipe you need for NYE

Recently, Hannah and I were celebrating a bit of the ole happy hour and came across this champagne cocktail on the menu of Mr. West… and we fell in love. Not only is it so incredibly easy to make, but it’s refreshing, delicious, and so perfect for New Year’s Eve. Trust us, this is what you’ll want to be sipping when the clock strikes midnight!

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your last-minute holiday shopping guide for Amazon

last-minute Christmas gift ideas (aka all the good stuff you can find on @Amazon). #giftguide #lastminutegifts #christmas #amazon

Admittedly… I have not been on top of my game this holiday season. Somehow I got so caught up in work that I barely made time to get my holiday shopping down, which really has me in a pinch. If you find yourself in the same boat, I have one tip: Amazon Prime (also, #notsponsored). According to the site, if you order by Friday Dec. 22, you’ll receive the gifts by the 24th, so you’ve got a couple days. In the interest of helping out any slackers out there like me, here’s my quick, down and dirty last-minute holiday shopping guide for Amazon that will definitely make it look like you put tons of thought into your list.

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DIY mask & body scrub duo, a last-minute handmade gift idea!

Don't worry if you waited until the last minute to do your #Christmas shopping—just whip up this quick and pretty #DIY face mask and scrub set. Get the full tutorial at

Is it just me, or has the holiday season really snuck up on us this year? Virtually every person I know has been amazed (and a little dismayed) at the fact that it’s already less than two weeks until Christmas — I mean, isn’t that crazy?! If you’re like me, you’ve waited until the very last minute to book your flights and you haven’t quite checked everyone’s name off your gift list yet.

And that’s where this DIY comes in. We wanted to whip together something that looks beautiful, feels luxurious and can easily be assembled in no time, which makes it perfect for bringing along as a last-minute hostess gift or wrapping up in a hurry when your significant other tells you that his or her mother is coming to town for a surprise holiday visit. Thankfully, our lovely friend Rebecca over at Hillockburn Farm sent us over these skin-saving recipes.

What? What’s that you say? Oh, you’re way ahead of schedule and you had your shopping done months ago? Well, good for you. Why don’t you treat yourself to a coffee sugar scrub or a matcha and charcoal mask for being so darn ahead of the game (and then maybe you could come over and help me wrap? I’ll make cocktails!).

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perfect presents for small spaces

perfect presents for small spaces, tiny houses, or people who are obsessed with organization! #giftguide #smallspaces #tinyhouse

So here’s the thing about this gift guide: it’s not the most glamorous. Instead these presents for small spaces provide much needed storage and organization into a tiny home. My theory is that instead of giving a gift that adds to the clutter of a small home, why not give something that is actually functional? With that in mind (and my own tiny bungalow), here are some perfect presents for small spaces:

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perfect presents for the home cook

perfect presents for the home cook or chef! lots of gorgeous, unexpected kitchen, dining, and cooking essentials. Get the full gift guide and shopping list on #giftguide #christmasgifts #giftsforher #giftsforhim

image source: raw edge porcelain bowls from Terrain

Do you guys cook a lot? I’m sure you know someone who does! I am definitely someone I’d classify as a home cook. I prepare pretty much all of our meals and really take pleasure in doing so. Today’s gift guide is all about the perfect presents for the home cook — but unexpected, really unique gifts. You know, something that he or she may not already have!

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