How to Reduce Waste During the Holidays

How to Reduce Waste During the Holidays #greenliving #eco #smallspaces #sustainableliving #sustainable #sustainability #sustainablechristmas #holidays #christmas #wastefree

If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, then you know I’m all about finding ways to reduce waste in pretty much every spot of our home. You might think the holidays put a damper on this, and they do a little, but there are still ways to stay on top of it! All you have to do is be a little bit intentional about your actions and it’s easy as pie. Here’s what we plan to do around #mytinybungalow this holiday season to keep our waste in check.

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Snowflake Natural Beeswax Ornament DIY

There’s nothing wrong with delicate glass ornaments and vintage treasures to hang on your tree, but there is something to be said for the childhood charm of homemade ornaments. We all have popsicle stick stars and paper angels  from when we were kids that still make occasional appearances on our trees. Plus, it can be super-fun to invite a few friends over, sip some wine, and make a few ornaments while streaming holiday movies. For this natural beeswax ornament DIY, I wanted to channel that sense of holiday nostalgia, but in a really elevated, chic way. These pretty little star ornaments are made from sheets of natural beeswax for a beautiful finished product that will bring rich texture to your tree. Keep reading to learn how to make your very own beeswax snowflakes for your tree!

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Weekend Wellness: 5 Things To Do For Yourself During the Holidays

5 Things To Do For Yourself During the Holidays, Weekend Wellness. during the holidays, thanksgiving, and year round. #wellness #gratitude #selfcare #healthyhabits

Sometimes I wonder if the holidays and self-care can’t go hand in hand, as though the act of celebrating the season means you can’t possibly prioritize yourself. When I’m focused on finding the perfect gift or sharing a bit of holiday magic, it is always with someone else in mind. Also, this my busiest time of year business-wise, so it’s even harder for me to take care of myself. This is actually an internal struggle for me that I am constantly battling, but it heightens during the rush of the holidays. As always, I’m a list maker, so I tried to brainstorm things I can do for myself, even though it’s the holiday season. I hope this list of things to do for yourself during the holidays helps you to avoid this struggle as well!

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Fair Isle Leather Stocking DIY

A classic Fair Isle pattern is burned into the leather of this stocking, making for a chic holiday decoration. Get the full tutorial at #DIY #holiday #stocking

You guys — I got a new toy. It’s called a pyrography pen (aka it burns stuff) and I think I’m in love. Now, before you take that as an admission of my pyromaniac tendencies, let me explain. These nifty little pens come with interchangeable tips that heat up and let you etch pretty designs on things. While many people use these pens to burn designs into wood, I had an aha! moment during one of my holiday brainstorming sessions with Joanna and decided to take my favorite new toy to leather. What came of this flash of inspiration is this beautiful leather stocking etched with a hand-drawn Fair Isle pattern and finished with colorful tassels for a look that combines classic Nordic charm with festive style that feels perfect for the holidays. And since the stocking is made from vegetable-tanned leather, it’ll patina beautifully with age, making it perfect to keep and reuse each year as part of your holiday decorating tradition. Today I am going to teach you how to make your very own Fair Isle Leather Stocking!

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Our Ultimate Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals List

The BEST Black Friday Sales for 2018. #giftguide #sales #blackfriday #cyberweek #shopping #discounts #couponcodes

I hope you had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! As per our yearly tradition, I present my 2018 ultimate Black Friday Deals List. No matter what type of gift you’re looking for, who’s on your shopping list, or even if you just want to stock up on essentials, this list should be your go-to resource for finding the best sales. I plan to update this list throughout the weekend and into Cyber Monday, so be sure to check back in — especially if you’ve been eyeing gifts from a specific retailer! Last year, we shopped the tech sales on Black Friday so we could get a good deal on a new tv, but this year we don’t really need much (aside from a finished kitchen). I’m hoping to get an early start on my holiday shopping again, so these sales are sort of dictating my shopping list!

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Metal Leaf Garland DIY

A DIY metal leaf garland with twinkle lights is perfect for adding cheer to your house, for the holidays and beyond! Get the full tutorial at #garland #holiday #DIY

I feel like I say this every year, but this year it’s especially true: I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! We’re just about a month out from the big day, so it’s officially time to get festive up in here. While I was doing some early holiday perusing in the past couple of weeks, I kept coming across beautifully wrought garlands from some of my favorite home decor retailers. And while these styles were beautiful, why buy something when you can make it — right?

I wanted something delicate and beautiful, something that I could use year-round if I wanted to, and I definitely wanted something that twinkled. With these criteria in mind, I armed myself with a roll of 36-gauge aluminum and a pair of scissors and got to work fiddling around until I had something I was proud of. The result of that hands-on brainstorm was this wonderfully delicate falling-leaf garland, strung from fairy lights and gently antiqued for a chic, expensive-looking finish.

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