DIY leaf mandala stained glass

raid your back yard for the supplies to make these beautiful stained glass inspired mandalas to hang in your window. Get the full tutorial at #DIY #stainedglass #mandala #smallspaces #craft #greenery

I have a thing for stained glass. There’s just something so reverently beautiful about rays of sunlight pouring through jewel-tinted glass, casting colorful shadows on the floor. And I’ve always wanted to learn how to make stained glass… but that seems like a pretty time-consuming and expensive hobby. So that’s why I’m especially excited about this project: I’ve found a way to recreate the beauty of stained glass with leaves gathered from Joanna’s backyard! Keep scrolling to create your very own mandala-inspired, stained glass art.

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my search for stylish shoe storage

my search for stylish shoe storage, entryway benches, and shoe racks for my small space. #smallspace #tinyhome #storage #organization #shoes #shoestorage

Recently I went on a purging and tidying rampage and at the core of my frustration was our lack of shoe storage. For some reason, I find shoes incredibly annoying to store. I could count of the reasons why for hours, but I’ll spare you. Mostly, I just hate how much space they take up and how shoes can get smashed and misshapen if they are stored incorrectly. After my rampage, I fell down the rabbit hole of shoe storage and found some really good options that are worth sharing with you guys. And, of course, I only want stylish shoe storage, so the aesthetic of each has been taken into consideration! Let’s get started, shall we?

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my epic brass lighting round up (table lamps, sconces, pendants, and floor lamps!)

my epic brass lighting round up including table lamps, sconces, pendants, and floor lamps! #brass #lighting #brasslighting #brasslamp #tablelamp #floorlamp #pendant #sconce #interiordesign #decor

There’s been talk of brass being trendy, but I don’t buy it… not one bit. I truly believe that brass, especially as hardware and lighting, is here to stay. To me, the key is to avoid shiny brass whenever possible and instead opt for a finish that is aged or antiqued. We went that route with our French door hardware (you can see it here) and it feels so perfect for the style and age of our bungalow. After since installing those, I’ve either chosen brass or matte black as our metal finish of choice. Today I wanted to share an EPIC round up of brass lighting: table lamps, sconces, pendants and floor lamps! Basically, this post can cover any room in your home with an infusion of chic brass.

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painted hanging planter DIY

spruce up your home for spring with a pair of #smallspace friendly #diy hanging planters painted with a cool #geometric design. Get the full tutorial at

Thanks in part to Joanna, I am slowly but surely becoming what can only be described as a crazy plant lady. What started with an impulse purchase of a braided money tree in the plant section of IKEA lead to a trip to my favorite local nursery where I procured a maidenhair fern and some ivy that I promptly killed (what can I say — I’m still learning). And then, a few weeks ago, Joanna bequeathed me a beautiful monstera plant and we got to talking about our shared obsession with bringing the outside in, especially in our small city living spaces.

After that chat, I starting thinking about a chic, yet inexpensive, way to make some beautiful hanging planters, therefore fueling my newfound plant-hoarding tendencies. I settled upon a pair of terra cotta pots painted with a cool (and easy to execute) geometric pattern, strung up with rope and finished with some really cool, chunky wooden beads. Scroll on down to get the full tutorial for our paintng hanging planter DIY!

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how to refinish an old door to look new again

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schlage. The opinions and text are all mine.

One of the joys (and I use that in the most sarcastic way possible) of owning an old house is cleaning up other people’s messes. For example, my tiny bungalow was a rental for many years before I bought it, which essentially means that all kinds of weird stuff happened to my house. For example, before I painted the living room, I noticed that someone had written tiny bits of graffiti in pencil all over the walls and trim — but tucked away into corners and along the thin edge of window trim. It was so bizarre and none of the words made any sense. I painted over it, but I still wonder… why?? One thing that has always irritated me in our home is how sloppily it has been painted over the years. Every window sill and door is covered in gobs and gobs of dripping paint, almost like a kindergartener was let loose. Two years ago, my good friends Susan and Will Brinson taught me the most satisfying way to refinish an old door and trim, so today I partnered with Schlage to share it with you guys + talk about the new Schlage Custom Door Hardware collection (trust, it is so gooood).

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the best houseplants for a small space

This definitely won’t be news to long-time readers: plants are one of my favorite ways to decorate a space — indoors and out! There’s just something about them that make an empty house or apartment feel like a home. For example, when I moved into #mytinybungalow the first thing I brought over was my giant tree! And because I majorly have plants on the brain right now thanks to our complete backyard overhaul, I thought, why not put together some of my best recommendations for styling a variety of plants in a small space? Of course you can use these tips for any size space, but I did put some thought into all the awkward nooks and limited window space of tiny homes.

Check out the list:

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