Small Space Squad Home Tour: Arrows and Bow

Small Space Squad Home Tour: Inside The Intentionally Designed Small Spaces of Arrows and Bow #smallspaces #tinyhouse #livesmall #smallspacesquad #hometour #housetour #minimalist #moderndecor #minimalistdecor #californiastyle #californiadecor #californiamodern

You know those people who have an infectious energy, who always inspire you on Instagram? For me, that person is Ashley Petrone from Arrows and Bow! She is a fun loving, dancing queen and mom of three… and an incredibly talented renovator. She and her husband have renovated a couple of Airstreams and just moved into a new house. She has taken what she learned from RV-living and incorporated it into minimal living tips in her home. And this home tour is especially fun because we have shots of both of Ashley’s spaces — including their adorable Airbnb casita!

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Affordable Outdoor Side Tables ($200 and under!)

Chic and Affordable Outdoor Side Tables — all under $200! Plus tips on how to score outdoor furniture for your deck or patio on a budget. #outdoorfurniture #decoratingonabudget #deck #patio #sidetables #outdoorsidetables

It is my fervent wish that I blink and it’s suddenly summer… baring global warming, it’s safe to say summer is a few months away from Seattle. That being said, spring is the perfect time to think about your outdoor decor situation. A quick, easy, and affordable way to update your patio is with a cute side table. Luckily, there are tons of affordable outdoor side tables on the market right now!

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Small Space Squad Home Tour: Anne Sage

I’ve been lucky enough to call Anne Sage a close pal for a long time. She’s one of my truest friends that I’ve met in this crazy world of blogging and Instagram and we go way back. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her different apartments and homes evolve over the years — but her place now is simply STUNNING! I am so excited to share today’s Small Space Squad home tour. Get ready to treat your eyes to the beautifully minimalist, yet cozy home of Anne Sage, her lovely husband, and their four pets.

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My Favorite Online Sources to Buy Artwork

The Best Online Sources to Buy Artwork for Your Home! #artwork #shoppingforartwork #buyingartwork #gallerywall #shoppinglist #homedecor #interiordecor #interiorstyling

One thing that I am asked about a ton is where I got the artwork in our home. We definitely have an eclectic mix, ranging from prints to vintage oil paintings to wall hangings to old posters. Personally, I prefer to have a mix of art rather than pieces from a single source because it makes our home feel more curated and special to us. It’s entirely up to you though! I thought it would help if I shared my favorite, go-to online sources to buy artwork, plus some faves.

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7 Ways to Go Plastic-Free in Your Daily Life

5 Ways to Go Plastic-Free in Your Daily Life #wellness #zerowaste #ecoliving #greenliving #plasticfree #nomorestraws #reducewaste

You guys… I am on the warpath! The warpath against plastics, that is. Not only do we try to maintain a low-waste household, we are also working on eliminating plastic usage entirely. With the news that New York is going to ban plastic bags, I felt like it was time to share another post about changes I’ve made to be more eco-conscious in our own home. I hope these tips to go plastic-free your daily life help! I swear, they are easy to do.

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Shockingly Good & Convincing Faux Indoor Plants

OMG... These Faux Indoor Plants are Shockingly Good & Convincing #plants #houseplants #lowlightplants #indoorgardening #smallspaces #tipsandtricks #tinyhome #decoratingwithplants #fauxplants #fakeplants #fakeindoorplants #fauxindoorplants

For a long time I was extremely anti-faux plants. My bff tried to convince me to put one in a darkish corner when I was styling her home and I pushed back… hard. I was totally unconvinced that there were any actually good faux indoor plants. But here’s the thing: the retail gods have heard me and challenged me because, you guys… there are actually some GOOD faux indoor plant options now. It’s really weird and I almost didn’t hit publish on this post because there are so many benefits to real indoor plants… but that just isn’t for everyone and every space.

image source: staghorn faux plant
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Small Space Squad: The Grand Apartment

Small Space Squad Home Tour: Inside the Beautifully Renovated Home of The Grand Apartment #smallspaces #tinyhouse #livesmall #smallspacesquad #hometour #housetour #vintagehome #charminghome #renovation #lowereastside #NYCapartment #NYCrenovation #exposedbrick

I’m super-stoked for today’s Small Space Squad home tour, you guys. I’ve not-so-secretly obsessed over this beautifully renovated home of Sarah Jacobson, aka The Grand Apartment, for a loooong time. The thing is that I am really fascinated by her home because it was a total gut job… and all in New York City. The idea of renovating anything in such a large city gives me a bit of agita, but when you see the results… holy cow. Sarah’s home is truly gorgeous and I cannot wait to show you more of it!

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