How to Paint a House + Our Bungalow Exterior Reveal

Tips and tricks for painting a house + the reveal of our newly painted bungalow! Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black and Pure White exterior paint review and how to paint a house
Disclosure: For this post I received gifted product from Sherwin-Williams. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

You guys, I lived in the tiny bungalow for 4.5 years… and it’s had peeling paint on the exterior the entire time. The siding is vinyl (not my fave, but it will do), so that’s in good shape. But the wood trim needed attention for way too long. A big part of preparing it to sell last month was to improve the curb appeal… and finalllllly deal with the exterior paint! I reached out to my friends at Sherwin-Williams to help us finally get this project off the list! After sharing some peeks on Instagram, I figured I should dedicate an entire blog post to how to paint a house in addition to revealing how ours turned out. If you’re in a similar situation with a 100+ year old house and no idea where to start, but a desire to DIY, this is the post for you!

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Before and After: My Dining Room 10 Year Challenge

Before and After: My Dining Room 10 Year Challenge #sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart @bhglivebetter @walmart Check out the new additions to my small dining room including farmhouse dining chairs, modern brushstroke dinner plates, matte gold flatware, and more! #BHGlivebetter #walmart #betterhomesandgardens
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting the content that keeps Jojotastic going.

I have some really exciting news: for the next year I will be teaming up with Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart to share tons of decor tips and inspiration — with the affordability you expect from Walmart and the style you expect from Better Homes & Gardens! This opportunity is amazing for so many reasons, but especially because it means I will be sharing decor inspiration that is way more accessible to more people. My goal is for this blog to be a reliable resource for you and this brand collaboration is going to be an epic way to do that! I hope you’re just as excited as I am! Plus, Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart has challenged me to try something different this month. So today I’m sharing one last tablescape in our tiny dining room before we move and comparing it to mine from 10 years ago!

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BIG News: We’re Moving!

HUGE personal news: our tiny bungalow in Ballard, Seattle is officially on the market for sale! Learn more about our new home + why we're moving on

I feel a little late in sharing this on the blog since it’s been all over Instagram, but… we’re officially moving! As of Friday, the bungalow is on the market and we have a contingent offer on a new home. It’s all happening so quickly because one day I got fed up with the city noise and dust, so I started looking at real estate in the mountains like I do every few months or so… and we ended up touring a house, loving it, and upheaving our entire life in the span of 2 weeks. Crazy, right? But also very, very us.

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Cutest Coops Review + Our Chicken Yard

My Full Cutest Coops Review + Tour of Our New Chicken Coop! Learn all about the amazing features of the Charming Coop from @cutestcoops including laying boxes, a metal roof, real windows and more decor details for a cute chicken coop! The perfect small space coop for urban chicken keeping and backyard chickens in a city!
Disclosure: For this post, I received products to review from Cutest Coops. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Trust me when I say this: I am incredibly picky when it comes to chicken coops. We’ve gone through 3 in 3 years! When I think back to the very first chicken coop we had, WOOF. It was a wreck. The coop was a hand-me-down from a friend and definitely on it’s last legs. Then for the One Room Challenge, we invested in another coop that was locally made… and then promptly hated it! It was poorly constructed, offered no insulation for the winter months, and the chicken run was impossible to clean out. So when I discovered Cutest Coops, my mouth literally dropped open. Without hyperbole, they are actually the cutest coops. Earlier this spring, they sent me their new Charming Coop so that we could have room for all the new baby chicks. After about 4-5 months of using our coop, I wanted to share a full review of Cutest Coops and share why they are so darn special!

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Our Outdoor Dining Space & Mini Makeover

Tour Our Updated Outdoor Dining Space with furniture from Article, my favorite source for affordable, stylish, modern outdoor furniture! #AD Get the details of our teak dining table, powdercoated metal chairs, navy blue umbrella, outdoor lanterns, terrazzo planter and more! Before and after of our small deck for small space living #smallspace #outdoordecor #outdoordining #outdoorentertaining #deck #patio
Disclosure: For this post, I received products to review from Article. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Any time someone asks me for outdoor furniture recommendations, I immediately direct them to Article. They’ve been a wonderful brand partner throughout the years, including our deck makeover a few years ago and this post from when they first launched and had a different brand name! I keep working with them and trusting their product because it’s so incredibly well-made — especially the outdoor furniture. There was literally nothing wrong with the furniture from the last time we partnered; I just wanted to have a larger outdoor dining table in preparation for summer. Keep in mind though… I wanted a larger outdoor dining area before COVID! *facepalm* Even though I haven’t been able to entertain in this newly finished space, we’re still absolutely loving the changes! Let’s take a tour and talk more about my design selections for our outdoor dining space and mini makeover.

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Layer Like a Pro With These Sofa Styling Tips (video)

How to Style a Sofa Like a Pro! Tips and tricks from a prop stylist including how to mix prints, how to layer textures, ideas for refreshing a sofa, and more with decorative pillows, linen throws, and faux sheepskin rugs. #stylingtips #interiordesign #sofa

Because we’ve spent so much time at home lately, I am getting really bored of our decor. Don’t get me wrong, I love pretty much everything that we’ve accumulated in the tiny bungalow over the years… but in such a small space, some stuff can feel repetitive. Ever since we started quarantining, I’ve been zhushing and shuffling things around the house to make it feel a bit fresher. While working on the sofa the other day, I thought it would be fun to set up the tripod and show you how I have been styling our sofa + share some tips for you to try it out yourself!

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My Backyard Design Plans + What It Currently Looks Like (Video)

Looking for backyard design inspiration? Check out my video tour of our current space + the full list of DIY improvements we want to make this summer! #backyard #outdoordecor #gardening #PNWgardens

Are you doing tons of projects at home these days? With the emergence of spring here in Seattle (finally) and our shelter in place order, we’ve been trying to make the most of our home — all without really going to the hardware store! The area we’re focusing our attention on the most is the backyard. Why does it always feel like we’re updating that space?? I think because the winters here are pretty hard on the patio… all that rain. I shortened the list recently, but here’s my backyard design to do list for the next few months!

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