Modern Incense Holders

Stunning Minimalist & Modern Incense Holders You'll Lust For! #incense #incenseburner #incenseholder #homefragrance #ceramics #interiordesign

A week or so ago I posted a ‘real life sneak peek’ on Instagram Stories about my incense holder hack. Basically, I had wedged an incense stick into our faucet in lieu of a proper holder! It was at that moment that I realized I actually should get a proper incense burner. You see, I’ve been really into incense lately. I love how easily it can make our house smell better, especially because the litter box has been in our dining room since the kitchen renovation started! So I started hunting for modern incense holders and thought I’d share some of the awesome ones I found with you!

image source: moon incense holder from Anthropologie.
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How to Style Your Home, Even During Transition

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This post is sponsored by CORT. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Let’s be real here: life is totally unpredictable, especially when you’re a renter, renovating, or moving to a new city. Often, I find that those transitional phases in life are the most stressful. For example, during our renovation, our tiny bungalow has become an absolute disaster! It can feel like our home is just a house… full of chaos. So today I teamed up with CORT Furniture Rental to share tips to make those times of life easier!

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Small Space Design Q&A #2

Small Space Design Q&A: I'm answering questions about how to layer rugs, how to pick rugs that match, if you can layer rugs over carpet, how to store shoes in a small space, my biggest regrets in our kitchen renovation, & more! #smallspaces #tipsandtricks #tinyhome

I am always so blown away by how thoughtful and amazing you all are. Every time I ask for submissions for my new Small Space Design Q&A series, I get soooo many amazing ones. And, of course, on my end I’m more than happy to answer them. I really just love being a resource for you! Today’s Q&A covers topics like styling rugs, hiding cords, shoe storage, my biggest regrets with our kitchen, and more! So without further ado, let’s dig into even more of your small space design questions:

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How to Decorate with Large Indoor Plants in a Small Space

How to Decorate with Large Indoor Plants in a Small Space. #plants #houseplants #lowlightplants #indoorgardening #smallspaces #tipsandtricks #tinyhome #decoratingwithplants

Houseplants of any size are definitely a decorating must-have in my book. Not only do they help circulate and clean the air, but it’s always nice to have something alive in your home. There are tons of options for small space-friendly houseplants, but it seems like size is always an issue. We have quite a few large indoor plants in our tiny bungalow, which means I’m often asked for tips on incorporating them into homes. I know it can feel daunting to bring a giant tree into your space, but these styling hacks will help you hoard plants with confidence!

image source: photography & styling by Jojotastic.

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My Search for a Stylish Countertop Compost Bin

Stylish Countertop Compost Bins + Tips for Picking the Best Composter! #compost #zerowaste #minimalism #howtocompost #compostbin #kitchen

Here in Seattle, we’re legally required to compost… which is awesome! But it can also mean having a box of sort of rotting stuff on your counter. That’s decidedly not awesome. As our kitchen gets closer and closer to being finished, I’m on the hunt for stylish pieces to add to it, including a stylish compost bin! It may seem weird, but a stylish, yet functional countertop compost bin is shockingly hard to find. So I wanted to share a few of my fave options with you!

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How to Care for Your Pets During A Renovation

How to Care for Your Pets During A Renovation! Tips for keeping cats and dogs happy, healthy, and safe during a remodel and while living in a construction site. #pets #renovation #fixerupper #dachshund #kitchenremodel

Not only is our long-overdue kitchen renovation taking a toll on us, it’s also taking a toll on the pets. A few of you have reached out and asked how they are doing, especially when I posted a prompt for my Q&A series. So I thought it was time to check in, let you know how they are doing, and offer some tips that have helped us to care for our pets during a renovation!

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Small Space Squad Home Tour: The Grit and Polish

Small Space Squad Home Tour: Inside the Charming Vintage Rental of The Grit & Polish @thegritandpolish #smallspaces #tinyhouse #livesmall #smallspacesquad #hometour #housetour #vintagehome #airbnb #renovation #charminghome

How have you been enjoying my new series about small spaces? Personally, I’m all about it and so happy to finally be sharing a more traditional type of home tour for you! It’s something I’ve always aspired to do here on the blog. Today’s Small Space Squad home tour features a really fun evolution from family home to Airbnb rental. And just wait ’til you see all of the beautiful vintage pieces in it! Welcome to this gorgeously charming space, renovated by the couple behind The Grit & Polish.

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