5 Plants That Keep Away the Bugs for a (Mostly) Bug-Free Backyard

These 5 plants that keep away the bugs are garden essentials — not only because they are beautiful but because bugs (like mosquitos) hate them! Including marigolds, alliums, lavender, rosemary, and lemongrass for natural bug repellent

We’ve had a few days in the 80s here in the mountains and it’s getting me SO excited for hanging outdoors this summer. But I know that with summer comes mosquitos… and I’m totally one of those people who gets eaten alive all summer long. I’ve started to also plan garden beds, which means I’ve been researching options for plants that keep away the bugs, too. While I know nothing will keep bugs away forever (and that some bugs are beneficial), I would still like to keep them at bay a bit. There are so many plant varieties out there that do this, but here are my top picks. I’d love to know your faves, too!

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These 7 Plants Will Thrive in Your Kitchen

The best houseplants to put in a kitchen including pothos, snake plant, spider plant, venus flytrap and more kitchen house plants to try!

I don’t know about you, but I have been in the mood to fill our cabin with plants lately! They just make me happy and given that I’m grieving, I’ll take all the joy I can get. I’ve shared tons of inspiration and tips about houseplants here on the blog (full list below), but I have yet to share my favorite plants to keep in the kitchen specifically. With so many options, I know it can feel daunting to pick just a few. So I wanted to share a bit about the best plants to put in a kitchen to inspire you! Let me know what you think of this list + if there are any additional plants to keep in mind!

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How to Successfully Propagate Houseplants

A Beginners Guide to Successfully Propagating Houseplants including leaf cutting, stem cutting, and plant division. Tips for plant propagation for pothos, spider plant, zz plant & more.

I’m sure a million and one articles and blog posts have been written about how to propagate houseplants… but despite reading a few of them, I always had mixed results! It felt like I was totally missing something. So I did even more research and then just started testing things out. So today I wanted to share tips that I swear by when it comes to propagating houseplants!

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5 Easy to Grow Hanging Plants I Swear By

The Best Easy to Grow Hanging Plants for Your Home including Prayer Plant, Pothos, Spider Plant, String of Pearls and more. Tips for growing indoor hanging houseplants

Now that we live in a home with tons of windows and really tall ceilings, I have been adding to our plant collection at a VERY fast pace. I love how they instantly add life to any room — plus the benefits of gardening (even at a small scale) is many. I’ve shared tons of posts about houseplants and gardening in the past, but today I wanted to share some info about easy to grow hanging plants because I’ve been focused on adding more of those to our cabin!

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4 (Easy!) Lawn Care Tips

4 Easy Lawn Care Tips including my favorite gardening tools from @AmazonHome #AD Check out my favorite cordless battery powered lawn mower, organic all-purpose plant food, and dry bug repellant spray #getmorewithprime #founditonamazon
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Amazon Home. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting the content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Today’s blog post topic is definitely un-sexy, but a must for any homeowner: lawn care! To be totally honest, I have always loved yard work. Gardening, removing tree stumps, pulling weeds… I love it. I’m weird, what can I say? But when it comes to actually growing grass, I always left that up to Sean. But now that our bungalow is on the market, we had to really focus on making the yard look as amazing as possible! We did a ton of research about sod, then installed it. So today I’ve teamed up with Amazon Home to share a few lawn care tips we have learned! They make it so easy to get everything you need in one place.

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How to Buy Plants

How to Buy Plants: What to Look for When Picking New Houseplants! Tips and tricks to help you shop for new plants like a pro. #plants #houseplants #lowlightplants #indoorgardening #tipsandtricks #decoratingwithplants

If you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve added a few more houseplants to your space during quarantine. Not only do plants add amazing ambiance and coziness, they have tons of health benefits (more on that here!). I shared how to buy plants online a while back, but wanted to share tips for how to buy plants in person, too. I know shopping habits have changed, but as more and more shops open, I have the feeling we’ll be adding stops at the local nursery to the errands list! After all, there’s nothing better than a new impulsively bought houseplant, amiright?! So here are a few things I keep in mind when picking out new houseplants. Let me know if you think I should add anything to this list, too.

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How To Start Composting At Home

My Easy (and Real) Guide To Start Composting At Home! How to get started composting, what to compost, what not to compost, which compost bins to buy and more! An easy guide to help you live a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle #compost #composting #vermiculture

It’s taken me quite a while to get this post fully fleshed out and written, but it’s definitely one that I’m asked over and over again! If you’ve ever wondered how to start composting at home, this guide is for you. I tried to keep it as easy and informative as possible, but if you have any outstanding questions, definitely leave a comment on this post. And by no means am I an expert in composting — this post is based off of what I’ve researched, but also what’s worked for us. Climate and location are factors in how you should compost, so be sure to research anything specific to your home, too. We’re in Seattle, so our compost ‘recipe’ reflects that. Let’s dig in (pun very much intended).

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