meanwhile, in san francisco…

Guys, I’m in love. Not with a man, but with the city of San Francisco. My life here has totally turned around and it is just so, so good. Every weekend is bursting with great new things to do, people to see, and avocados to eat. Heck, even my weekday adventures in Sausalito after work have been pretty spectacular. It’s pretty safe to say that I am very happy about my move to San Francisco, so now that I’ve been here for two months, I feel like I can share a few of my favorite adventures.

Fort Funston in San Francisco
My first San Francisco pick is Fort Funston. I heard about this not-so-hidden spot via Victoria of SF Girl By Bay on Design*Sponge. Previously a military lookout point, this dog-friendly spot offers an easy hike, gorgeous beaches, and one of the best views of the Pacific I’ve ever seen. Noodle and I went for a Saturday romp and, let me tell you, I have never seen him more excited.

Twin Peaks in San Francisco
Another great spot that’s more commonly known is Twin Peaks. I went with Danielle and Wil of Danfredo Photography when they got here with my car (more on that here). If you want the ultimate view of the city, this is the place to go. It is absolutely breathtaking. Stay for sunset, but be sure to pack some warm layers because it gets very windy.

If you’re in the mood for vintage shopping, plan a try on the first Sunday of the month to hit up the Alameda Point Antiques Faire. Technically not in San Francisco, this treasure is absolutely worth the trip to Oakland, just be sure to get there early. In true hoarder spirit, I scored all kinds of goodies: a mid-century modern desk chair, 5 vintage dresses, stacks of books, and all sorts of sweet tchotchkes. Oh, and they have food trucks! Check out the taco truck and the mini donuts truck for sure.

sailing in San Francisco
I’ve had a few other random adventures, too. I went on an impromptu sailing trip with a coworker around the bay at sunset. Talk about amazing. It was one of those moments where I was just so overwhelmed by the beauty of the land and sea.

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Every weekend that I spend here feels like I could write a tour guide for San Francisco. There’s just so much to explore that I don’t know if I’ll ever get my fill of this awesome city. This weekend, I spent a bit of time languishing in bed with Georgette, but more of my time was spent on foot checkin’ out my new surroundings. Some favorites: Yield Design Co, Lost Art Salon, and Voyager. Let’s just say that the weekends need to be even longer!

great colors gallery wall hi friend

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It’s been so long since I posted anything from my Instagram… probably because my life is changing so quickly and almost daily. I moved into my apartment officially on Saturday, so it’s been really awesome to be back in San Francisco proper with all of my friends and surrounded by incredible restaurants. I’m in Hayes Valley, which feels like the absolute perfect neighborhood. I’ve been having so many ‘pinch me’ moments, where I feel so incredibly lucky to be living here. It’s been a long time since I was this in love with my life and, I have to say, it feels great.

anchor tattoo
I decided to get one more tattoo by the amazing Mike Ski when I left Philadelphia. 

minimalist moving
Once again, I’ve moved into an apartment with the bare minimum. Don’t worry though, my stuff will come soon!

the golden gate
How lucky am I to cross this bridge every day to get to work?

Sausalito is just plain gorgeous.
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If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that I popped up to New York last week for some shopping, visits, and way too much eating. I started off the day shopping at Calypso St. Barth, where I was lucky enough to pick out two of my favorite pieces. I ended up walking away with this goooorgeous hand-embellished sequined tank and a dreamy ivory cashmere cocoon wrap. I’ve been wearing the cocoon non-stop — it’s seriously just like wearing a cloud. Now I just need a fancy occasion for my sequins…

mexican sushi
While in New York, we stumbled upon Taka Taka, a Mexican + Japanese restaurant. The concept is pretty funny, but I loved it because it combines two of my favorite types of food. Most of the sushi rolls were spicy, which I loved, and the michelada was awesome (I got the cucumber version). Plus, you can’t go wrong with conveyor belt sushi.

wine at all'onda in new york city
The last stop for my New York trip was a visit to All’onda, a recently opened restaurant by Chris Jaeckle. The food is to die for (um, hello squid ink pasta), the ambiance is gorgeous, and the drink menu is spectacular. I highly recommend visiting this Union Square spot immediately.

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Not sure about your neck of the woods, but boy is it cold in Philly! My neighborhood is under a blanket of snow (with a bit of ice). I spent the latter half of my week hunkering down and nesting. I finally got my apartment back in order after the hullabaloo of the holidays, so it’s feeling pretty good to be back in my tiny space again. Also, I started baking bread from scratch! I started by using the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes method at the suggestion of my friend Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen. If you’re as intimidated by baking bread as I was, I highly suggest this method. The recipe and technique is totally down to earth and super easy… plus, what is better than a slice of freshly baked bread? I’ve been topping my slices with butter… and sea salt… and honey…

snowy Philadelphia
hand of an artist
I also took some time to paint on Friday, which felt so good. Sometimes when you fall out of practice with something and then pick it back up again, you just have to wonder why you stopped in the first place. Either way, ever since I got started on Friday, I haven’t been able to put down my sketchbook.

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I hope you all had a very merry holiday last week! I got to do all the stuff I wanted: to go for a sunny hike with my dad and the dogs, to gorge myself of mountains of Greek food, and to luxuriate in my mom’s bathtub (cocktail in hand, of course). Plus, Noodle got to meet my family! I have to say, he was so well-behaved. I wasn’t sure how he’d be around lots and lots of people in a new place, but he was such a champ even after hours in the car shuttling between family members’ houses.

christmas ham
My gift to Noodle, a Christmas ham.

festive noggin'
Gotta have eggnog, right?

cafe la maude in philadelphia
I went to brunch with my friend Bekah from That’s Normal at Cafe La Maude on Saturday. Aside from the delicious Lebanese French cuisine, I indulged in such much-needed caffeine and these gorgeous macarons. If you’re in Philly, this is a must for brunch or just a quick coffee and pastry.

to a clean start
Does anyone else get pensive at the end of the year? I certainly do. Here’s to some fresh starts this year…

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Talk about final countdown… Christmas is almost here! I’m headed south to Maryland shortly to spend a few days with family. I’m excited for Greek cooking, hiking with my dad, and luxuriating in my mom’s bathtub (can you believe I don’t have a tub??). Plus, it’s my first Christmas with Noodle, so I’m pretty pumped to introduce him to my family and spoil him with presents. To further indulge in the holiday spirit, I strung some extra twinkly lights around my apartment. How cute do they look with my banner by Secret Holiday Co.?

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bedding from Xenotees and Rebecca Atwood
My bedding has really achieved a level of perfection lately. I invested in some new down pillows and boy has it been worth it. It’s like sleeping in a cloud! I’ve been working on finishing up my home tour, so keep an eye out for my post about my sleeping nook soon.

comme des garcons wallets
I also had a ‘treat yourself’ moment and splurged on a Comme Des Garçon wallet… and pouch. I just couldn’t make up my mind. Merry Christmas to me, indeed.

doxie wrapping paper!
My editors over at Anthology sent me the absolute sweetest gift… and in the best wrapping paper. It’s safe to assume that everyone knows I’m obsessed with dachshunds now, right?

photos by Jojotastic — follow me on Instagram!