Monthly Life Update, July 2021

My new vintage trailer, 1970s road ranger camper. A quick life update about my health, our cabin, our pets, my business, and more.

I’m officially back! The last time I posted, I had shared a bit about needing a break in order to get my ducks in a row and reprioritize some stuff behind-the-scenes. I did actually take some time for that, but also got totally inundated with not one, but TWO renovation projects in the cabin. Such is the life of a blogger who documents renovations, HA. So here’s a bit of a recap about what I learned, changes I want to make, and more.

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Monthly Life Update, June 2021

Exploring the North Cascades mountains in Washington state with my blue pitbull, Diamond. A quick life update about my health, our cabin, our pets, my business, and more.

Hi friends, this is a weird post for me to share, so I hope you’ll bear with me. I might as well come out with it: I will not be posting here to the blog for the next 3-4 weeks in order to simply take a break. There are a lot of reasons why I’m doing this and I’ll share those later in the post. But if you’re new and just happening upon my blog or haven’t checked in for a while, this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. I’ve pretty much never taken this much time off from posting in order to focus on myself or anything else. But it’s time. And here’s why:

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How We Stay Prepared for Emergencies at the Cabin (Our Entire Kit!)

How We Stay Prepared for Emergencies at the Cabin (Our Entire Kit!): first aid kit, pet first aid kit, winter emergency supplies, and more!

As an accident-prone person who now lives in the middle of nowhere, we’ve had a steep learning curve when it comes to being prepared for emergencies and disasters. Throughout all of our various misadventures this past winter, I learned a LOT very quickly about what we needed to have on hand at all times. I’m often asked for recommendations, so today I wanted to share a comprehensive list of our emergency and disaster preparedness kit. I’d love additional recommendations, too, so please don’t be shy about leaving a comment! Also, sorry if this seems like a really random blog post… it’s basically the culmination of a LOT of questions I get asked on Instagram. I wanted to get the information all in one place where I can easily update it and share!

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Monthly Life Update, May 2021

Dappled sunlight on a vintage patchwork quilt, lazy summer afternoon picnic with a kindle, magazines, rosé, sunscreen and more. A quick life update about my health, our cabin, our pets, my business, and more.

I find it really funny that this time last year it felt like time was slowwwwly dragging along, whereas now, in 2021, May was literally a blip on my radar. In between renovating the cabin, gearing up for summer, Sean’s birthday, and starting to welcome our first house guests, May was very full for us. Here’s a bit more about what’s been going on behind-the-scenes!

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How To Be a Responsible Camper & Outdoors Person

How To Be a Responsible Camper & Outdoors Person. essential rules for backpacking, camping, climbing, and hiking

With camping season pretty much here, now is a great time to talk about one very important component of outdoor adventure: being a responsible camper. In my opinion, knowing how to camp responsibly without impact on the environment is one of the most important things you can do as an outdoors person. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for an afternoon hike or a multi-day backpacking excursion or a group car camping outing. These tips are are all things that I do every time I do anything remotely outdoorsy and I hope you’ll join me in being a good steward of our great outdoors.

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Monthly Life Update, April 2021

A quick life update about my health, our cabin, our pets, my business, and more.

Hi friends. I’ve admittedly put off writing this post for over a week, but it’s time to get back to normalcy and routine. I want to start by thanking everyone who’s sent kind words, flowers, and even memes to bring some lightheartedness to our lives. Every time a major life event happens (and there have been a lot of them recently), we are always amazed by the amount of love we receive.

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How We Keep Our White Sofa Clean (With Pets!)

How to keep a white sofa clean with pets. Care instructions for white couch, how to keep white upholstery clean, plus cleaning hacks for fabric and fabric care tips and tricks

With 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 humans, and countless (outdoor) chickens, people think we’re nuts for having a white sofa. And trust me, up until we got it, I would have agreed with them! But now that we’ve lived with a white sofa for over 2 years, I’m happy to report that I have zero regrets. While it doesn’t look totally brand new, it still looks pretty darn good — especially given how much use it gets! So today I’m sharing how we keep a white sofa clean, including alllllll the cleaning tools I use. Let’s get started.

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