Monthly Life Update, September 2021

moody photography of sailboats in Seattle, Puget Sound. A quick life update about my health, our cabin, our pets, my business, and more.

Wow, yet another month of 2021 has breezed by! September is honestly my favorite month because it’s when the weather starts to turn. I looove the golden light, autumnal colors just starting to peek through, and the cooler temps. Plus, our wedding anniversary falls in September. This month found us just as busy as last month, so I’m excited to share a bit more of a personal look behind-the-scenes in our latest monthly life update!

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Looking Back on One Year in Our PNW Cabin

Looking Back on One Year in Our PNW Cabin, a recap of all our renovations including a black bathroom with beadboard

WOW, I literally cannot believe it but today is officially the one year anniversary of us leaving city life behind and moving into our PNW cabin. The time has both flown by and crawled along. We’ve had some amazing successes, a lot of really gross discoveries and countless laughs. I’m a firm believer in celebrating milestones in life and living in a spot for one year is definitely on that list. So today’s blog post is dedicated to looking back on one year of cabin life and everything we’ve learned along the way. I hope you enjoy this post!

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Monthly Life Update, August 2021

sailboats in Seattle, Puget Sound. A quick life update about my health, our cabin, our pets, my business, and more.

I truly cannot believe that the month of August is over. Mentally, I’m starting to feel that shift toward thinking about cooking fall foods like soup and maybe even putting on a sweater. And the other day I joked to Sean that I miss building a fire in our woodstove! Thankfully, summer is still holding on here in the PNW because there are still a few more things I wanna do. It was a really busy summer work-wise, so now that it’s cooled down I finally feel ready to venture out and explore of our ‘backyard.’ Here’s a bit more about what the month of August was like for us!

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What We’ve Learned After 6 Months of Cabin Life

Thinking about ditching city life and moving to the country? Get a REAL, unfiltered perspective from our first 6 months of cabin life including making friends, meeting people, connectivity issues, and more!

Well, we’ve made it. Today is the official 6 month marker of the very first day we moved into our cabin. The first day of walking into a filthy, neglected cabin… and then working nearly every day to clean it and reshape it into a home we love. The time has both flown by and crawled by, depending on the day and whatever malarkey happened that day. But in looking back on the past 6 months, there are a few themes I’ve noticed. So if you’ve been curious about what it’s like to leave city life and move to the mountains, definitely keep reading. We’ve learned a TON — and continue to learn.

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About the last few weeks…

all about the tree falling on our cabin in the North Cascades after a wind storm

WOW, ok I did not realize I’d be taking this long to get back to the blog after my holiday break. Looking back, this might be the longest I’ve ever gone without posting here since I launched in 2012! Bananas. But I guess that’s what happens when a whole lotta life happens all at once on top of a major case of burnout. Since this is my first post of the new year, I wanted to take the time to share a bit of what’s been happening and why I’ve been MIA so long.

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The Story of Our Move to the Mountains

The story of our move to the mountains + meet our new adopted puppy!

Wow, I feel like I owe you guys an apology… I have been woefully MIA here on the blog because life has been really intense lately. To be totally honest, moving to the new house has not been easy at all. In fact, it’s kind of been a nightmare! You know me: I’m always totally transparent and real about what our lives are like — even if it’s a really shitty time moving. So if you’re curious, here’s everything that went down in the past week.

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It’s officially moving week and life is just about as chaotic as you can expect! Between the fires, really bad headaches, moving, and a few other behind-the-scenes personal things, it’s just a lot right now. Because of that, I’m going to take the rest of the week off from posting here. Hopefully, I will have some fresh content up for you next week or the week after… honestly, I just don’t know at this point and it all depends on how our move goes! I’ll be posting to Instagram whenever possible, so be sure to keep up with me there if you want a peek at our new home.

XO, Joanna