5 Ways I Create a Calm Home When I’m Stressed Out

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Right about now, my life typically blows up. It’s my busy season, which means I have less time to clean. That also means that our home can get pretty chaotic. There are a few ways that I’ve managed to keep a calm home in order to manage my stress, so today I wanted to share them with you. These are really basic, easy things that have helped me quite a bit. And I’d love to hear what’s worked for you, too!

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How to Prepare Your Home for the New Year

The holidays are almost upon us, but have you given thought to how to prepare your home for the new year? These 4 tips are easy & make a difference!

I know everything is all about the holidays right now, but honestly… I’m a bit holiday-ed out. I love the twinkle and the decor, but when it comes to talking about it, I’m burnt out. Sorry if that makes me sound like a grinch! It’s been a doozy of a year, to put it mildly, and all I want is to step into 2021 and hope for better. For me, my sense of happiness and grounding comes from my home being more settled. Even though we just moved, I’m already thinking of ways to prepare our home for the new year and wanted to share those thoughts with you, as well. I hope this post inspires you!

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How To (Successfully) Work from Home During the Holidays

Working From Home During the Holidays? Try These Tips to help with your self-care and wellness.

I definitely feel like a seasoned expert when it comes to successfully working from home. And now that a lottt more people are in the same boat this year, I wanted to share tips that are holiday-specific. I’m not gonna lie: working from home during the holidays is an entirely different ball of wax. There are so many more distractions, emotions run high this time of year, we’ve in the midst of a bananas election cycle, and it’s just plain hard. But you’re not alone in this. I hope these tips will help you!

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My Self-Care Plan for Election Day

My Self-Care Plan for Election Day and how I plan to stay sane #selfcare #wellness #fall

It’s probably a misnomer to refer to it as “Election Day” seeing as how it could take a week or more to tally all the votes. Yay for historic voter turnout! If you’re anything like me though, your anxiety is through the roof. I’ve been racking my brain, trying to figure out what to do with myself tomorrow. What will feel good? What will help me feel some joy and calm, even though I’ve bitten off all of my nails out of nervousness? It all always goes back to self-care. So today, I wanted to share a bit of what I’m thinking I’ll do tomorrow to help keep my head on straight. I really hope this post helps you to know you’re not alone in worry over the election results and to hopefully inspire you to carve out a wellness plan for yourself to get you through it.

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How I Practiced Self-Care While Moving House

If you're moving house and totally stressed out, here are 6 easy things I did to practice self-care while moving! Wellness tips, how to practice self-care #selfcare #wellness #moving #movingtips

Now that I’ve shared the story of our move (and how horrible it was), I wanted to turn things to a more positive, helpful route and share a bit of how I practiced self-care while moving. Being totally transparent, it was incredibly hard on my body and mind for many reasons… I don’t want to get into them all over again, but trust me. It was rough. And I’m not always the best at practicing self-care when it really matters. But for this move, I knew I had to. My health has been stable recently and my body has been feeling good. So I knew that maintaining some semblance of routine and rhythm would really help. Here’s how I did it:

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How to Solo Camp as a Woman & Why It’s Important to Me

How to Solo Camp as a Woman & Why It's Important to Me! Tips for going camping by yourself and being safe. Pacific Northwest camping, camping for self-care. #camping #solocamping #selfcare #wellness

This week was really eye opening to me about the type of content I can share here on the blog and on my Instagram. I went on a solo camping trip last weekend and, on a whim, decided to share about it in my Stories… and WOW, I got so many responses! I was totally not prepared for it, to be perfectly honest with you. So many people were amazed that I go camping by myself! I’ve never really thought too much about it, but I do get it. There are safety concerns, for sure. So today I wanted to share how to solo camp as a woman and why it’s so important to me to do this for my mental health and well-being (more on those benefits here)! I hope this post inspires you to do give it a try and see if it works for you, too.

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How to Have Difficult Conversations with Friends and Family

6 Tips to Help You Have Difficult Conversations with Friends and Family. tips to help you communicate and express your opinions and feelings better

Believe it or not, this is a blog post that I’ve been working on for a while… probably since last fall. But it never felt like the time was ‘right’ — that is until now. A large part of being consistently anti- racist is sitting down and talking. It isn’t enough to sit back and not ask questions of where your friends and family members stand on the topic of race. In my opinion, silence equals complicity. So today I wanted to talk about how to have difficult conversations with friends and family. Most of the tips here are actually not geared toward discussing race specifically. Rather, I tried to make sure the suggestions can help no matter what the topic of discussion is. I hope it helps you!

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