5 Self-Care Tips While Advocating for Change

If you're struggling to take care of yourself while advocating for real and lasting societal change, this list of self-care tips is a great place to start— while still doing the work to bring equality for all. #selfcare #wellness

Hi friends. How are you doing? I know it’s a loaded question because so much is swirling in our world right now. It can get totally overwhelming. I say that from a place of privilege because I have not dealt with racism and exclusion on a daily basis the way Black people and other marginalized communities have. I am also here to say that it is not possible to be a strong support if you are not also taking care of yourself. Self-care looks like different things to different people. As I spent last week immersed in self-reflection, reading, news, research, Twitter, and more… I realized I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was getting caught up in the overwhelming, mixed up multitudes of feelings that come with doing the work to help make the world a better place. So I sat down and made a list of self-care tips to help me get to a better mental state — while still doing the work. Here it is and I would love if you shared what has been helping you, as well.

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How We Prioritize Alone Time In a Small Space

The benefits of alone time + how to prioritize personal time while living with a small space. Self-care tips for me time. #selfcare #smallspaces #wellness #livingsmall #smallhouse

I consider myself to be incredibly lucky right now because Sean is still considered an essential worker and therefore going to work every day. That means I generally have the house all to myself… all 640 square feet of it! One question I’m asked a lot though is how each of us gets alone time in a small space. I’m guessing this gets asked a lot for a few reasons: our bedroom door is a barn door, so it doesn’t close all the way like a traditional door. Or maybe because I don’t have an office where I can hideaway. Even though we live in such a small home, we’ve been able to put into practice a few things that helps each of us prioritize alone time.

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All About the Health Benefits of Gardening

Thinking of starting a victory garden? Check out these health benefits of gardening for your mental health and physical health! #backyard #outdoordecor #gardening #PNWgardens #wellness #selfcare #benefitsofgardening

I’ve said this a few times before… the amount of enjoyment I get out of yard work is so unexpected! It’s literally one of my favorite part of owning our bungalow. I love getting my hands dirty, planning landscaping projects, and planting things for us to eat. Or even plants that are just pretty to look at and smell good! I don’t know why, this always surprises me, still! But in talking with my coach, it makes sense because there are so many health benefits of gardening. I decided to dig a bit further and research why that is so I could share with you today.

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13 Modern Air Purifiers That Aren’t Ugly

13 Modern Air Purifiers That Aren't Ugly! A round up of modern air cleaners with HEPA filters, activated carbon, and more to help with dander, allergies, smoke, and more. #roundup #airpurifier #interiordesign #homedecor

Recently, I conducted a poll on Instagram and tons of people asked me to share a round up that’s similar to my post about stylish humidifiers — but this time about modern air purifiers! I’ve used plants as air purifiers for a while, but with spring upon us, my allergies are terrible. We have the windows open to let in that fresh air, but woof, the pollen!! In case you’re in the same scenario, I thought it would be helpful to share which air purifier I use + round up a few more stylish and modern options for you!

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My Week of Doing Puzzles

Personal Essay about taking a week of from work for self-care during quarantine and coronavirus. Finding peace and meditation in doing jigsaw puzzles. #quarantine #personalessay #stayhome #selfcare #wellness

I have probably rewritten the first sentence of this post and stared at the cursor for at least 30 minutes, not really knowing how to start off. You might have noticed that I didn’t share any blog posts last week and barely posted to social media… the truth is that I just needed a break. I had hit 2020 running with so many goals of launching my classes, exploring opening an online shop, writing some really in depth blog posts, and so much more. Especially because I took off time during the holidays to regroup, rest, and relax! I was so ready for 2020, optimistic even. But with the arrival of COVID-19, it feels so much like my motivation and drive have taken a hit. In just a week, I feel like my entire life got flipped upside down and everything shifted… and along with it, went my focus.

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How I Stay Inspired While At Home

These days, I have to be much more proactive about how I stay inspired while at home, so I wanted to share with you how I'm doing just that. 8 tips to help you stay creative and motivated while sheltering in place and working from home. #creativity #workingfromhome #workfromhome

I am not gonna lie to you guys: I’ve had a rough go of it with sheltering in place. I think at this point I am on week 5… but really, what even IS time anymore? I’ve worked for myself for a long time and most of the time I worked from home (see my tips on being more productive while working from home here). But I have found that my inspiration is majorly lacking… or at least inconsistent. I can’t simply go to a museum or a bookstore or even to the mountains to energize my brain. These days, I have to be much more proactive about how I stay inspired while at home, so I wanted to share with you how I’m doing just that.

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How I Slow Down My Mind When It’s Racing

In these uncertain times, I needed to slow down my mind. So I turned to rituals and behaviors that have helped me a lot in the past — I hope they help you! Wellness and self-care tips during the time of COVID-19 and coronavirus such as going for a walk, journaling, taking CBD, and more. #wellness #selfcare #slowdown #racingmind

Over the weekend, I posted to Instagram about a rough day I was having. Truth be told, I’m starting to emotionally shut as a coping mechanism to deal with sheltering in place. My anxiety is so high and it’s causing my mind to race… and over the weekend it got really bad. So I took a step back. I knew that I needed to slow down my mind, so I turned to rituals and behaviors that have helped me a lot in the past. I hope they help you in these scary times, too.

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