Our Backdoor Mini Makeover with Schlage


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schlage. The opinions and text are all mine.

I have a secret to confess to you… Did anyone notice that during my backyard oasis reveal, there was no mention of what our backdoor area looked like?? That’s because we ran out of time to finish it! Thankfully, we teamed up with Schlage again to do a quick, but impactful makeover in #mytinybungalow to finally finish the backdoor area. I was feeling really inspired by our previous collaboration when I did a quick bathroom door makeover — it’s sort of amazing what a fresh coat of paint plus new door hardware can do for a space. Of course, me being me, I made this makeover project a bit bigger than just some paint… instead, I asked Sean to install some custom wooden trim to the stair risers to make them a bit more exciting.

Our Backdoor Mini Makeover

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Our Official Kitchen Renovation Kick Off + Before Photos

Our Official Kitchen Renovation Kick Off + Before Photos! Designed by interior designer and expert @roomfortuesday with @fireclaytile @rejuvenationinc @kitchenaidusa @masterbrandcabinetsinc @deltafaucet @polycordesign @sinkology #smallspaces #smallkitchen #kitchenrenovation #beforeafter #kitchenmakeover #kitchen #makeover #fixerupper

Gather round and let me tell you about the time I bought a house and thought I’d immediately renovate the kitchen… then a whoooole lotta life happened. Flash forward 2 and a half years and it is finally time! That’s right — the time has come for us to renovate our kitchen and I could not be more excited. Some of you have glimpsed a peek into our majestic pre-renovation kitchen thanks to the No Makeup Home Tour, but today I’m gonna let it alllll hang out and show you EVERYTHING. The good (aka the only thing I like about the kitchen), the bad (all of it), and the ugly (again, all of it).

Also, here’s the best part: I teamed up with Sarah from Room for Tuesday on this entire series! I mean, how gorgeous is her kitchen?? Clearly, she knows her stuff when it comes to kitchen remodels. Over the next few months, Sarah will be offering her expert design guidance about the project on her site, while I’ll be sharing more of the nitty gritty renovation stories here. With over 30 posts planned, we have so much to share with you and cannot wait! So let’s get started with some before photos + notes about our kitchen:

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How To Go Green In Your Laundry Room

Tide purclean

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Here in #mytinybungalow, I am always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. While we’re not 100% waste-free (it’s so hard sometimes!), we’ve made some key adjustments in our shopping and home habits that still can have a big impact. Today we teamed up with Tide purclean to share a few things you can do in the laundry room to reduce your impact — while maintaining your budget and getting clean, fresh-smelling clothes!

How To Go Green In Your Laundry Room

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my favorite corners of our home

keyword favorite corners #interiordesign #shelfie

It is so good to be home!!! After being in Italy for the past few weeks, I am happy to be home and reunited with our tiny zoo. I absolutely love to travel, but I am always ready to come home now that I own a house. There’s something about it that just feels so… right. I miss the tiny bungalow while we’re away! I never thought I’d ever feel that. After landing yesterday, I felt so inspired to snap some photos of my home and share my favorite corners of our home.

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how to refinish an old door to look new again

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schlage. The opinions and text are all mine.

One of the joys (and I use that in the most sarcastic way possible) of owning an old house is cleaning up other people’s messes. For example, my tiny bungalow was a rental for many years before I bought it, which essentially means that all kinds of weird stuff happened to my house. For example, before I painted the living room, I noticed that someone had written tiny bits of graffiti in pencil all over the walls and trim — but tucked away into corners and along the thin edge of window trim. It was so bizarre and none of the words made any sense. I painted over it, but I still wonder… why?? One thing that has always irritated me in our home is how sloppily it has been painted over the years. Every window sill and door is covered in gobs and gobs of dripping paint, almost like a kindergartener was let loose. Two years ago, my good friends Susan and Will Brinson taught me the most satisfying way to refinish an old door and trim, so today I partnered with Schlage to share it with you guys + talk about the new Schlage Custom Door Hardware collection (trust, it is so gooood).

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One Room Challenge: backyard oasis reveal!

If you had asked me 7 weeks ago what our backyard would look like, chances are I probably wouldn’t have a solid answer for you… yet here we are, reveal day for our One Room Challenge backyard oasis. We did it, holy crap. It is so hard to believe the transformation that has taken place over these 6 weeks and I am so incredibly excited to share every single detail and source with you today. Grab a snack, cuz this is a long post!

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