Our Save the Dates from Artifact Uprising

Our Save the Dates from Artifact Uprising + How We Personalized Them! @artifactuprsng #wedding #weddingplanning #nontraditionalwedding #modernwedding #weddingstationery #savethedates #letterpress
Disclosure: For this post, I received products to review from Artifact Uprising. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram Stories, you know that stuff has changed a lot for our wedding. Because of some family stuff and budget constraints, we scaled back our guest list by over half. Also, because of all the changes and resulting shuffle, we’re a bit late in sending out our save the dates. I was really worried we’d have to skip this step in the wedding timeline. Thankfully, the kind souls at Artifact Uprising had our back. Today I’m really excited to share our save the dates from Artifact Uprising + how we added a few personal details to them.

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How to Plan a Non-Traditional Wedding

Planning a non-traditional wedding? This is what you need to know! Tips for wedding planning. #wedding #weddingplanning #nontraditionalwedding #modernwedding

Because we’re us and just so quirky, our wedding is going to be anything but traditional. We’re definitely not eloping, but we also aren’t going to have a large wedding either. Instead, we’re doing things a little different and planning a non-traditional wedding. And thankfully, we have an incredible wedding planner helping us along the way! So today I am sharing a few tips from Juliet, our wedding planner from Everly, and some that I’ve picked up along the way to inspire your big day.

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How We Express Love in Our Relationship

How We Express Love in Our Relationship, plus learn more about The “I Am Loved” button from @helzberg on Jojotastic.com. It’s pretty darn cute and the perfect small, but meaningful way to show someone you care! #helzberg #sponsored

This post is sponsored by Helzberg Diamonds. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Our relationship, like pretty much everyone else’s, has been an evolution. Sean and I met on Tinder and I immediately fell for him… hard. There is just something about him that has always made my stomach do funny little flips. Also, no one has ever made me laugh harder than him! And not just any normal laugh, but that really loud, annoying, from-the-core-of-your-body laugh. Truth be told, I’ve also never been in such a loving, sweet relationship. It took a while for the two of us to learn the other’s love language, but after three and a half years we’ve got it on lock! Today I partnered with our friends Helzberg Diamonds to share how we express love in our relationship + how they’ve made it really easy (and affordable!) for you to do the same. Plus, I think this might be the first post where Sean has written a portion!

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Our Wedding Moodboard

Moodboard for our Pacific Northwest x Greek wedding next September in the Cascade Mountains outside of Seattle in Washington. #wedding #colorpalette #weddingcolors #bluewedding #seattlewedding #washingtonwedding #mountainwedding #elopement #mountainelopement #greekwedding #weddingplanning #weddinginspiration #weddingmoodboard

Wow, you guys… our wedding is a little less than a year away, so it’s about time that I start making some headway in planning it! So many of you have been involved in our love story, whether it has been following it on Instagram or even providing advice when I was still a single girl figuring things out in Philly. For these reasons and more, it feels really important to me to include you in the planning stages of our very PNW wedding, so I wanted to share a bit of our visual inspiration for the big day and see what you think! Also, I’d love to know if you’re interested in continuing to hear about this stage in our life.

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the real story of our engagement

Helzberg Diamonds | The real story of our engagement and non-traditional relationship, plus learn more about The “Will You?” Ring from @helzberg on Jojotastic.com #helzberg #ad

This post is sponsored by Helzberg Diamonds. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Here’s the thing about me and Sean… we are anything but traditional. We value our space, our privacy (ha, says the blogger), and our inside jokes. Even before we met, both of us had aspirations of leaving it all behind and embracing #vanlife or #boatlife. We are happiest while totally off the grid, surrounded by mountains and the smell of trees. If either of us felt a need for any sort of traditional lifestyle, the relationship simply would not work. Happily though, we’ve found each other and share so many key priorities! This was evident in our engagement story, especially. Today we partnered with Helzberg Diamonds to share how they are changing the rules of engagement in a decidedly non-traditional and fun way.

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monthly moments | our engagement video!

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WHO’S CUTTING ONIONS IN HERE?? Just kidding, but seriously… I cried through the entire editing of this video because I am so happy and honored to be engaged to marry to such a kind-hearted, warm, funny, amazing man. Sean and I talked a lot about whether wanted to share our engagement video with the entire internet… it felt like a moment that we wanted to savor as long as possible. But after some time, we came to the realization that so many of you have been part of our love story — through renovations, van adventures, and everything in between.

I promise not to get all bridezilla on the blog and will definitely be keeping the wedding-themed posts to a minimum… but there will, of course, still be some posts about it! We’re both so honored that you guys have followed our love story and can’t wait to share more with you. And thank you so very much for the happy messages and congratulations — we are over the moon!

p.s. watch even more of our videos here!