Tour Our Kitchen + 5 Small Kitchen Organization Tips (video)

Tour Our Kitchen + 5 Small Kitchen Organization Tips (video). Check out this a quick video featuring small kitchen organization tips! I reveal what's inside each cabinet, how we use our storage, & storage tools I love! #oldhouse #kitchen #kitchenrenovations #renovation #oldhome #oldhomerenovation #smallspaces #smallkitchen #kitchenrenovation #beforeafter #kitchenmakeover #kitchen #makeover #fixerupper

I cannot believe it, but I am still under the weather from this nasty cold! Because I’ve spent so much time cooped up in our tiny bungalow, I felt like it was a good opportunity to share more details of how we live. Today is really specific: it’s all about how our small kitchen is organized. I took a quick video showing what’s inside each cabinet, how we use our storage, and a few of the storage tools I can’t live without!

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15+ Modern Candle Accessories

Chic Candle Accessories You Never Knew You Needed! Accessories like snuffers, wick trimmers, lighters, and more for candles. #candles #scentedcandle #hygge #cozy #snuffer #wicktrimmer

My obsession with candles is pretty well-known. I have one burning in our home at all times, basically. Not only do I love the fragrance, but I also love the romantic glow of candles. Tapers, pillars, and jar candles… YES, PLEASE. Lately, I’ve noticed a trend where there are some really fun candle accessories, like snuffers, wick trimmers, and lighters. In case you’re candle-obsessed like me, these candle accessories are just too cool not to share!

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What to Watch on Netflix

My List of What to Watch on Netflix This Week/Weekend! List includes Cheer, Miss Americana, The Pharmacist and more. Perfect for a sick day at home or a lazy weekend in. #netflix #streaming #whattowatch

I’ve been wrestling with a cold since late last week, which means I’ve watched too many hours of Netflix to even count! Not gonna lie, I’m sort of a streaming show addict. When I work from home, chances are that I have something playing in the background. In case you’re in the same boat as me with a cold or just want to see what to binge watch this weekend, hopefully this post helps you figure out what to watch on Netflix!

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How to Buy Plants Online + My Fave Sources to Shop

How to Buy Plants Online + My Fave Sources to Shop! Decorate on a budget with houseplants to purify the air and add texture #plants #houseplants #lowlightplants #indoorgardening #tipsandtricks #decoratingwithplants

While nothing truly beats buying houseplants in person, sometimes it can be a struggle to find exactly the type you’re looking for! That’s why I buy plants online typically. When I first thought of this solution, I was worried about the quality — would I pay money for something to arrive wilted or even dead?? But after shopping online for houseplants a few times, I’m here to say that it’s awesome and totally something you should consider next time you’re adding to your collection! Here are a few of my favorite sources + tips for how to buy plants online.

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5 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Beauty Routine

Reduce Waste in Your Beauty Routine with These 5 Tips! Reusable and washable cotton pads, upcycling containers, how to make your own skincare, and more! #greenliving #eco #smallspaces #sustainableliving #sustainable #sustainability #skincareroutine #cleanbeauty #wellness #selfcare #cleanskincare #naturalskincare

I don’t know if you actually know this, but I am a huge skincare and beauty buff. I’m not nearly as obsessed with makeup, but skincare… ooooooh boy that’s my fave. It all comes down to self-care. Every night before bet, I indulge in a luxe skincare routine and it’s honestly one of my favorite parts of the day. A while back I became aware of how much waste can be generated during this process, so I started researching. Today, I am sharing 5 tips for how to reduce waste in your beauty routine! If you’ve tried something I haven’t mentioned here, let me know, too.

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Chic & Stylish Gardening Tools

Chic & Stylish Gardening Tools Because Spring Cannot Get Here Soon Enough! Including shovels, trowels, rakes, Japanese gardening tools, watering cans, and more! #gardening #PNWgarden #seattlegarden #urbanfarming #smallgarden #frontyardgarden #smallspacegarden #organicgardening #gardeningtools

As a super-visual person, I am forever looking for stylish alternatives to everyday objects. While I don’t want to pick up anything that’s chic but not functional, I still need some beauty in my life! With spring desperately trying to arrive here in Seattle, I’m eyeing my gardens more and more. I literally cannot wait to get my hands dirty again. Any time the sun has popped out, I go out and start weeding, raking, and turning in compost. I am SO ready. I definitely have my favorite implements to use, but in case you’re looking for something I thought it would be fun to round up stylish gardening tools today!

Image source: Terrain.
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Closet Tour + How to Organize a Small Closet with GetClairefied (video)

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A few months ago (!!!), my good friend Claire Gould, aka GetClairefied, came over to teach us how to organize a small closet. Thanks to the rush of the holidays, I didn’t get a chance to edit the photos and video until now… and I am so excited for you to see this! In case you missed my post about the closet from a few years ago, my house didn’t have a SINGLE closet in it when I bought it. While renovating the bedroom, we used the Elfa system from The Container Store (which is 30% off currently!) to turn an entire wall into a closet for Sean and I to share. We’ve lived with the closest for about 3 years now and it’s been amazing. Ever on the quest to live with less, Sean and I worked with Claire to pull everything out, prioritize, and re-assess our storage habits! Here’s what happened:

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