An All-White Floral Centerpiece Inspired by Summer | DIY

After our elaborate ombré peony installation last month, we decided to go back to the basics to showcase summer’s floral bounty this month. August is always an odd time of year because it feels like peak summer, but with a hint of the cooler months to come. It’s been too hot here in Seattle to do anything over the top (does anyone else feel like it requires tons of extra effort to do stuff when it’s blazing hot out?), so we kept this DIY pretty simple and straightforward. Using a custom handmade Jill Rosenwald vase, we chose to compliment the bold, blue tones in this vase with whites, greens, and a touch of blush. The combination is a floral arrangement that’s easy to make and quite stunning!

An All-White Floral Centerpiece Inspired by Summer | DIY

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Our Twist on the Classic Negroni Recipe

Our Twist on the Classic Negroni Recipe made with Aperol, Gin, Vermouth, Celery Bitters, and Grapefruit Bitters. Aperol Negroni aperitivo, Italian cocktail recipe. #italy #italiancocktail #aperitivo #campari #aperol #negroni #aperolnegroni

Last weekend we had some friends in town and took them to my favorite pizza spot in all of Seattle, Cornuto. Not only are their pizzas the best on the West Coast (IMHO), but they also have an excellent bar menu. We ordered a few rounds of drinks to experience the entire breadth of the menu, but one of my personal faves was the Negroni. Typically, a classic Negroni is made of one part gin, one part sweet vermouth, and one part Campari, then garnished with an orange peel. Ever on a mission to put my own twist on a classic cocktail, I asked Rocky, our resident cocktail expert for a twist on the Negroni… and it is sooooo good!

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Essential Oils for Spider Repellent

Essential Oils that Act as Spider Repellent

Raise your hand if you think spiders are literally the worst. You can’t see me, but my hand went shooting up lighting fast. I am 100% not a fan of spiders, but they absolutely thrive during this time of year because of the heat. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t need any spiders crawling around in #mytinybungalow. Because I’m guessing you don’t want any eight-legged creatures invading your home either, I’ve been doing some research lately on the best way to naturally keep these guys away. As much as I hate them, I don’t necessarily want to kill them, and calling pest control can get a little pricey. And store-bought repellents have all kinds of crazy chemicals in them, which frankly freak me out more than the spiders do. So what’s the alternative? Natural remedies using essential oils.

After a quick search of the interweb and talking to some essential oil enthusiast friends, there are actually several ways to go about using natural, plant-based oils to rid your house of spiders. And it’s your lucky day because I’m going to share exactly what you need to do in this post.

How To Get Rid of Spiders Using Essential Oils

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5 Tips for Making Low Ceilings Feel Taller

5 Tips for Making Low Ceiling Feel Taller in a small space or tiny home. #decortip #interiordesign #smallspaces #smallspace #tinyhome #tinyhouse

I love #mytinybungalow, but living in a small space, more often times than not, means having sad, oppressive, low ceilings (can you tell I really despise these things?). It’s unfortunate but true. However, there are a few things you can do to remedy the situation without taking a sledgehammer to your ceiling. Below are 5 solutions I’ve found to make a difference and can hopefully work for your space, too. Because nobody deserves to live with oppressive ceilings, am I right?

photography by Ellie Lillstrom.

How To Make Your Low Ceiling Feel Taller

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Summer Inspired DIY Bath Bomb

Channel the spirit and smell of summer with these mint lemonade diy bath bombs. #essentialoils #diy #summer #selfcare #homemade #bathbomb #coconutoil

Is there anything more relaxing than a bath? Maybe just a warm bath infused with a homemade bath bomb (especially with a glass of rosé in hand). In the past, I’ve mostly associated bathing with the winter — when it’s cold and grey out, lazing around in hot water sounds downright heavenly. But after a particularly hectic (in a good way!) summer, I’ve come to realize how wonderful a summer evening bath can be. Instead of focusing on making it a warm and cozy experience, I like to think of it as being refreshing and invigorating. That’s why I decided to flavor my summer-inspired bath bomb with the most refreshing drink that exists: mint lemonade.

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update #2 about my no shopping challenge

no shopping challenge - #noshopping #lessismore #fewerbutbetter #minimalism #smallspaces

Full disclosure: I am a bit nervous about writing this post and have actually been putting it off! My goal with my no shopping challenge for 2018 was to share quarterly check ins with you guys. But, as you can probably guess from my silence about it, I’ve gotten off track. And when I say ‘off track,’ I mean really, really off track… The last time I shared an update, I was doing so well, but I think between travel and a few really tempting sales, I have lost sight of my goals. So it’s time to come clean with you guys, confess what I bought, and set some intentions for moving forward!

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