Weekend Wellness: Self Care While Traveling

Weekend Wellness, Self Care While Traveling #selfcare #wellness #traveling #wanderlust #travel #selfcareroutine

Greetings from North Carolina! As you might have seen on Instagram, I am hanging out with my friends at Sunbrella at High Point Market and sharing some major design inspiration. Because I am traveling this week, I thought it was the perfect time to share my tips for maintaining self care while traveling. I’m usually the first person to let any semblance of a routine go out the window when I travel, but I’ve been focusing more and more on doing that! Instead, I took some time to plan ahead and that has made all the difference for this trip. When I’m around people all day long for multiple days on end, that can wear on me. But now that I’m armed with these self care habits, I’ve noticed a vast improvement on how worn out I feel from business travel!

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Herb Drying Rack DIY

Save your fresh herbs for a rainy day by hanging them to dry on this DIY herb drying rack. Get the full tutorial at Jojotastic.com #diy #herbs #kitchen

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that Joanna has a pretty darn impressive urban garden in her yard. Alongside the broccoli and kale and Brussels sprouts, she had a bumper crop of herbs this year, which I myself have benefited from (thanks Joanna!). But even after giving away herbs to friends and neighbors, she had a bunch of herbs left on her hands and, she didn’t want them to go bad. She also couldn’t find an herb drying rack online that she liked the look of, so we put our heads together and brainstormed our own chic, modern take on an old-school herb drying rack. Now she’ll have seasonings from her herb garden to use in her new kitchen all winter long!

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5 Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles That Will Never Go Out of Style, 5 Timeless Cabinet Door Styles from @masterbrandcabinets #sponsored #kitchenrenovation #smallspaces #fixerupper #renovation #cabinets #cabinetry #kitchencabinets
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by MasterBrand Cabinets. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting the content that keeps Jojotastic going.

Being totally transparent, I was a bit scared to choose a cabinetry style. My biggest concern is the risk that we would choose something that feels dated in a few years or too much of a trend — especially because new cabinetry is such a big portion of any renovation budget. I went into this project without many opinions as to which type I prefer or if I even wanted wood or color finish! When Sarah presented her Tuxedo kitchen plan, I immediately knew it was right for us and our home… and felt an immediate sense of relief that we could keep it simple and go with black and white! But then it became question of which cabinet door style to choose. Our sponsor, MasterBrand Cabinets, has numerous options to choose from under several semi- to fully-customizable product lines, so we took an afternoon to scroll through and pick some favorites. I almost feel like an expert in cabinet styles at this point because I’ve looked at so many. For this reason, I’ve been able to narrow down to 5 kitchen cabinet door styles that feel timeless and will never go out of style!

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Tamarind Apple Cider Fall Margarita Recipe

A delicious cocktail for fall, Tamarind Apple Cider Fall Margarita Recipe #fallcocktail #fallrecipe #autumn #fallfeels #fallvibes #margarita #applecidervinegar #fallmargarita

How is it already the middle of October? I have a one track mind when it comes to the change in seasons… aka let the fall cocktail recipes commence! Truly, autumn and winter are my favorite seasons to shoot and share cocktails with you guys. All of the yummy spicy ingredients, like cinnamon and pumpkin spice, are perfect for this time of year and pair so nicely with booze. I find that my intake of smokey cocktails increases, too! I always love a good margarita recipe, so while we were brainstorming drinks to share this fall and holiday season, we immediately thought of a fall margarita. This sweet and savory cocktail is like a cozy fall day next to the fire!

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Painted and Carved Terrazzo Pumpkin DIY

For a modern jack-o-lantern this Hallowen, try our Terrazzo Pumpkin DIY. Take the terrazzo trend into fall by painting and carving pumpkins with pops of autumnal color. Get the full tutorial at Jojotastic.com #halloween #pumpkin #falldecor #diy #terrazzo #paintedpumpkin #carvedpumpkin #pumpkincarving #modernhalloween #grownuphalloween

Don’t get me wrong, I love a traditional jack-o’-lantern as much as the next girl, but there’s something so fun about coming up with a new way to decorate pumpkins each year. You could go the goofy route or the macabre route or the artistic route, but I personally like to decorate my front porch with pieces inspired by the trends I love for the interior. And this year, that’s terrazzo. The traditional Italian material is peppered with haphazard flecks of color and can infuse a bit of cheery chicness into virtually any space (which is much more up my alley that spooky scary Halloween decor). Meet our painted and carved terrazzo pumpkin! This treat of a pumpkin doesn’t require any tricks — it’s super easy to put together and looks great on a well-styled front porch.

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Weekend Wellness: 15 Self-Care Ideas for Fall

Weekend Wellness, 15 Self-Care Ideas for Fall #selfcare #wellness #fall #autumn #fallwellness #seasons

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a wellness kick lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been really stressed with work, wedding planning, the renovation, everything and felt like I had a breaking point… or maybe it’s just the change in seasons that is inspiring me to make some changes in my life. Regardless, I’ve been brainstorming more and more ways to improve my self-care routine and take better care of myself. It’s important to me to always be evolving and growing as a person, so I recently made this list of self-care ideas to keep me inspired. I figured it would be a great concept to share with you, in case you’re in a self-care rut or even overwhelmed by where to begin.

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