4 Small Batch Candle Brands I Love

Support Small Businesses & Make Your Home Smell Amazing with These Small Batch Candles

You may not know this, but one of my very first jobs out of college was designing packaging for candles. Part of that job was drawing inspiration from the fragrance of the candle and it really set the stage for me to become totally, wholeheartedly obsessed with home fragrance, especially candles. I wouldn’t call myself a fragrance snob by any means.. but I am definitely picky when it comes to scents and the candles we burn in our home. I also love candle in particular because so many of them are handmade or handpoured by small businesses — seriously, there are so many amazing small batch candles out there! But today I wanted to share 4 of my absolute favorites + the scents I love the most from each.

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How We Keep Our White Sofa Clean (With Pets!)

How to keep a white sofa clean with pets. Care instructions for white couch, how to keep white upholstery clean, plus cleaning hacks for fabric and fabric care tips and tricks

With 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 humans, and countless (outdoor) chickens, people think we’re nuts for having a white sofa. And trust me, up until we got it, I would have agreed with them! But now that we’ve lived with a white sofa for over 2 years, I’m happy to report that I have zero regrets. While it doesn’t look totally brand new, it still looks pretty darn good — especially given how much use it gets! So today I’m sharing how we keep a white sofa clean, including alllllll the cleaning tools I use. Let’s get started.

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Spring Garden Vegetable Galette Recipe with Chevre Cheese

Spring Garden Vegetable Galette Recipe with Chevre Cheese, the perfect easy recipe to make for brunch

Springtime is one of my favorites of the year. The weather is mild, the sun (for the most part) is back in the sky, the days are longer, flowers are blooming, and beautiful produce starts to pop back into rotation. During the warmer months of summer, I crave the freshness of vegetables. It’s often all I want, but spring offers that unique middle. This time of the year is when you still desire something comforting while also wishing to partake in the available fresh produce. For all of those reasons, today I’m sharing a spring garden galette. It is flexible, adaptable to whatever might be in season near you, and it can quickly be served as a main course.

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Our Cabin Bedroom Suite Renovation (Part 4)

Cabin bedroom makeover and main bedroom suite renovation in our PNW cabin

Let me just say… renovation fatigue is REAL. This is my update in 2 weeks and that’s because I’m just so swamped and overwhelmed. Not just with my actual work, but with our cabin bedroom renovation. And the biggest road block is me because I’m so tired of painting! Add in that the weather is getting warmer, the sun is out more, and my spring fever is taking over my life. I’ve gotten loads of questions about what on earth is going on with this renovation project, so here’s a rundown of where we’re at and what else we need to do for our cabin bedroom suite renovation.

BTW there’s a really interesting discussion happening in the comments section of this Instagram post about renovation fagitue — lots of great advice and insight!

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Introducing Exclusive Private Mentoring from The Jojotastic School of Social Media

Introducing: Exclusive Private Mentoring from The Jojotastic School of Social Media! Get exclusive 1:1 access each month to personalized strategy & a holistic approach to increasing your business's reach. After 6 months, you will have the tools needed to confidently create beautiful content, grow your audience, gain brand recognition & increase sales

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the last few weeks, I’ve been working behind-the-scenes to build an exciting new addition to The Jojotastic School of Social Media! As of tomorrow at 9 AM PST, I am launching private mentoring for small businesses — and I could not be more excited! Before we dig into the details, click here to sign up for the waitlist. I’m only opening the program to a limited number of spots!

Here’s a quick rundown of the program:

Who is private mentoring for?

The short answer is small business owners! And the long answer: I modeled my entire class offering after a few of the small businesses I’ve helped such as a jewelry maker, local clothing boutique, and winery. I want my social media classes and mentoring sessions to help small businesses with a physical product who are looking to expand into a national audience (Pinterest is huge for this). Also, I’d love to help interior designers who want to build an audience for their designs and inspiration. The Jojotastic School of Social Media is also beneficial for newcomers to the influencer community because I discuss my full workflow and divulge ‘secrets’ on how I’ve run my business successfully for over 10 years.

What is private mentoring?

Each private session is designed to help you grow your brand’s visibility, manage your social media in an easily maintainable way, and connect with new customers. You will receive exclusive, tried-and-true social media strategies and tools that are customized to your specific needs — all with Pinterest-approved methods that have been proven to work. Each mentoring session will thoughtfully challenge you and yield results for your business at your own pace and with specialized guidance from Joanna. 

And the best part? Each session is totally personalized for you! Each session can be an open discussion of social media best practice OR we can create a plan together to determine specific areas of focus for your small business.

Why you should sign up

After 6 months, you will have the tools needed to confidently create beautiful content, grow your audience, gain brand recognition & increase sales — with my support and advice along the way!

Like I said, the private mentoring program launches tomorrow! To find out as soon as it launches, sign up for the waitlist and keep an eye on your email!

Thank you so much for your support in this new venture & I can’t wait to work with some amazing small businesses this year. If you have any questions about my private mentoring program, leave a comment and I’ll answer right away.

Before & After: Turning Our Concrete Patio into a Relaxing Backyard Retreat

Before and after makeover reveal: our backyard concrete pad refresh on a budget with @bhglivebetter @walmart with stylish and affordable outdoor furniture, decor, lighting, planters and more. Shop the post & learn more on jojotastic.com #BHGlivebetter #walmart #betterhomesandgardens #AD
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting the content that keeps Jojotastic going.

I’m not gonna lie… our outdoor spaces have sort of been the lowest priority since we moved to the cabin. Mostly because it’s still not quiiiite spring here yet! In fact, the day after I took these photos, it snowed! So when Better Homes & Gardens exclusively at Walmart challenged me to refresh an outdoor space, I was really worried. The weather is so unpredictable out here, plus I hadn’t even begun to wrap my mind around what I wanted to do on our concrete patio. You’ll see the before photo and totally understand… but thankfully, there are SO MANY amazing options for outdoor decor, furniture, planters, lighting, and even plants that they basically did my job for me. I am beyond thrilled with how easy and affordable it was to transform this boring concrete patio into the perfect relaxing retreat — especially since it’s right outside of our main bedroom suite!

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5 Tips for Finding the Best Moroccan Rugs

5 Tips for Finding the Best Moroccan Rugs including how to budget, what size to choose, how to find good vintage one-of-a-kind rigs, and more!

When we moved into the cabin, I decided I wanted our rugs to each feel like miniature pieces of art. A great example of that is the pink Moroccan rug in our living room. It’s a total work of art, don’t you think?? But I hear often that it can be intimidating to select a rug, especially a one-of-a-kind Moroccan rug. So today, I wanted to share my go-to tips and tricks to help you find the best Moroccan rugs! I also think that many of these suggestions are great when it comes to shopping for vintage or OOAK rugs, so definitely keep that in mind, too.

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