What We’ve Learned After 6 Months of Cabin Life

Thinking about ditching city life and moving to the country? Get a REAL, unfiltered perspective from our first 6 months of cabin life including making friends, meeting people, connectivity issues, and more!

Well, we’ve made it. Today is the official 6 month marker of the very first day we moved into our cabin. The first day of walking into a filthy, neglected cabin… and then working nearly every day to clean it and reshape it into a home we love. The time has both flown by and crawled by, depending on the day and whatever malarkey happened that day. But in looking back on the past 6 months, there are a few themes I’ve noticed. So if you’ve been curious about what it’s like to leave city life and move to the mountains, definitely keep reading. We’ve learned a TON — and continue to learn.

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Life Update

A quick life update about my health, our cabin, our pets, my business, and more.

It’s been a minute since I shared a deeper life update here on the blog. If you follow me on Instagram, you get more of a picture of my day-to-day life and everything going on. But I feel like here on the blog, it’s more about sharing posts and content I think you guys would find helpful and inspiring… so sometimes life updates don’t always happen! So I wanted to take a bit of time to share what’s going on + also explain why I haven’t been as consistent of posting here to the blog every day. Definitely let me know if you enjoy this time of post!

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4 On-Trend Etsy Shops You Need to Know About

4 On-trend Etsy Shops you have to know about for the best vintage home decor, affordable Moroccan rugs, one-of-a-kind decor, and rattan mini lamps!

Now that we have more than doubled our square footage, it’s like a decorating dream for me! There are so many spaces to decorate and style… so much opportunity! Because of this, I’ve gone deeeeeeep into Etsy to source truly one-of-a-kind pieces for our cabin. During my searches, I’ve found some really wonderful shops that you need to know about.

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3 Grilled Cheese Recipes You *Have* to Try

3 Grown Up Grilled Cheese Combinations You Need To Try: Thyme & Brie with Fig Jam Grilled Cheese recipe, Roasted Tomato Grilled cheese, Mushroom Rosemary and Swiss Grilled Cheese sandwich. Plus tips for making the best grilled cheese sandwich ever!

There will always be a special place in my heart for the quintessential grilled cheese made with Kraft singles on white bread. To me, this classic is the late-night snack eaten casually over the sink after a night out with friends (sigh, remember those?). There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but what if we took the classic grilled cheese a little further?? Nothing too tricky or fussy — just a little bit more grown-up and a lot more fun. This month we are sharing 3 new takes on the classic grilled cheese. There is a little something for everyone. Let’s get into the gooey details.

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Lighting Trend Alert: Mushroom Lamps

Shop The Lighting Trend: 13 of the Best Mushroom Lamps for accent lighting on a nightstand, sideboard, side table, or bookshelf

While sourcing lighting for our cabin, I’ve been focusing on finding pieces that are either vintage, thrifted, or vintage in feel. To me, it’s important for this home to have a more eclectic, curated look than our last home. Because of that, I feel like I’m so much more aware of how lighting trends ebb and flow… and then ultimately come back. A good example of that is the mushroom lamp trend that is popping up now (pun very much intended). I absolutely love the tortoise version I sourced from Urban Outfitters, but have been eying a few other of these diminutive cuties to sprinkle throughout our home. Here are a few faves that I’m loving right now in case you’d like to add one or two to your home!

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6 Things About Chicken Keeping I Didn’t Know Before Getting Hens

6 Surprising Things about Chicken Keeping You Should Know Before Getting a Backyard Flock!

I can alllllmost feel spring in the air and to me that means one thing: getting more chicks to add to our flock! Last year’s chicks are nearly a year old if you can believe it. If you’re considering getting chicks or chickens this spring, I thought it would be a good time to share some of the unexpected things I’ve learned along the way. Chicken keeping is definitely a learning process that I am still figuring out (and probably will always be figuring out). But I love it and find it to be so good for the soul.

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Our Cabin Bedroom Suite Renovation: Flooring & Bathroom Plans (Part 3)

Cabin bedroom makeover and main bedroom suite renovation in our PNW cabin, paint is Current Mood by Clare Paint

WOW I was not expecting so many people to be interested in last week’s progress check in about our cabin bedroom suite project! I am truly so honored that you want to know all about this project, even the ugly stuff. So today I wanted to share another update + my design plans for our bathroom. Keep in mind that this bathroom is basically our temporary solution until we can fully renovate it.

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