Sustainable Gift Ideas for Your Earth-Loving, Hippie Friend

Sustainable Gift Ideas to Inspire & Encourage an Eco Friendly, Zero Waste Lifestyle! Zero Waste Gift Ideas for the Eco-Conscious, Gift Guide for Christmas & Holidays 2019 via #giftguide #giftidea #giftgiving #gifts #presents #christmaspresents #christmasgiftideas #christmasgift #wellness #zerowaste #ecoliving #greenliving

Truly, this is one of my favorite gift guides! Not only is it perfect for your hippie friend who is saving the planet one takeaway cup at a time, but it’s also a great way to encourage others to consider the earth in their daily lives. As embracing a more sustainable lifestyle becomes ‘trendier,’ sustainable gift ideas have gotten way more stylish. I will say, I am not 100% versed in the manufacturing processes of these gifts. So if you are looking for a gift that is truly zero waste and eco-friendly, I suggest doing more research. That being said, I curated this sustainable gift guide as a list of thoughtful gifts that I know I’d love to receive, as someone who is eco conscious in my daily life!

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5 Alternative Ways to Give Thanks

Alternative Ways to Give Thanks & Bring More Meaning to Your Thanksgiving. Personal essay about finding more meaning and being more intentional during the holidays. #thanksgiving #turkeyday #holidays #personalessay #givethanks #gratitude

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means the holidays are pretty much here. Where did 2019 even go?! This question pops up in my mind every time I publish a gift guide or share anything else holiday-related on the blog. It causes me stress with how quickly time passes, anyone else? Lately, I’ve been very aware of how it can be hard to take time to slow down and and give thanks. And although this is typically a time of joy and celebration, sometimes the holidays are a little more complicated than just pretty tablescapes and delicious food. With allll of that in mind, I have been thinking of alternative ways to give thanks this year. If you’re feeling anything remotely similar, I hope this post helps you… and at the very least, I hope it inspires you to view Thanksgiving in a new light.

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Practical & Stylish Small Home Gift Ideas | Gift Guide

Functional and Stylish Small Spaces and Tiny Homes Gift Ideas, Gift Guide for Christmas & Holidays 2019 via #giftguide #giftidea #giftgiving #gifts #presents #christmaspresents #christmasgiftideas #christmasgift #smallspaces #tinyhome #tinyhouse #smallspace #apartment #functionalgifts

I was sooo surprised that people loved my small space gift ideas last year. And honestly, most of these gift ideas aren’t specific to tiny homes and small spaces. They can work for anyone who takes pride in their home and appreciates small improvements. If you have a friend who really enjoys being organized, this gift guide works for them, too! So, let’s dig into some of my favorite small home gift ideas.

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My Go-To Gifts for the Holidays | Gift Guide

My Go-To Gifts for Pretty Much Anyone on Your List! Gift ideas under $25 and under $50 includes gift ideas for co-workers, teachers, family, and men. Gift Guide for Christmas & Holidays 2019 via #giftguide #giftidea #giftgiving #gifts #presents #christmaspresents #christmasgiftideas #christmasgift #gotogifts #easygiftideas

I’ve probably gone wayyy overboard on requesting feedback about gift guides on Instagram this year. But I feel like this means I can absolutely promise you that these will be the BEST gift guides that I’ve ever shared! I wanted to kick things off with a list of my go-to gifts that usually work for most people. If you’re looking for a present for friends, family, co-workers, or really anybody, a lot of these ideas will work.

Photography by Meghan Klein.
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12 Handmade Holiday Decorations to Make Your Home Festive AF

12 Handmade Holiday Decor Ideas! DIY tutorials including swag, pom pom garland, himmeli ornament, tree topper, stockings, and more! #holidaydecor #handmadechristmas #DIYchristmas #DIY #crafts #holiday #christmas #thanksgiving #christmascraft #handmadedecor #christmasdecor

In my book, nothing beats handmade holiday decorations. Not only is it often more budget-friendly, but you can customize it to be any color and material you want. Over the years, we’ve shared so many holiday DIYs and craft tutorials here on the blog, so I wanted to round up some of my favorites. This list of 12 handmade decorations is only the tip of the iceberg — you can always find even more craft projects here!

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Peace Sign Wreath with Faux Foliage DIY

Peace Sign Wreath with Faux Foliage DIY. Put a modern twist on a classic grapevine wreath with faux flowers. It's the perfect large wreath to hang outdoors all winter long. #peacesign #wreath #diywreath #christmas #diy #holidays #christmasDIY #holidayDIY #grapevinewreath #fakeflowers #fauxflowers

Tell me: do you decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving or after? It’s a question Joanna posed on her Instagram and I’m dying to know what you think here on the blog. This year, we’re sharing holiday posts early to help inspire you, no matter when you decorate. Like this oversized peace sign wreath! On it’s own, it’s a very cool way to decorate. But, with the help of some carefully chosen faux flowers, we made this store-brought wreath feel special and modern. Keep reading to learn how to upgrade this oversized peace sign wreath (it can work for any wreath, too!) — it’s perfect to hang outside your home now through the New Year!

p.s. Notice a new name?? Hello, my name is Melissa and I’m the new team member at Jojotastic. We’re still figuring out my official title, but for now, I’m working on a few different things behind-the-scenes. Stay tuned for more!

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Chai-Poached Pears with Spiced Hazelnut Oat Crumble and Caramel Sauce Recipe

Chai-Poached Pears with Spiced Hazelnut Oat Crumble and Caramel Sauce Recipe. Delicious and shockingly easy dessert recipe for fall, Thanksgiving, or holiday parties! #pears #poachedpears #fall #autumn #thanksgiving #dessert #caramelsauce #chai #chaispiced #oatcrumble #hazelnuts

Pears are such an underrated fruit, don’t you think? Apples seem to get all the glory. Don’t get me wrong, I love a crisp, tart apple. But pears are creamy, juicy, sweet, and tart all at once. They are so versatile, too. I love just snacking on slices all by their lonesome or with a slice of cheese, roasted and caramelized, and my new favorite: poached. They are delicately simmered in a flavorful liquid until tender and spoonable. These chai-poached pears with spiced hazelnut oat crumble and caramel sauce are next-level good.

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