4 Tips for Better Brain Health

Want to Stay Sharp? Follow These Tips for Better Brain Health! #wellness #selfcare #brainhealth

When I think about my general health and wellness, the first things that come to mind are moving my body and eating as balanced a diet as possible. But what about my brain? I’m not sure what sparked it, but it’s been on my mind lately (pun only a little bit intended). Maybe because I’m… More →

My Best Rug Styling Tips

My Best Rug Styling Tips — AKA How To Look Like You Know What You're Doing! #homedecor #rugs #layeredrugs #moroccanrugs #persianrugs #vintagerugs #turkishrugs #stylingtips

Today’s post is all about something I get asked about a lot: how to style rugs! This was a reader submitted question for one of my small space Q&As, but it felt like the topic of rugs needed a full post. There’s just so much to cover! Also, I used to design rugs for a… More →

How to Decorate with Large Indoor Plants in a Small Space

How to Decorate with Large Indoor Plants in a Small Space. #plants #houseplants #lowlightplants #indoorgardening #smallspaces #tipsandtricks #tinyhome #decoratingwithplants

Houseplants of any size are definitely a decorating must-have in my book. Not only do they help circulate and clean the air, but it’s always nice to have something alive in your home. There are tons of options for small space-friendly houseplants, but it seems like size is always an issue. We have quite a… More →

Weekend Wellness: The Life-Changing Magic of Going Tech-Free

Weekend Wellness, The Life-Changing Magic of Going Tech-Free. 4 Benefits of taking a break from technology, including improved sleep and reduced blue light. #selfcare #wellness #winterwellness #goingtechfree #techdetox #bluelightglasses #sleeptips #selfcareroutine #sleeproutine #insomnia #insomniatips

Technology is an incredible tool that has become a necessity for us to function in our everyday lives, but I’ve been finding myself more and more anxious to step away from it lately. I literally try to respond to every DM and email that blog readers send my way — which can amount to a… More →

9 Flower Arranging Tips from a Floral Designer Pro

The Best Flower Arranging Tips & Tools, Straight from a Professional Florist! Read now and pin for later all of these easy tricks for creating centerpieces, wreaths, flower arrangements, bouquets, garlands, and more from The Stemmery. #tipsandtricks #florals #flowers #flowerarranging #florist #professionalflorist

I’ve been obsessed with florals for as long as I can remember. I am someone who has always keeps fresh flowers in my home. Now with my professional florist business, I can encourage others to do the same. You can imagine just how many flower arranging tips I’ve collected over the years — and long… More →

My Weekend Morning Ritual

Weekend Wellness, My Weekend Morning Ritual for Self-Care #selfcare #wellness #selfcareroutine #morningritual #weekendrituals #weekendroutine #morningroutine #relaxation #slowdown #breakfastinbed

Usually for my Weekend Wellness series, I like to talk about something either trending or that I’ve received lots of questions about. But today, we’re going rogue! Instead, I want to talk about a habit of mine that I try to engage in pretty much every weekend. I call it my Weekend Morning Ritual, and… More →

7 Ways to Refresh Your Home for the New Year

How to Make Your Home Feel Fresh for the New Year! 7 tips to refresh your home, get organized, and tidy up. #smallspaces #organization #homerefresh #storage #storageideas #organizationideas #tidyingup #mariekondo #konmari

I don’t know about you, but ever since the holidays passed, I’ve been dying to refresh our home. The new year always ushers in feelings of newness and change. Plus, I’ve been binging on Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, just like everyone else! For instance, if you follow me on Instagram, you saw that last… More →