5 Easy to Grow Hanging Plants I Swear By

The Best Easy to Grow Hanging Plants for Your Home including Prayer Plant, Pothos, Spider Plant, String of Pearls and more. Tips for growing indoor hanging houseplants

Now that we live in a home with tons of windows and really tall ceilings, I have been adding to our plant collection at a VERY fast pace. I love how they instantly add life to any room — plus the benefits of gardening (even at a small scale) is many. I’ve shared tons of… More →

Spicy Baked Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

Looking for a Thanksgiving side dish that stands out from the crowd? Try this spicy baked macaroni and cheese — it tastes like jalapeño poppers in the BEST possible way!

It’s crazy to think that it’s time to start to plan our Thanksgiving menus, but it indeed is the time! When thinking up what to share for my November recipe, I found myself reflecting on just how different this holiday will feel. It seems everything this year has been new or breaking with tradition, and… More →

How to Store Produce So It Lasts Longer

Store Produce So It Lasts Longer With These Tips! How to store vegetables and fruits in the fridge, on the counter, and in the pantry. Tips for how to make fresh food last longer and reduce food waste (while living a more eco-friendly lifestyle!). #sustainability #foodwaste #foodstorage #produce

Thanks to our burgeoning vegetable garden and my obsession with our local farmers market, we always have a lot of fresh produce on hand. If you’re like me or have a CSA sometimes it’s really hard to keep up with making sure everything is eaten before it spoils. I used to google ‘how to store… More →

A Textural Centerpiece Made of Spring Vegetables | DIY

Learn how to make a textural, dramatic centerpiece with spring vegetables! This unexpected flower arrangement is a fun addition to any kitchen or Bloody Mary brunch. Perfect for Easter, Mother's Day, or a weekend brunch! #tablescape #spring #springtime #mothersday #easter #centerpiece #springvegetables #veggies #modernflowers

A quick note: It’s been challenging to balance sharing posts about coping with the COVID-19 pandemic and also posts that inspire you to try new things. We concepted, photographed, and wrote this post before the outbreak, but decided to share it today in order to help take your mind off things. I always want this… More →

Whipped Feta, The Easiest Last-Minute Appetizer Recipe

The Easiest Last-Minute Appetizer Recipe, Whipped Feta with pita chips and vegetable crudite for an easy dish to bring to a holiday party. Easy appetizer with Greek flavor. #greekfood #feta #appetizer #easyrecipe #recipe #easyappetizer

Christmas realllly snuck up on me this year. I can’t believe that it’s next Wednesday. MEEP. Usually for the holidays, each member of Sean’s family brings a dish for a Christmas Eve meal. Greek pastries have been my go-to for the past few years, but I wanna change things up. One appetizer I am definitely… More →

12 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes We Swear By

12 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes We Swear By! Recipes including cheese board, potato gratin, winter kale salad, an apple galette, and more! #recipes #holidayrecipes #thanksgiving #holiday #holidayrecipes #christmas #thanksgiving #thanksgivingdinner #hanksgivingdinnerideas #turkeyrecipe #turkeydinner #sidedish #holidaydessert

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! If you’re like me, you’re still planning your dinner menu and looking for a few new recipes to wow your friends and family. To make your planning easier, I rounded up some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes from the blog archives. There are SO many delicious… More →

Rustic Sausage, Potato & Kale Soup Recipe

This Rustic Kale Soup Recipe Is the BEST Way to Start Off Soup Season! Yukon gold potato, sweet Italian sausage, white bean, and kale soup recipe for fall and winter. Hearty soup for an easy weeknight dinner. #soup #kalesoup #kale #sausage #yukongoldpotatoes #heartysoup #souprecipe #fallrecipe

Hello, it is soup season!! And I am here for it!!! All. Of. The. Exclamation. Points. All joking aside, I am really excited to start making my weekly soup in our new kitchen. It’s part of my meal planning each week to make a big batch of soup so that we have it for a… More →