My Best Tips for Winter Camping

How to safely go winter camping. essentials for camping off the grid, van life, mountain adventures, hiking, and rock climbing! tips for layering for warmth, how to stay warm while camping, and more. Every single piece of outdoor gear and equipment we take in the Pacific Northwest in our Vanagon #vanlife #camping #hiking

Oh March… I’m not sure about where you live, but here in the rainy PNW this month is when I start to daydream about warmer days and going camping. Especially now that we live at the foothills of our fave mountains! But here’s the thing: it is still very much possible to stay cozy and enjoy yourself while winter camping… you just need to be prepared. We’ve done quite a bit of winter camping, so I wanted to put together some of my best tips for you. Definitely leave a comment with any tips that you have, as well!

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7 Home Improvement Items I Swear By

7 Home Improvement Items I Swear By including the best rug pad, rug tape, step stool and more! The perfect list to help on fixer upper and renovation projects

I’m in the process of building a totally updated, brand new website and part of that will be a section dedicated to all of my favorite things — including home improvement items that I recommend and swear by! But until then, I wanted to share 7 of my favorites. This list ranges from smaller, un-seen items that quietly make your home better in the background… and larger, more visible daily use items. Everything on this list is something we’ve had in both of our homes and highly recommend! I hope you like it and leave a comment if there’s anything you recommend adding to the list.

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Our Cabin Bedroom Suite Renovation: Progress Check In (Part 2)

Cabin bedroom makeover and main bedroom suite renovation in our PNW cabin, paint is Current Mood by Clare Paint

One of my goals this year is to share more of the behind-the-scenes updates about our renovation projects. To me, it feels like these renovations happen overnight, but that’s really not the case. Especially with our cabin! So here’s a real quick update about what we’ve accomplished in our cabin’s main bedroom suite renovation. Let me know what you think!

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How to Successfully Propagate Houseplants

A Beginners Guide to Successfully Propagating Houseplants including leaf cutting, stem cutting, and plant division. Tips for plant propagation for pothos, spider plant, zz plant & more.

I’m sure a million and one articles and blog posts have been written about how to propagate houseplants… but despite reading a few of them, I always had mixed results! It felt like I was totally missing something. So I did even more research and then just started testing things out. So today I wanted to share tips that I swear by when it comes to propagating houseplants!

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Underwear Thesis: Parade Review

My unbiased and unfiltered review of Parade underwear including the bikini and high-rise hipster underwear! tips and tricks from a textile designer and fabric expert to help you be a more informed consumer and better shopper. Full review including washability, inclusivity, fit, sustainability and ethical practices.

Ooooh boy. I have put off publishing this underwear review as long as I could, but it’s time. I need to put on my big girl panties (pun very much intended) and share my unfiltered review of Parade underwear. You might be wondering why I’ve put off this review for so long… and it’s because I was majorly disappointed. I probably should wait until the end of the post to say that, but I just needed to address the elephant in the room! Let’s dig into all of the details about why I did not like Parade’s underwear, shall we?

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My Practical & Complete Guide to Bedding for Pet Owners

My Practical & Complete Guide to the best Bedding for Pet Owners! how to care for bedding, which bedding to choose for pets, how to prevent snags, the difference between linen, percale, and other pet-friendly fabrics and more!

I always love when blog readers request specific topics for blog posts. Not only does it make my job easier, but it always gets my creativity flowing! Recently, I was asked for my recommendations on choose pet-friendly bedding, how to care for the bedding, and anything special that I do and recommend. Such a good idea for a post, right?? So today I am walking you through how we have nice bedding and pets — it is possible!

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4 Unexpected Ways I Decorate with Vintage

A Few Ways to Incorporate Vintage Decor Into Your Home. Styling vintage decor like canisters, books, artwork, dishes, and more. Using vintage decor as functional storage.

Vintage shopping is truly one of my favorite pastimes. To me, nothing beats the thrill of the hunt and the unexpected joy of discovering something truly amazing (and for a great price while also finding new life in an existing object instead of buying something new). I’ve heard from a few of my Instagram followers recently that they struggle to know how to decorate with vintage decor pieces they source. And trust me, I get it. There have definitely been times when I feel like I’ve found the score of the century… and then I get it home and am like UH WUT NOW. But I’m here to tell you that even if you are in that exact situation right this minute, you shouldn’t lose the joy you have for that item… instead, try any of these ideas to incorporate vintage style into your home.

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