How We Stay Prepared for Emergencies at the Cabin (Our Entire Kit!)

How We Stay Prepared for Emergencies at the Cabin (Our Entire Kit!): first aid kit, pet first aid kit, winter emergency supplies, and more!

As an accident-prone person who now lives in the middle of nowhere, we’ve had a steep learning curve when it comes to being prepared for emergencies and disasters. Throughout all of our various misadventures this past winter, I learned a LOT very quickly about what we needed to have on hand at all times. I’m often asked for recommendations, so today I wanted to share a comprehensive list of our emergency and disaster preparedness kit. I’d love additional recommendations, too, so please don’t be shy about leaving a comment! Also, sorry if this seems like a really random blog post… it’s basically the culmination of a LOT of questions I get asked on Instagram. I wanted to get the information all in one place where I can easily update it and share!

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Monthly Life Update, May 2021

Dappled sunlight on a vintage patchwork quilt, lazy summer afternoon picnic with a kindle, magazines, rosé, sunscreen and more. A quick life update about my health, our cabin, our pets, my business, and more.

I find it really funny that this time last year it felt like time was slowwwwly dragging along, whereas now, in 2021, May was literally a blip on my radar. In between renovating the cabin, gearing up for summer, Sean’s birthday, and starting to welcome our first house guests, May was very full for us. Here’s a bit more about what’s been going on behind-the-scenes!

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5 Plants That Keep Away the Bugs for a (Mostly) Bug-Free Backyard

These 5 plants that keep away the bugs are garden essentials — not only because they are beautiful but because bugs (like mosquitos) hate them! Including marigolds, alliums, lavender, rosemary, and lemongrass for natural bug repellent

We’ve had a few days in the 80s here in the mountains and it’s getting me SO excited for hanging outdoors this summer. But I know that with summer comes mosquitos… and I’m totally one of those people who gets eaten alive all summer long. I’ve started to also plan garden beds, which means I’ve been researching options for plants that keep away the bugs, too. While I know nothing will keep bugs away forever (and that some bugs are beneficial), I would still like to keep them at bay a bit. There are so many plant varieties out there that do this, but here are my top picks. I’d love to know your faves, too!

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Warm Mixed Grain Salad Recipe with Roasted Fennel and Dandelion Greens

Warm Mixed Grain Salad Recipe with Roasted Fennel and Dandelion Greens. Easy vegetarian or vegan lunch idea. Simple side dish for a picnic or summer bbq

We have arrived! The time of year where patio dinners can finally happen. As you know, Joanna has a pretty nice outdoor dining setup, so I wanted to create a recipe that would be the perfect addition to any summer BBQ or chill evening dinner: a warm mixed grain salad recipe topped with roasted fennel and dandelion greens. This month’s dish can be served as a side, but is hardy enough to be a delicious vegetarian or vegan main dish with the flexibility to omit the shaved parmesan. As food trends move in a greener direction, I thought it would be fun to explore some delicious meat-free options. With this salad, it’s not missed at all. The addition of crushed green olives gives it a hearty texture, while the briny flavor complements the floral and bitter flavors of the dandelion greens perfectly. Get ready to eat this all summer long!

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Refreshing Our Cabin Bedroom for Spring (for less than $300!)

Our $300 Cabin Bedroom Refresh for Spring with @bhglivebetter @walmart with stylish and affordable decorative pillows, sateen sheets, accent lamps and more. Shop the post & learn more on #BHGlivebetter #walmart #betterhomesandgardens #AD
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting the content that keeps Jojotastic going.

A major part of why I’ve loved working with Better Homes & Gardens exclusively at Walmart this past year has been challenging myself to breathe new life into spaces while also maintaining our budget. I’m often blown away by how chic the pieces in the Live Better collection are and how affordable they can be. It means I can transform a space so easily! So when Better Homes & Gardens and Walmart challenged me to update a space in my signature style this month, I jumped at the chance. Even though our cabin bedroom suite is still under renovation, we moved into it about a month ago… and it’s desperately needed attention. Here’s how I refreshed our in-progress bedroom on a budget!

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6 Decorating Ideas to Make Your Home More Colorful

Looking to make your home more colorful? These quick and easy decorating tips and ideas are the perfect way to add a pop of color into any space!

For the longest time, I was drawn to interiors that were more neutral and understated… but ever since we moved into the cabin, I AM ALL ABOUT COLOR. I mean, hello, I painted all of our doors and trim green! I always felt a bit daunted by adding color and used to play it safe with my neutrals (and a pop of blue). But now I feel more comfortable implementing more saturated hues and bold color choices. So today I wanted to share 6 easy decorating ideas to help you make your home more colorful!

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3 Blogger-Owned Shops I’m Obsessed With

3 Blogger-Owned Shops I'm Obsessed With including Shop Coco Kelley, Restoration House Shoppe, and Tuesday Made for one of a kind, vintage and found objects and new gift ideas

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years and in that time, I’ve been lucky enough to make some truly lovely friends with fellow content creators. There are so many talented people in this space! So today, I wanted to share a few blogger-owned shops that have recently launched — trust me, you’re going to love them. Whether you’re shopping for gift ideas or the perfect vintage piece to style your home, each of these 3 boutiques is truly special.

Image credit: Shop Coco Kelley
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