Small Space Squad Home Tour: Sara Toufali

Small Space Squad Home Tour: Inside the Dreamy Bohemian Paradise of Sara Toufali, aka Black & Blooms. @saratoufali #smallspaces #tinyhouse #livesmall #smallspacesquad #hometour #housetour #minimalist #minimalism #boho #bohemian #bohostyle

I always find home tours fascinating. It’s basically like low-level voyeurism because you can peek at how people live and enjoy other decor styles without committing. While I’m always a brat about boho and how it’s not really my jam anymore, I still appreciate the aesthetic — especially when it’s well done. For example, today’s Small Space Squad feature, Sara Toufali, aka Black & Blooms! Not only is Sara just such a kind, lovely person, but her home is airy, breezy, and so cozy. It’s one bohemian space that I definitely love. Let’s take a peek into her new home, shall we?

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How to Balance Summer FOMO & Self-Care

How to Balance Summer FOMO & Self-Care. #FOMO #fearofmissingout #selfcare #wellness #summertime #summer #summerselfcare #selfcareroutine #selfcaretips

The idea of FOMO (fear of missing out) is something that’s always been really funny to me. I am usually ok with the idea of “missing out,” especially if it’s because I am taking time off for self-care. I also tend not to enjoy crowds, loud noises, etc so my FOMO isn’t usually that intense. But now that it’s warm, the days are long, and the sun is shining, the summer FOMO is REAL… especially for Sean. I wanted to share some tips on how I balance getting the most out of summer while also making time for self-care.

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How to Store Produce Without Plastic

These 4 Easy Changes Will Help You Store Produce without Plastic! #wellness #zerowaste #ecoliving #greenliving #plasticfree #reducewaste #zerowastetips #masonjar #reusablebags

When I think more about our zero waste goals and the small changes we’ve made to accomplish them, I immediately think of food storage. Grocery stores are bursting at the seams with plastic and excessive packaging, so I’ve changed my habits and shop at farmers markets now. But the question I’m often asked is “When it all gets home, how do you store produce without plastic?” I suppose the concern is that food could spoil more easily without plastic and lead to additional food waste. Shifting the behavior is so easy, especially with these tips to help you store produce without plastic.

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Get the Look: Our Vintage Turkish Rug

Looking for a Turkish Rug Just Like Ours? Check Out These Sources for the best vintage rugs and new vintage-inspired rugs in a coral color palette! #coral #turkishrug #vintagerug #vintageinspiredrug #bedroomrug #anatolian #oushak #oneofakindrug

The day I discovered the Turkish rug in our bedroom, I knew it was The One. After designing the space to be predominantly white and blue, I knew I needed a pop. That pop had to be coral! The issue was in finding the right size, the right shade of coral, and the right pattern in rug. I ended up driving down to Portland and finding this gem at Wild Shaman that is actually my favorite rug in the entire tiny bungalow. I’m asked about it constantly, especially on Instagram. So I finally dug deep and found TONS of sources for similar vintage rugs in a coral color palette. If you’re in the market for a new rug or just want to mimic ours, this post is for you!

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How to Style a Kitchen

How to Style a Kitchen + My List of Styling Essentials #oldhouse #kitchen #kitchenrenovation #oldhome #oldhomerenovation #smallspaces #smallkitchen #kitchenrenovation #kitchenmakeover #kitchen #makeover #fixerupper #shelfie #shelfiestyling #openshelving #howtostyleakitchen #stylingakitchen #styling

While we were working on our new kitchen, all I wanted to do was finish it. First, so I could resume cooking… but mostly so I could style it! The prop stylist in me was chomping at the bit to display some of my favorite ceramics, textiles, and art pieces in our newly finished kitchen. I’ve shared so many photos of it on Instagram and I always get questions about where things are from. So I figured it was time to share a post all about how to style a kitchen with a full source list of my favorite kitchen accessories + similar items.

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DIY Lip Scrub for Super Soft Lips

How To Make Your Own DIY Lip Scrub for Super-Soft Lips! combine coconut oil, rosehip seed oil, and raw sugar for this homemade lip scrub to soften lips and remove dead dry skin. #naturalbeauty #homemadeskincare #homemadebeauty #naturalskincare #pantryskincare #pantrybeauty #coconutoil #rosehipseedoil #rosehipoil #cleanbeauty #selfcare #beauty #skincare #cleanskincare #essentialoils

For the past month or so, I’ve had a really dry spot on my lips and it was driving me nuts! I started perusing stores for a lip scrub, thinking that it would help remove the dead skin and soften. Then I had an idea: it can’t be that hard to make… why not whip up a batch of my own?? So I did some research and discovered so many recipes for homemade lip scrubs. Seriously, SO MANY. I tried out a few and made adjustments based on what I had on hand and preferred. Here’s my DIY lip scrub concoction that’s worked really well — it’s just 3 ingredients!

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The Friday Edit

The Friday Edit. Check out my list of the top reads, interesting posts, delicious recipes, and MORE from the week. #weekendreading #fridayedit #recap #dachshund #wienerdog #sailing #pnw

You guys, we made it. It is FRIDAY. Lately, it feels like I’ve been working 3 jobs: blogging, working on the Craftsman house project, and planning our wedding. If you have any tips on balancing ALL OF THE THINGS, please let me know… cuz I’m sort of losing it. In terms of wedding planning, I had to set some major boundaries recently. I’m thinking of writing a full post about it, to be honest. I know I can’t be the only one who is dealing with family drama and how that impacts a very personal, special day. So be sure to look for that for next week’s wellness series. Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend and let’s get to the must-reads for the week!

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