Q&A #5: Your Questions About Decor, Social Media, & Our Relationship

Q&A: Answering Even MORE of Your Questions about Decor, Social Media, & Our Relationship #fulltimeblogging #howtoblog #howtoblogfulltime #howtomonetizeablog #careeradvice #blogging #businessadvice #smallbusiness #Q&A

Honestly, one of my favorite features on Instagram is the question box. Not only does it help me know what type of content you’re interested in seeing here on the blog (and about my social media school), it also helps me to share even more about my day to day life! And, you know me, I’m an open book. Recently, I asked you to submit questions about decor, social media, and our relationship… so here are the answers!

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4 Tips for Better Brain Health

Want to Stay Sharp? Follow These Tips for Better Brain Health! #wellness #selfcare #brainhealth

When I think about my general health and wellness, the first things that come to mind are moving my body and eating as balanced a diet as possible. But what about my brain? I’m not sure what sparked it, but it’s been on my mind lately (pun only a little bit intended). Maybe because I’m getting older and just want to be proactive about staying sharp? I’m not sure, but either way, I think the brain is (at least for me) one of the most forgotten about things to take of on a daily basis. If you feel the same and want to start implementing some hacks for better brain health, here are a few tips I read up on recently.

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9 Things of Note in May 2019

9 things of note: Joanna’s Favorite Things from May 2019. including Dagne Dover, Otherland, Glossier solution, new shorts, CBD gummies, Restoration House and MORE! #thingsofnote #shopping #shoppingguide #musthaves

Hello from Italy! I’m so excited to be BACK and teaching this year. Be sure to watch my Instagram Stories because I’m posting a lottt of my adventures there. I did a lot of shopping leading up to my trip, so it’s a great time to share what I’ve been loving this month. Hint: I am obsessed with my new Dagne Dover fanny pack!

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How To Make Reusable Beeswax Wraps for Food | DIY

How To Make Reusable Beeswax Wraps — Perfect for Zero Waste Food Storage! DIY tutorial. A bit of fabric paint and some beeswax transform a piece of cotton into reusable, sustainable food wraps. Get the full tutorial at Jojotastic.com #DIY #foodwraps #sustainability #beeswaxwrap #beeswax #zerowaste #cleanliving #zerowastliving #livegreen #eco #wellness #noplastic #reducewaste

When Joanna shared a post about chic reusable containers last month, I knew it was finally time to post my take on DIY beeswax wraps. I’ve been seeing tons of Instagram ads for Bee’s Wrap for awhile now and I’ve always wanted to make some myself so I can store leftover food in a sustainable — and beautiful! — way. The process was really fun and surprisingly easy. Now I have something practical that makes me smile every time I use it!

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Small Space Squad Home Tour: A Small Life

Small Space Squad Home Tour: Inside The Bold and Bright Home of A Small Life aka Melanie Gnau @asmalllife#smallspaces #tinyhouse #livesmall #smallspacesquad #hometour #housetour #minimalist #moderndecor #modernrustic #modernfarmhouse

Thanks to the magic of Instagram, I’ve been able to connect with more and more amazing people who have chosen to live small. One of my personal faves is Melanie Gnau of A Small Life. Not only is Melanie such a genuine, lovely person, but her charming home is vibrant and full of color! Win win. I’m also totally blown away by the number of years she spent living small in an Airstream. Let’s step inside her charming home and take a peek around…

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What You Need to Know About Personalized Supplement Subscriptions

Personalized Supplement Subscriptions: The New Way to Nourish Your Body? Find my review of care/of, Ritual and Rootine. #vitamins #supplements #wellness #selfcare #personalizedsupplements #subscriptionbox

One of the biggest wellness trends I’ve noticed so far this year (other than celery juice) is an increased interest in personalized supplement subscriptions. Basically, the premise is that you’ll receive a box services serving up vitamins and supplements that are just for you. I’ve seen loads of them advertised on social media and have tried out a few on my own, so I wanted to dig in and share my thoughts.

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New Clean Beauty Exclusives from Follain + a giveaway!

New Clean Beauty Exclusives from Follain + a giveaway! @follain #giveaway #cleanbeauty #naturalskincare #selfcare #beauty #skincare #cleanskincare #essentialoils #entertowin

Clean beauty is 100% my jam and Follain is my favorite place to shop for it. They opened a beautiful shop here in Seattle, but it’s also an amazing online resource for non-toxic, effective, and luxurious skincare and makeup. In fact, they have a rigorous approval process before they allow a product to be sold in their shops! So you can trust that whatever Follain offers is amazing.

Recently, Follain launched their own collection of wonderful exclusives in the clean beauty category. I was lucky enough to be given a set of every item to try out, so I wanted to share my favorites with you today. Plus, there’s a giveaway for one lucky reader!

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