The Ultimate Guide to Removable Wallpaper

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Removable Wallpaper + The Best Patterns (Organized by Color!) on Colorful wallpaper, temporary wallpaper and peel and stick wallpaper review including Hygge & West, Chasing Paper, Graham & Brown, Urban Outfitters. Removable murals. #wallpaper #tempwallpaper #temporarywallpaper #removablewallpaper #peelandstickwallpaper

I haven’t talked much about it here on the blog (YET!), but we’re in the midst of giving our van a quick makeover so that it’s cute and comfy for our climbing adventures this year. One idea that I am so excited to come to life is the new paneling we installed because I want to wallpaper it! I don’t want to deal with permanent wallpaper adhesives, so instead, I’ve been researching removable wallpaper… and there are SO MANY OPTIONS. It’s sort of overwhelming, tbh. I don’t even know how many hours I’ve spent looking at the different patterns, so I wanted to make a quick and easy guide for you to help in case you’re working on a project, too!

Celestial Removable Wallpaper
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5 Things of Note | February 2020

Joanna’s Things of Note from February 2020. Including ABLE leather tote, Sézane organic cotton sweater, Follain moisturizer, the best glycerin hand cream, and bath and body oil from Comfort Zone. #thingsofnote #shopping #shoppingguide #musthaves #favoriteproducts

February might be my least favorite month. I always get so overwhelmed by the rate at which it flies by! Literally, it felt like yesterday when I shared my 10 things of note for January. Anywhooo, it’s that time of the month again and I’ve some really good stuff to share (like my new everyday carry tote from ABLE). It’s a shorter list than usual because I was sick for most of the month. But I’m ok with that because I’d rather share things I am super-stoked on than stuff that isn’t that great. Let’s dig in!

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2020 Blog Reader Survey + Giveaway

2020 Jojotastic Blog Reader Survey. Help! I'd love your feedback on my blog, social media, and newsletter so I can make it a better resource for you. 2020 reader survey on #readersurvey #giveaway #blogreader #blogs #business #blogging #bloggingbusiness #survey #feedback

It’s that time of the year again… the official Jojotastic Blog Reader Survey! It’s now my 5th year doing this and every year it’s more helpful than I can even imagine. It’s like a performance review, but soooo much more personal that that. I feel so much gratitude that you visit my corner of the internet and help support my goals, so making this space work for YOU is my ultimate goal.

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Small Space Squad Home Tour: Kristina Rasmussen

Home Tour: Inside the Perfectly Minimalist Modern Home of Kristina Rasmussen @scandistylist #smallspaces #tinyhouse #livesmall #smallspacesquad #hometour #housetour #minimalist #minimalism #boho #bohemian #bohostyle #californiacool #neutralhome #neutralinteriors

You know those homes that simply stop you in your tracks? That’s how I feel about the home of Kristina Rasmussen, aka Scandinavian Stylist. I pretty much adore everything about this small space: from the clean and crisp color palette to the natural touches sprinkled throughout. I mean, have you ever seen such sexy branches?? And don’t even get me started on the soaking tub… Kristina’s home is the ultimate in well-styled minimalism that’s also oh-so-cozy.

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The Saturday Scoop 2.22.20

The Saturday Scoop 2.22.20. Check out my list of the top reads, interesting posts, delicious recipes, and MORE from the week. #weekendreading #saturdayscoop #recap #livingroom #whitesofa #smallspace #smalllivingroom

How are you?? What a freaking week… I was super-sick all week, but thankfully I am finally starting to feel it passing. It’s been a loooong time since a cold knocked me out for such a long time. My hopes for this weekend are to catch up on some projects in the tiny bungalow that I’ve been needing to finish. For example, I am SO CLOSE to sharing the reveal of our bedroom refresh. It includes some maaaajor small space storage hacks, so I’m really pumped to share more soon. And hopefully, I will feel well enough to do some planning for the outdoor decor and gardening projects I want to tackle this year. Reading that back, it all sound a bit too ambitious for how under the weather I’ve been… but I’m also itching to actually DO something this weekend!

Keep reading for my must-reads of the week & a recap of anything you might have missed here on the blog — plus don’t forget follow my adventures on Instagram for truly behind-the-scenes peek!
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My Ethical Style Picks for Spring 2020

Get dressed in style this spring with these 12 ethical style pieces, including eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical clothing, accessories & shoes! Sustainably made clothing, ethical jewelry, shoes, and accessories, Spring 2020 fashion trends. #sustainability #sustainablestyle #ethicalfashion #ethicalbrands #ecoliving #sustainablelifestyle #ecofashion #ecostyle

Ever since my No Shopping Challenge, my buying habits have changed. I have never been especially ‘trendy,’ but I enjoy knowing that the trends are. But that doesn’t always mix with wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The constantly updating fashion industry and seasons is hard to keep up with and has quite an impact on our earth. So instead of a trend round up like I used to share, I wanted to round up my ethical style picks today. To me, each item feels like it will ‘live’ longer than one fast fashion cycle — all while being ethically made!

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Tour Our Kitchen + 5 Small Kitchen Organization Tips (video)

Tour Our Kitchen + 5 Small Kitchen Organization Tips (video). Check out this a quick video featuring small kitchen organization tips! I reveal what's inside each cabinet, how we use our storage, & storage tools I love! #oldhouse #kitchen #kitchenrenovations #renovation #oldhome #oldhomerenovation #smallspaces #smallkitchen #kitchenrenovation #beforeafter #kitchenmakeover #kitchen #makeover #fixerupper

I cannot believe it, but I am still under the weather from this nasty cold! Because I’ve spent so much time cooped up in our tiny bungalow, I felt like it was a good opportunity to share more details of how we live. Today is really specific: it’s all about how our small kitchen is organized. I took a quick video showing what’s inside each cabinet, how we use our storage, and a few of the storage tools I can’t live without!

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