Annette Joseph styling & photography workshops 2018

want to improve your photography and styling in 2018 for your small business? learn more about Annette Joseph styling & photography workshops in the Tuscan countryside of Italy! #styling #creative #smallbusiness #workshop

Remember last year when I was all hot to trot about going to Italy and learning styling tips from the incredible Annette Joseph? Welp, things don’t always go according to plan, but 2018 is THE YEAR! I’m officially going to Italy for these fab workshops and would loooove to invite you guys along, too!

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seattle // nature walk

I feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog this week — instead I’m caught up in photoshoots and boys and climbing and witnessing as many sunsets as possible. In reality, this means that I’m off living my life, something of which I am fiercely proud. In the past, it was all too easy for me to stay online and ‘connected,’ but without actually connecting with anyone or anything. It’s a trap, this thing we call the internet, social media, etc. I’m over this false sense of connection and instead am being fueled by the outdoors. This week I grabbed my camera on a whim and went to a local spot called Discovery Park to take in the sunset — this is what I witnessed.

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rocío montoya

I’ve found myself in a bit of a quiet mood lately. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, maybe a little too much, and all I crave is quiet, beauty, and ease. Based on these pieces alone, I feel like photographer Rocío Montoya gets it. Her photos are delicate and deep, quiet yet bold and striking.

artwork by Rocio Montoya collage artwork by Rocio MontoyaEverything here makes me think of the quintessential beauty of the female form, in that classical painting sort of way. Add in the jagged cuts of collaged blooms and the works feel totally new to me. A bit raw, a bit sensual, but still so casual and just plain beautiful.
artwork by Rocio Montoyaartwork by Rocio Montoya via Trendland

#dasautogoeswest // cross-country road trip by Danfredo Photography

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Remember that time I mentioned my friends were driving my car across the country? Well, they did and this is the result. The first time I saw these photos and video, I was nearly in tears. I just couldn’t believe how amazing America’s landscape is… how incredible my friends Danielle and Wil Rivera are… how in love with each other they are… everything about their trip and photos was just mind-blowing. I seriously encourage you to click through to their site, Danfredo Photography, for the full slideshow of photos. I dare you not to feel overwhelmingly inspired by their cross-country road trip.

#dasautogoeswest // cross-country road trip by Danfredo Photography
I can’t possibly thank Danielle and Wil enough for first of all bringing my car to me, but also for documenting their amazing trip in such vivid detail. Now it’s time to let their photos do the talking…

#dasautogoeswest // cross-country road trip by Danfredo Photography #dasautogoeswest // cross-country road trip by Danfredo Photography #dasautogoeswest // cross-country road trip by Danfredo Photography #dasautogoeswest // cross-country road trip by Danfredo Photography #dasautogoeswest // cross-country road trip by Danfredo Photography #dasautogoeswest // cross-country road trip by Danfredo Photography #dasautogoeswest // cross-country road trip by Danfredo Photography #dasautogoeswest // cross-country road trip by Danfredo Photography #dasautogoeswest // cross-country road trip by Danfredo Photography #dasautogoeswest // cross-country road trip by Danfredo Photography PS – Aren’t they just the cutest??

photos & video by Danfredo Photography

giveaway: Polaroid Fotobar

My very first camera was a Polaroid, one of those old school ones that you had to shake (or did you..?), so this giveaway is really close to my heart. This week I’m partnering with Polaroid Fotobar to giveaway a $50 gift card to use to share your memorable moments from your smartphone, Instagram, Facebook, and more. I love this so much because so often we take digital photos and they stay online… but with this, you can easily decorate your home with all of your snaps.

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If it were me, I’d opt for the custom Polaroid coasters. What’s a better conversation started than sharing silly vacation snaps?

dark botanicals: how-to from Terrain

Love the look of moody, vintage-inspired apothecary artifacts and scientific specimens? This tutorial from Terrain, assembled by one of their in-store display artists, teaches you an ingenious way to achieve this moody look using a basic scanner and some of the season’s freshest blooms. I absolutely love this project because it reminds me of making sunprints as a kid, but in a totally twisted way! Be sure to check out the easy and ingenious tutorial here.

how to style dark botanicals

images via Terrain

beach camping gear for the free spirit

Warmer weather is finally here and it’s given me a hankering for some free spirited (slightly illegal) beach camping. I want to fall asleep to the crashing surf, wake up with the rising run, and drink lukewarm beer with a side of mostly-cooked hot dogs. These photos by my good friend designer/photographer Greg Zulkie capture the mood exactly. Greg took these photos using his Hasselblad 500c and Fuji Velvia 50 film (legit stuff) on a beach in northern California, and the golden glow of the light captivates me. In my mind, this is the perfect setting for a shoreline stroll, a game of flag football, and a few stolen kisses at sunset.

It’s not all romance though; camping requires preparation. You don’t want to be the person who forgot the tents (cough). Functional yet easy-on-the-eyes gear make it even easier to unplug from civilization. For starters, sleep in style with this Alite Designs 2-person tent from Free People  —it’s durable and made for warm-weather camping.


Add a few more essentials to your camping checklist and you’re good to go: enamelware mug from REI / How to Stay Alive in the Woods / paddleboard from Anthropologie / granola bars from New York Mouth / Lavanila sunscreen / Meow Meow Tweet natural insect repellant