dark botanicals: how-to from Terrain

Love the look of moody, vintage-inspired apothecary artifacts and scientific specimens? This tutorial from Terrain, assembled by one of their in-store display artists, teaches you an ingenious way to achieve this moody look using a basic scanner and some of the season’s freshest blooms. I absolutely love this project because it reminds me of making sunprints as a kid, but in a totally twisted way! Be sure to check out the easy and ingenious tutorial here.

how to style dark botanicals

images via Terrain

beach camping gear for the free spirit

Warmer weather is finally here and it’s given me a hankering for some free spirited (slightly illegal) beach camping. I want to fall asleep to the crashing surf, wake up with the rising run, and drink lukewarm beer with a side of mostly-cooked hot dogs. These photos by my good friend designer/photographer Greg Zulkie capture the mood exactly. Greg took these photos using his Hasselblad 500c and Fuji Velvia 50 film (legit stuff) on a beach in northern California, and the golden glow of the light captivates me. In my mind, this is the perfect setting for a shoreline stroll, a game of flag football, and a few stolen kisses at sunset.

It’s not all romance though; camping requires preparation. You don’t want to be the person who forgot the tents (cough). Functional yet easy-on-the-eyes gear make it even easier to unplug from civilization. For starters, sleep in style with this Alite Designs 2-person tent from Free People  —it’s durable and made for warm-weather camping.


Add a few more essentials to your camping checklist and you’re good to go: enamelware mug from REI / How to Stay Alive in the Woods / paddleboard from Anthropologie / granola bars from New York Mouth / Lavanila sunscreen / Meow Meow Tweet natural insect repellant

get serious: zoo portraits by Yago Partal

There are cute animal photos and cool animal photos and these portraits by Yago Partal seem to walk that fine line! Ordinarily, I’m pretty sure most wouldn’t find a bull to be cute, but when he’s wearing one of my favorite trends of the season, the leather moto jacket, I cannot help myself. And how cool does this llama look in his quilted suede jacket. Is it weird to take style cues from animals?

My personal favorite? Yep, you guessed it…

Be sure check out more from Yago Partal, complete with the option to buy prints or cards!

gimme back

Planet Blue consistently wows me. I love the ease of each look they put together, the way they mix color in a casual, slightly haphazard way, and the raw sex appeal that so many of their pieces have (but not in that overt kind of way… more of a “I just went to the beach” type of sexiness). Every time I see their latest lookbooks, I am blown away by the awesome photography and cohesive story. This is a brand that knows itself and I freaking love it.

Their Spring 2013 lookbook is no exception. Shot with polaroids and the perfectly blue-hued fence, each look is flawlessly summer-time-perfect. But what I absolutely adore the most is how they photographed the backs of each look. Maybe this summer will be The Summer of the Sexy Back…

images via Planet Blue

I think I might

Meet I think I might. Billed as a “growing collection of pictures,” it’s my absolute new favorite way to view Instagram. What you see above is a screenshot of my own photos, but you can use it to view your feed in an uncluttered and lovely format. The layout is ever changing as you scroll through your images, so everything looks fresh and exciting! This is one of those sites that makes everything look infinitely better.

Check out my feed here!

first look : plümo

Hot off the presses, here’s a first look at the Spring 2013 lookbook from British shop Plümo. The photography and styling is fab, but what I love most is their breadth of offering — accessories, home product, and the most gorgeous apparel I’ve seen in a while. I’ve been focusing on adding statement pieces to my mostly-basics wardrobe and that long fringe scarf is exactly what the doctor ordered. Is it spring yet?

images via Plümo. Also, Anne from The City Sage has shared more images here. The Spring 2013 catalog will be available to shop online February 10!

rabbit hole

I get frustrated by Tumblr a lot. It drives me nuts that I can’t ever find the original source without doing some extensive internet searching. That being said… sometimes an image is so good that you just can’t help yourself. I adore the feelings that these images evoke — careless, easy freedom, hint of wanderlust, and pure, brazen magic. It’s the dead of winter, but I am feeling bright-eyed and ready to think a-fresh. I want to keep my head in the clouds and focus on what could be instead of what is. Won’t you join me?

images via Au Lait.
top to bottom: balloons, twirl, floral crush.