sage & cranberry white sangria recipe

sage & cranberry white sangria recipe #cocktail #sangria #whitesangria #cocktailrecipe

Does anything say ‘summer’ quite like sipping a glass of delicious sangria? I think not! Not only is sangria so easy to whip up, but it’s also a great drink to serve to guests — especially at the last minute. And you can still make it even if you only have white wine on hand, hence the white sangria! We added a fun twist on this classic recipe though — burnt sage syrup! It definitely adds a really delicious herbal flavor to the mix that is unexpected and fun.

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Greek-style sugar snap peas side dish

Greek-style sugar snap peas side dish. Very easy to make and delicious. #greekfood #sidedish #snappeas #feta #veggies #vegetables

In case you missed it, I want to share more Greek recipes here on the blog, especially when they are easy-to-make twists on a favorite. Thanks to my veggie garden, we have a plethora of sugar snap peas. It’s my first year growing them and I was totally blown away by how quickly they took. Sean has even had to make a second support structure for them because they are getting so tall! I absolutely hate wasting food, so I decided to get a little creative and put a Greek twist on my sugar snap peas the other night. The result was a really easy side dish that goes with pretty much anything!

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apple & lavender mojito recipe

apple & lavender mojito recipe for summer entertaining! #mojito #lavender #mojitorecipe #recipe #cocktailrecipe #cocktail

My garden is totally out of control this year. Everything has grown in so well and it looks (and smells) incredible. During my recent grocery trip, I even realized I barely needed to buy any veggies! With so many unexpected ingredients to choose from, I asked our resident cocktail expert to dream up a cocktail that would use flavors from my garden. Rocky whipped together this apple & lavender mojito recipe and it was an immediate hit with me and Sean. The cocktail is so refreshing and just a bit dangerous because it doesn’t tasty boozy at all! I loved garnishing it with lavender and Kentucky sweet mint from my garden, too.

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my family’s Greek chicken and potatoes recipe

Recently, I conducted an impromptu poll on Instagram and asked if there’s any interest in me sharing my family’s Greek recipes. There was a resounding YES, so here we go! I don’t think many of you know this, but I am half-Greek thanks to my mom’s side of the family. I identify closely with the culture of Greece, especially the food… remember when I posted our avgolemono soup recipe? It’s just the ultimate comfort food. Today I wanted to share my favorite weeknight, easy dinner: Greek chicken and potatoes. Sean and I eat least once a week usually and we love how it’s so easy to get a hearty meal with very little effort.

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lemon balm and grapefruit shandy recipe

the perfect summer drink, lemon balm and grapefruit shandy recipe! perfect for entertaining on the deck or patio. #recipe #shandy #cocktail #cocktailrecipe

Finishing our backyard is basically like our gateway drug into entertaining soooo much more than ever before in #mytinybungalow. Since completing the renovation, we’ve had dinner outside nearly every night and most of the time we have guests joining us! It’s also feeling wayyy more summery in Seattle — which basically means all I want is to have cut loose, kick back, and have some fun (aka no more work, please). Summer is also just the best time for cocktails, especially a shandy, ya know what I mean? I’ve actually ALWAYS wanted to do a fancy shandy recipe here on the blog and now we finally have one! Meet the lemon balm and grapefruit shandy, your new favorite drink for the impending summer months.

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grilled mango margarita recipe + Margarita Week

grilled mango margarita recipe for Margarita Week. Made with silver tequila, fruit juices, grilled mango puree. So delicious for cinco de mayo! #margaritaweek #margarita #grilledmango #mango #cocktail #recipe #cocktailrecipe

Happy Margarita Week, friends! I always toast to Kate from Hola Jalapeño because she does such an amazing job organizing all of us and encouraging us to share delicious, unexpected cocktails. I’m a big fan in general of grilled fruits because I love the combo of smokey, charcoal flavor and the sweetness of the fruit. Plus, heating up the fruit always makes their flavors explode even more! For our margarita recipe, we decided to grill some mango and see how it goes… and it is SO DAMN GOOD.

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