Everything I Keep on Hand in Our Pantry

My (Long) List of Pantry Staples That I Always Keep Stocked + How I Use Them! All of the pantry essentials including pasta, canned goods, jarred foods, preserved foods, dry goods, sauces, condiments, oils and vinegars, proteins, rice, dairy essentials and MORE that I keep on hand for meals every day. #pantryessentials #pantrystaples #pantry #grocerylist #groceryshopping

I’ve been sharing lots of my favorite, easy pantry meals here on the blog lately, but it dawned on me that I should also share what to have on hand to actually make those recipes! Cue me writing down an epic list of pantry staples…. Ever since our kitchen renovation was completed, I’ve kept a fully stocked pantry… probably because we have one now. We still shop for fresh ingredients when necessary. Plus, my veggie garden has been very bountiful. A well-stocked kitchen will help you cook whatever you’re craving, especially since we’re all staying home more and more. Without further ado, here’s my list of pantry staples that I always keep on hand!

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How to Make Baked Eggs

My Easy Recipe for Baked Eggs in the Oven! This simple but fancy brunch recipe takes less than 30 minutes and uses tons of pantry essentials. You can also make shirred eggs to use up leftovers like spinach, shallots, and sausage crumbles for an easy brunch at home. Get the recipe on jojotastic.com #recipe #bakedeggs #brunchrecipe

I feel like it’s silly to call this a recipe since it’s really just a bunch of things I have on hand… but after sharing my baked eggs on Instagram a few times, I realized I needed to get the steps in writing for you! If you’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast that’s easily customized based on what you have on hand… look no further than baked eggs. We always have WAY too many eggs on hand because of the chickens, so I’ve experimented with my ‘formula’ of ingredients a lot. Here’s my favorite flavor combination + some additional ones to try!

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My Easy Pantry Pasta Recipe

Easy Weeknight Dinner: My Pantry Pasta Recipe! Made with Mediterranean flavors and pantry staples like marinated artichokes, tomato paste, canned tomatoes, plum tomatoes, garlic, capers, kalamata olives, and more! An easy recipe for a weeknight dinner in 30 minutes or less. #dinnerecipe #pantrystaples #pastarecipe

A few weeks ago, I shared this recipe in my stories on Instagram in partnership with Fred Meyer and Kroger, but I wanted to share it here on the blog just in case you missed it! I’ve gotten lots of direct messages about it — and rightfully so! This easy recipe is basically what I call Pantry Pasta because it’s the perfect way to use whatever you have on hand and get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes. I came up with it last year because we always had jars of half-used ingredients on hand… and no real plan to use them up. I started combining flavors that are tried and trusted, then it just developed from there. It’s SO easy and SO satisfying.

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My Easy Ramen Recipe Made with Pantry Staples

How to Make My Easy Ramen Recipe with Pantry Staples! Brothy noodles with ginger, cilantro, tofu, sesame oil, gochujang and more. An easy lunch or cheap dinner idea. #recipe #ramen #ramenrecipe #pantry #pantrystaples #pantryessentials

I don’t know about you, but I’m barely grocery shopping these days. Instead, I am relying on staples that I usually keep stocked in my pantry. Actually, would you want a blog post about what my staples are?? Anyways, one easy lunch or dinner that I’ve been making a lot is this ramen recipe… although to call it a ‘recipe’ is a little disingenuous. Basically, this is a twist on the classic Cup of Noodles that we all know and love. When I was in college, I was very bougie about it and added a few ingredients to make it better. Well, that practice has evolved into the ramen you see in this post. It’s got layered, nuanced flavors, real vegetables, and actually tastes like something you could get at a restaurant. So I wanted to share it with you today, plus offer a few substitutions in case your pantry isn’t as fully stocked!

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Comfort Food Recipes I Highly Recommend

18+ comfort food recipes to cook at home during uncertain times. Savory recipes, side dishes, sweet baked goods, easy cocktails to make at home. #cocktailrecipes #savoryrecipe #sweets

I am definitely what you’d call an ’emotional eater,’ especially when it comes to comfort food recipes during stressful times. In the past few days of social distancing, I’ve made SO MUCH FOOD. Bread, cookies, braised chicken… and tomorrow, my birthday cake. I’ve shared a lot of comfort food recipes here on the blog, so I wanted to share those with you today to help you self-soothe during the coronavirus pandemic.

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How to Reduce Food Waste

We made changes in our home to reduce food waste to be more sustainable & conscious consumers. These 6 tips have WORKED & are easy! 6 Tips to Help You Reduce Food Waste At Home. #zerowaste #ecoliving #greenliving #plasticfree #reducewaste #zerowastetips #foodwaste #sustainability

The amount of food that is wasted every day is absolutely astronomical and, quickly frankly, out of control. Especially considering how many people either don’t have access to fresh, healthy produce or can’t afford it. In an effort to be more sustainable and a more conscious consumer, we’ve made some changes in our home to reduce food waste. The EPA has a list of tips, but I wanted to share 5 things that have actually worked for me as well.

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5 Cookbooks Everyone Should Own

The Best Cookbooks in My Collection That Everyone Should Own! Cookbook reviews of The Minimalist Kitchen, Small Victories, Simply Nigella, Nothing Fancy, and The Art of Simple Food! #cookbooks #recipes #books #readinglist #bestcookbooks

With the kitchen renovation and Whole30 behind us, I am SO excited to get back into cooking exciting, elaborate meals. Sometime last summer, I really started getting into cookbooks. They feel like an art form, to be honest. The photos are always stunning and I love pouring over them, expanding my cooking repertoire. A few cookbooks have really risen to the top for me though. So today I wanted to share 5 of the best cookbooks that I truly think everyone should own!

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