Cinnamon Sugar Spiced Crumble Apple Pie Recipe

Cinnamon Sugar Spiced Crumble Apple Pie Recipe. How to make a traditional apple pie with homemade crust and a Spiced Cider Filling

I know many folks out there hate to see summer go and many are happy to see the arrival of fall. What better way to celebrate both than a recipe that perfectly bridges summer and autumn… meet your new favorite dessert: apple crumble pie. This crumble apple pie is easy and always a hit; with a few fun twists, this recipe will quickly become an annual go-to.

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My Updated & Organized Pantry Makeover

My Updated & Organized Pantry Makeover with @bhglivebetter @walmart with stylish and affordable food storage, organization tools, risers, turntables, bins, baskets and more. Shop the post & learn more on #BHGlivebetter #walmart #betterhomesandgardens #AD
Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own and always will be! Thanks for supporting the content that keeps Jojotastic going.

I am thrilled to share with you that I will be teaming up with Better Homes & Gardens exclusively at Walmart for another year of content! Working with them has allowed to take on some truly epic and awesome projects — and today’s pantry makeover reveal is the latest. Our pantry is a feature of our cabin that I use on a daily basis and it’s always been a hot mess. Since we’ve been here nearly a year and fall cooking is juuust around the corner, I felt like it was time to finally get a handle on our messy kitchen food storage and transform it into the most organized pantry ever!

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The Best (and Easiest!) Camping Meals

The Best (and Easiest!) Camping Meals plus how to plan meals for camping. Outdoor adventure tips and camp cooking tips. 3 easy recipes to make when camping

When Sean and I go camping (or even if I’m solo camping), cooking meals is usually one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. I love cooking outside and using the camp cooking kit that I’ve honed over the years (more on that here). Plus, it’s a really fun opportunity for me to try out new camping meals and explore other ways to make do with what I have on hand while we’re in the mountains. I’m often asked what I make when we go camping, so today I wanted to share my top 3 easy camping meals that I make pretty much every time we go on an adventure!

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Our Quick & Easy No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe

Quick and easy no-bake cheesecake recipe with seasonal summer fruit, made with the easiest cheesecake crust from pretzels! The perfect summer dessert for a bbq or picnic in cute mini mason jars

With temperatures heating up and small, safe summer gatherings on the rise, I thought this month’s recipe needed to be something easy and cool: meet the no-bake cheesecake! This recipe is the perfect throw-together dessert, ideal for impromptu gatherings or for the days when you do not want to turn on the oven. Since smaller gatherings seem to be the safest bet for getting together these days, these individual-sized treats not only take 20 minutes at most to make, they save you from having a half-eaten cheesecake lying around (not that there’s anything wrong with that…).

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The Best Peach Pie Recipe (With Thyme & Honey)

The Best Homemade Peach Pie Recipe (With Thyme & Honey), perfect dessert for Fourth of July, summer, and stone fruit season. How to make the best lattice pie crust from scratch and the best peach pie filling from scratch

Summer is here and the stone fruits are soon to follow! *celebration emoji* This month, I am sharing a recipe that has a special place in my kitchen: PIE! The best peach pie recipe, to be specific. This homemade peach pie combines the classic flavors of peach pie with a fun, herbaceous twist that’s just tooooo good.

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Warm Mixed Grain Salad Recipe with Roasted Fennel and Dandelion Greens

Warm Mixed Grain Salad Recipe with Roasted Fennel and Dandelion Greens. Easy vegetarian or vegan lunch idea. Simple side dish for a picnic or summer bbq

We have arrived! The time of year where patio dinners can finally happen. As you know, Joanna has a pretty nice outdoor dining setup, so I wanted to create a recipe that would be the perfect addition to any summer BBQ or chill evening dinner: a warm mixed grain salad recipe topped with roasted fennel and dandelion greens. This month’s dish can be served as a side, but is hardy enough to be a delicious vegetarian or vegan main dish with the flexibility to omit the shaved parmesan. As food trends move in a greener direction, I thought it would be fun to explore some delicious meat-free options. With this salad, it’s not missed at all. The addition of crushed green olives gives it a hearty texture, while the briny flavor complements the floral and bitter flavors of the dandelion greens perfectly. Get ready to eat this all summer long!

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Cookbooks I’ve Been Loving Lately

Get Out of Your Cooking Rut With These Cookbook Recommendations including vegetarian recipes, Italian food, Asian dishes to try and more

Woof, the cooking fatigue is REAL. Especially now that we live in the mountains. I literally cook every single meal every single day. It’s a LOT. It got to the point where I felt like I was making the same thing day in and day out… so I went in a mini cookbook buying spree recently. In case you’re also in a cooking rut, I wanted to share a few cookbook recommendations I’ve loving these days! I hope they help to inspire you to try something different. Here are my current favorite cookbooks + the recipes I’ve been making the most from them.

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