Fudgy Brownies Recipe For Two (with Blood Orange Buttercream!)

Fudgy Brownies For Two with Blood Orange Buttercream for Valentine's Day, date night, or girl's night. #brownies #bloodorange #dessert #dessertfortwo #datenight #girlsnight #valentinesday

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner already! Therefore, I thought it only appropriate to share something extra sweet and special with you today. What’s more special than the ultimate fudgy brownie crowned with millennial pink buttercream? How about brownies perfectly portioned for two?! Yep, these fudgy brownies for two with blood orange buttercream are just the ticket to make your Valentine’s Day special.

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Savory Golden Miso Oats with Sesame Kale and a Jammy Egg | Recipe

Savory Golden Miso Oats with Sesame Kale and A Jammy Egg for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. #savoryoats #oatmeal #porridge #kale #boiledegg #jammyegg #healthybreakfast #newyearsresolutions

Happy New Year friends! I am so excited to be back sharing another recipe with you all today. Since it’s the start of the year and we are all eager to start fresh and put our best foot forward, I thought it would be nice to ease into things with a simple, but totally delicious breakfast: this bowl of Savory Golden Miso Oats with Sesame Kale and a Jammy Egg. Oh yes. Trust me when I say this bowl is completely crave-able and so, so good.

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Cranberry Orange Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Cranberry Orange Morning Rolls for Christmas morning, breakfast, brunch, or dessert. #cranberry #orange #cranberryorange #morning #rolls #morningrolls #cinnamonrolls #breakfast #brunch #dessert #christmas #holiday

Alright, alright, who’s ready for all the December festivities!? Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way, I’m full steam ahead on the holidays! Usually, my family enjoys homemade bear claws on Christmas morning. However, this year these insanely delicious, gooey Cranberry Orange Cinnamon Rolls may just edge them out! This recipe is a classic with a holiday twist. The filling is heavily perfumed and infused with orange zest, while the rolls are bathed in a tangy cranberry glaze. The tanginess of the cranberry balances out the sweet, pillowy-soft dough. That magenta glaze is undeniably pretty, too, so they have holiday festive vibes written alllll over them.

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My Grandma’s Koulourakia (Greek Butter Cookies) Recipe | Blog Hop Cookie Swap

My Grandma's Koulourakia (Greek Butter Cookies) Recipe. Blog Hop Cookie Swap #christmascookies #greekfood #greekcookies #koulourakia #greekbuttercookies #cookieswap #greekrecipe #cookierecipe

When Sarah reached out and asked if I wanted to participate in the Blog Hop Cookie Swap, I was a bit hesitant… after all, we don’t have a kitchen currently! But it also felt like the perfect excuse to finally share my grandma’s Koulourakia recipe with you. And to indulge in some holiday baking since I haven’t gotten to do any of that yet this season. So I took over my soon-to-be father-in-law’s kitchen and made a batch of these delicious butter cookies over the weekend.

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Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Caesar Dressing Recipe

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Caesar Dressing recipe for a Thanksgiving vegetable side. #thanksgiving #recipe #vegetable #vegetarian #caesar #caesardressing #fall #autumn #brusselssprouts

Alright, let me start by saying I know Brussels sprouts can be a very polarizing vegetable. Truth be told, I wasn’t always a fan. If that’s you, too, I get it! I also think it really comes down to whether or not they’ve been cooked properly. Technique here makes all the difference… crispiness is the key! Getting the outside nice and crispy will not only create a more pleasant and addictive mouthfeel, but will also caramelize the natural sugars and deepen their flavor. In other words: DELICIOUS. Trust me when I say once you taste these Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Caesar Dressing, you’ll be craving those little green morsels all season long!

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Spiced Persimmon Dark Chocolate Whoopie Pies Recipe

Spiced Persimmon Dark Chocolate Whoopie Pies recipe for Fall, Thanksgiving dessert, or snack. #recipe #whoopiepies #persimmon #spiced #thanksgiving #halloween #fall #autumn #dessert #sweet #cake #snack #chocolate #darkchocolate

Whoopie pies should be the next cupcake. They are a cake sandwich basically, so what’s better than that? Not much. These Spiced Persimmon Dark Chocolate Whoopie Pies are a fun take on the classic chocolate/vanilla combo by combining some of Fall’s best flavors: sweet, honey-like persimmons and warm, cozy spices. We start with classic buttermilk dark chocolate cake-like cookies and stuff them with a delicious spiced persimmon buttercream. The sweet, spiced filling is the perfect pairing against the rich, tender dark chocolate little cakes.

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Smoke and Bramble Cocktail Recipe for Halloween

Smoke and Bramble cocktail recipe for Halloween. Dark, black cocktail with smoke. #halloween #cocktail #cocktailrecipe #halloweencocktail

Hi. I’m Kate, and my particular little brand of happy hour includes fresh, garden-grown cocktails enjoyed in the company of my ridiculous chickens. Why, you ask? And also…WHUT? I know. It’s a lot to process. You can find more over at Drinking with Chickens, but in the meantime, here’s a little something that I whipped up and tucked into Jojotastic’s cocktail portfolio while she wasn’t looking:

It’s definitely about time for some moody cocktails, wouldn’t you agree? But nothing over the top; let’s do subtle spooky. No activated charcoal making drinks that are dark enough to suck all the light and joy from the room (we’re not doing that anymore, guys, cuz activated charcoal is legit dangerous), no candy eyeball garnish, no monster slime shooters…but maybe just a tiny, tiny pea-sized little nugget of dry ice that we’ll watch boil and bubble fully until it disappears and THEN drink our moody AF drink. GOTTA LET ME HAVE A LITTLE HALLOWEEN, MMMKAY? So, let’s talk about this smoke and bramble cocktail recipe.

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