Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Caesar Dressing Recipe

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Caesar Dressing recipe for a Thanksgiving vegetable side. #thanksgiving #recipe #vegetable #vegetarian #caesar #caesardressing #fall #autumn #brusselssprouts

Alright, let me start by saying I know Brussels sprouts can be a very polarizing vegetable. Truth be told, I wasn’t always a fan. If that’s you, too, I get it! I also think it really comes down to whether or not they’ve been cooked properly. Technique here makes all the difference… crispiness is the… More →

RECIPE // cilantro pesto + sprouted rice pilaf for breakfast

I’m not exactly ‘on it’ when it comes to eating breakfast. Sadly, most of the time I make coffee and devour a protein bar as I’m on my way out the door. It’s sort of sad and definitely not the best way to start my day. Like, at all. Recently Planet Rice offered to send over some of… More →

DIY // drawer pulls with HP Sprout 3D technology

When it comes to natural ephemera, I’m a bit of a hoarder. We’re talking rocks, driftwood, bits of seaglass… anything that catches my eye during one of my many beach walks and hikes. I have jars and jars of these treasures, but they haven’t ever served a purpose in my life other than collecting dust.… More →

HP Sprout truck stop tour

Full disclosure: I am absolutely fascinated by the world of ‘vlogging.’ These are people who live their lives on the internet via video and in plain view of everyone… this is definitely the next evolution of blogging. It’s kind of amazing, but also a little bit insane. Oh, and it’s just so easy to fall… More →

new years garland + Sprout by HP

I hope everyone had a magical Christmas! Now it’s on to the next thing… New Year’s is right around the corner, so I’ve partnered with HP to use their latest creation to craft up a last minute New Years garland. If you haven’t seen the Sprout by HP, it’s essentially a station for all of your… More →

Recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

Let’s be real here — bacon is delicious. I could pretty much eat it all day, every day. But that wouldn’t be healthy, so I like to add in a vegetable. For fall, I love to eat Brussels sprouts garnished with loads of garlic and bacon. It’s the perfect complement to any savory protein. From… More →

Cookbooks I’ve Been Loving Lately

Get Out of Your Cooking Rut With These Cookbook Recommendations including vegetarian recipes, Italian food, Asian dishes to try and more

Woof, the cooking fatigue is REAL. Especially now that we live in the mountains. I literally cook every single meal every single day. It’s a LOT. It got to the point where I felt like I was making the same thing day in and day out… so I went in a mini cookbook buying spree… More →